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Genetic Engineering, Financial Engineering and Social Engineering Are Not Isolated Events

By denying scientific principles one may maintain any paradox” – Galileo Galilei

by David Bryan, SGT Report:

While it is political theater for the Christians to blame the Jews and the Jews to blame the Muslims and the Muslims to blame the Christians, they are each Abrahamic and resemble a family squabble that could turn violent.  During the last one hundred years, over two hundred million people have needlessly died in Abrahamic wars and conflicts. It could be referred as the perpetual Abrahamic killing machine.

I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of people.” – Isaac Newton

Physics is the fundamental science the divine blueprint that applies to every aspect of life. Understand the blueprint and instead of relying on conjecture everything in life fits into place as observable fact.

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Gold and silver mining companies are enjoying a resurgence in 2016 as their stocks attract deep pocketed Wall Street money. The trend is clear, the best precious metal mining companies have the potential to compound the returns of the rising prices of gold and silver, by many multiples. Bryan Slesarchuk, the President of K92 Mining, Inc. returns to SGT report to provide a detailed update about the company which is now trading in the United States as KNTNF. K92’s mine and mill was purchased from Barrick Gold at the very low point in the mining stocks bear market – and now K92 will begin pulling PHYSICAL gold out of the ground in the next 30-45 days. Perhaps that’s why K92 stock has doubled in price since Bryan was last on SGT report on May 24th.

ALERT: Derivative BIG Bank Collapse?

from Fabian4Liberty:

Federal Judge Rules Hidden Microphones in Public Do Not Violate Constitution

by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

A federal judge has ruled that law enforcement may continue to place recording devices in public places because it does not violate the constitutional guarantee against warrantless searches and privacy protections.

On Friday July 22, U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton issued a 17-page ruling which found the practice of placing recording devices on the steps of courthouses in Oakland and Martinez, California to be “unsettling,” but not in violation of the Fourth Amendment. The four defendants in the federal criminal fraud case are accused of rigging real estate bids throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

In an attempt to eavesdrop on the conversations of the defendants, the Federal Bureau of Investigations placed microphones in a light fixture on the steps of the Almeda County Courthouse and just outside the Contra Costa County Courthouse, among other locations. The information gathered from the conversations was then used as evidence in grand jury proceedings.

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FED. BLINKS AGAIN — Cannot Raise Rates: US Economy Terminal

from GregoryMannarino:

12 People Sickened with E. Coli from Ground Beef

by Anna Scanlon, Natural Society:

Twelve people in New Hampshire have been sickened with the same strain of E. coli. While officials are pointing toward ground beef as the culprit, as this is the same food all of those who became ill consumed, they have all eaten it at different locations. [1]

“The Division of Public Health Services is working with our federal partners to investigate the source of the ground beef that is causing people in New Hampshire to become ill. Ground beef is a known source of E. coli and it is important for people to avoid eating under-cooked ground beef whether at home or at a restaurant,” said Marcella Bobinsky of the Division of Public Health Services.

However, state health officials are telling people not to be alarmed. E. coli poses no risk to the general populace as long as the beef is cooked fully.

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Bernie Supporter Explains Her Support of Trump Over Hillary

from TheDailyTrump:

Sanders’ Delegates Stage Walkout Protest on Hillary Clinton Nomination

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street On Parade:

It had been in the planning for weeks and it was executed as flawlessly as the DNC’s own strategy to steal the election for Hillary Clinton. As Clinton’s nomination to serve as the presidential candidate was confirmed at the Democratic National Convention yesterday, hundreds of Senator Bernie Sanders’ delegates staged a walkout protest, leaving large swaths of the seats in the convention center empty.

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Trump to the Russians: If You’re Listening, I Hope You Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails

from Washington Free Beacon:

Clinton War Criminal Says Trump Has Destroyed US Foreign Policy

Madeleine Albright responsible for slaughter of 500,000 Iraqi children

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

CNN rolled out the old war horse Madeleine Albright on Tuesday to push the Putin conspiracy angle on the DNC leak.

Albright told the convention Donald Trump had “already done damage” to American foreign policy “just by running for president.” She said defeating Trump would represent a defeat for Putin and the Russians.

“Putin is eager to see Trump win, and that should worry every American,” she said. “Take it from someone who fled the Iron Curtain—I know what happens when you give the Russians a green light.”

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David Icke Exposes Michelle Obama

from David Icke:

Free Stuff, Monopoly Money, and Free Passes

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:


Politicians get elected by telling voters what they want to hear, especially that voters will receive a pile of “free stuff.” Politicians are (usually) funded by large corporate interests, particularly the financial industry, military contractors, Big “Ag,” and Big “Pharma.” It takes $ billions to buy a Presidential election and large corporate interests expect favorable access and legislation as a result of their huge contributions. It is easy to see.

Conclusion: Politicians tell voters what they want to hear and distribute “free stuff” but they do what they must to repay contributors and solicit even more money to win the next election. But in reality, voters and promises to voters become collateral damage.

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Green Party’s Jill Stein Crashes the DNC. Bernie Delegates Walk Out!

from ReasonTV:

Trump’s Truths Make Him Popular – Even on Hillary’s Responsibility for ISIS

from The Daily Bell:

Donald Trump wrongly blames Hillary Clinton for creation of ISIS … Donald Trump and his vice presidential candidate Mike Pence gave their first joint interview to 60 Minutes and used the show to point the finger at Hillary Clinton for ISIS … The intervention in Libya, which she supported, did give ISIS an opening, but Trump is overstating her role by saying she is responsible for ISIS. This claim is inaccurate. We rate it False. -PolitiFact

Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact writes Hillary is NOT “responsible” for ISIS. (See above.)

PolitiFact may be technically accurate but in a larger sense it is inaccurate.

But PolitiFact like the rest of the mainstream media wants to impugn Trump’s credibility. Point out how Trump is wrong and maybe people will stop believing him – and in him.

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The Hypocrisy of Dems in Convention

from Bill Still:


by Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics:

[Click for Part 1] In Sekret Machines, Tom DeLonge spends much time describing the corporate involvement in developing a secret U.S. space program. According to him, a global consortium of corporations secretly funded the development of flying triangles using antigravity and torsion field principles adopted from the Nazi Bell experiments.

These resulted in the development of a squadron of TR-3B’s based out of Area 51’s highly secretive S-4 facility at Papoose Lake. The U.S. Air Force Space Command and Defense Intelligence Agency is in charge of the TR-3B or ‘Locust’, operating out of S-4, according to Delonge, as relayed by his advisory team.

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Sun, Earthquakes, Weather, New Ceres Mystery | S0 News Jul.27.2016

from Suspicious Obervers:

Decision Time for Silver Investors?

by Roland Watson, Silver Seek:

What I will say comes with some reservation, mainly because the future is unwritten. However, based on the notion that markets will rhyme rather than repeat, I present a scenario in which a decision has to be made by silver investors in the near future. That decision is whether to hold onto silver, sell some of it or sell all of it.

This is not because I foresee this nascent silver bull being strangled at birth, but rather because of the nature of the silver bull. The problem is silver in the past 13 years has seen some volatile action followed by periods of inactivity. These periods can be so volatile that some silver investors may wish to reduce their positions at such a time. Contrast the two charts below which compare periods of silver volatility (first chart) against the same time window for gold (second chart).

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by James Holbrooks, Underground Reporter:

Washington, D.C. — On Monday, the FBI made official its investigation into the massive data breach of the Democratic National Committee, which resulted, among other things, in the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the eve of the party’s convention.

“The FBI is investigating a cyber intrusion involving the DNC and are working to determine the nature and scope of the matter,” the agency said in a statement. “A compromise of this nature is something we take very seriously, and the FBI will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace.”

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