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The Doc from SD Bullion and Silver Doctors and our friend Eric Dubin from News Doctors join us to discuss the latest developments in the global precious metals markets where we see the Perth Mint selling 3.5 million of its one ounce Silver Kangaroo coins in one day. We also discuss the action in for PHYSICAL silver in India which has led Steve St. Angelo to conclude that demand for PHYSICAL silver worldwide will destroy the rigged paper markets once and for all. And once again we hit on the 1980 inflation adjusted all time high for silver which now sits at $601 per ounce. With silver priced at $15 per ounce today, it equates to less than $2/ounce silver in 1980 dollars. Something is very wrong with this picture. Got PHYSICAL?



BrotherJohnF joins me to discuss the Glencore grab, mind control and the mass media Dollar deception, as well as the nature of PHYSICAL silver and gold as an asset in ANY BALANCED portfolio – which used to be a standard Wall Street recommendation!

We also discuss Comex fraud, the move by China toward a new global financial system and the coming economic collapse. Visit BrotherJohn at and become a member to get his bi-daily precious metal and economic updates.


by Steve St. Angelo, SRS Rocco Report:

According to the mostly recently released data, the disconnect in the silver market continues.  Now, when I say a disconnect, I am referring to the interesting change in supply demand trends in the silver market.  Currently, we are witnessing an abrupt change in normal silver market dynamics.

For example, industrial silver demand has been the leading indicator for the silver market by a majority of official sources.  There have been many reports published by banks and institutions on the growth and outlook of the silver market based on future industrial demand.  Basically, the health of the silver market was forecasted by the amount of growth in the industrial sector.

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Oct. 7, 2015 is the End of the World…NOT! Chris McCann and eBible Fellowship EXPOSED

from FaceLikeTheSun:

Chris McCann of eBible fellowship claims that the end of the world is going to be on October 7, 2015. Furthermore, he claims that the “salvation program” ended back on May 21, 2011, when Harold Camping made his end of the world prediction. This is obviously a very sad because not only is it untrue, but it is blasphemous towards God, His Word, and to the gospel altogether.

Even MORE Fraud in the U.S. Treasuries Market

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Let me take a moment to remind any newer readers here of the “fundamentals” of any debt market. The more insolvent a nation is, the higher the rate of interest it must pay on its debt — in order to compensate lenders for their increased risk.

Then we have the Fraudulent States of America. The FSA (formerly USA) is obviously bankrupt, based on merely its “official” debt of well over $17 trillion. Then there is the additional $200 TRILLION in what the U.S. government calls “unfunded liabilities” the language of a Deadbeat.

Every day, the U.S. government (obviously) gets more bankrupt, but every day it pays lower and lower interest on its debts. How? Again (for the benefit of newer readers) there is only one way that this fraud market could be pumped up in such an extreme manner. The Federal Reserve is COUNTERFEITING U.S. dollars, and using that counterfeit fiat currency to buy-up all U.S. Treasuries.

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100 Reasons to Shut Down The Fed, FOREVER — Michael Snyder

from BackToConstitution:

The Federal Reserve, aka, ‘The Fed’, is NOT a government agency! Most people don’t know that fact and so they don’t understand how this fake government agency is at the core of problems in the USA! They don’t understand why the IRS Mafia hounds us and steals from us! Get rid of The Fed and the IRS Mafia and you will be much more prosperous! If you need 100 reasons to end the fed, forever, here they are. Article Link: 100 Reason to Shut Down The Fed, FOREVER

Facts Don’t Support Gun Control, so Obama Uses Emotion

by Dan Roberts, Ammoland:

In his speech on the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon last week, President Obama sounded more upset about America’s gun laws than about the horrific massacre.

We barely had the preliminary facts about the shooting, the shooter and the victims, and he was already lecturing the nation again on gun control.

Instead of calling the nation to prayer, he said we would learn about the victims in the coming days and then “wrap everyone who’s grieving with our prayers and our love.” Those words out of the way, he immediately pivoted to complaining that:

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The Elites 2015 Global Economic Collapse Plan Exposed

by Marshall Swing, Silver Doctors:

This appears to be the date when The Elite plan to crash the world’s economies and quickly institute their one world government and one world currency in the ensuing chaos:

The cover of the year for The Economist magazine has generated speculation about The Elite of the world for many years and what they do in the world economies and how they do it. The Economist magazine is well known to have its roots in Rothschild ownership and control. This, of course brings to mind the other Elite of the world and their minions, those who attend Bilderberg conferences. The Elite, of the world, who are said to control the world economic scene, are sometimes listed as:

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CLIMATE CULTISTS want RICO Charges against Skeptics

from BATR:

If you are as sick about hearing all the fantasy alarmists from the “Chicken Little” global warming crew, as us; it might just be time to recognize that there is no serious debate coming out of the academic careerists. Their arrogate contention that the SCIENCE is settled, is the height of authoritarian overbearing. From the offset, BREAKING ALL THE RULES has long established a rational and empirical argument why the acolytes of the theater of absurd asylum are far more dangerous than rising sea levels. Now the latest strategy is to persecute skeptics under RICO.

Well, bring it on . . .

Breitbart sets the context in, Climate Alarmists to Obama: Use RICO Laws to Jail Skeptics!

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Silver Prices & High Frequency Trading

from The Silver Coin Investor Page:

Inflation: Silver Leads & Gold Follows

from SilverSeek:

When combined with rate cuts, QE becomes a deadly deflationary cocktail. Banks have no incentive to make loans, and T-bonds become the asset of choice. The T-bond money is squandered by governments, and money velocity implodes.

  1. The bottom line is that bank and government wealth is inflated by QE, and the wealth of the average person is massively deflated. “QE to infinity” is better described as “deflation to infinity”.
  2. Please click here now.In the mid-1990s, US money velocity peaked, and entered a multi-decade bear market. It was caused by the Fed forcing savers out of banks and into risk markets.
  3. As government became an ever-bigger part of the global economy, productivity also entered a gigantic bear market.
  4. The situation is dire.Modest rate hikes are desperately needed, because rate hikes pressure global governments to shrink themselves.

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Failure to Launch

from GoldSeek:

The popular belief that the U.S. economy has been steadily recovering has endured months of disappointing data without losing much of its appeal. A deep bench of excuses, ranging from the weather to the Chinese economy, has been called on to justify why the economy hasn’t built up any noticeable steam, and why the Fed has failed to move rates off zero, where they have been for seven years. But the downright dismal September jobs report that was released last Friday may prove to be the flashing red beacon that even the most skilled apologists can’t explain away. The report should make it abundantly clear that we are far closer to recession than recovery. But old notions die hard and, shockingly, most economists still believe that we have hit a temporary speed bump not a brick wall. But at some point healthy hope turns into dangerous delusion. We may have just turned that corner.

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TRUMP TRUTH: Syrian Refugees ‘Could Be The Great Trojan Horse’

from Western Journalism:

Bernanke’s Sovereign Deception: Bernanke Lied And Should Be In Jail Too

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

I love how these ex-Fed Chairmen admit the truth several years after the fact.  Recall that Greenspan gave a famous speech about the not being able to see financial bubbles until after they occur just before the internet/tech stock bubble popped.

And Bernanke stated in the 2005-2006 timeframe that there was not a housing bubble and that the economy was fine.  Of course, that was just before the housing market crashed hard and the economy dropped into the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression.

Now all of a sudden Benanke seems to have found “religion” about the criminality of bankers.  I wonder if this is part of his Yom Kippur “soul cleansing.”  In an interview this past weekend Bernanke stated that financial executives should have been investigated and prosecuted for perpetrating the great financial collapse:  More Wall Streeters Should Be In Jail.

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Disasters, Records Fall, Space Weather | S0 News October 6, 2015

from SuspiciousObservers:

Roundup causes cancer: Monsanto hid evidence for 40 years while lying to and defrauding Americans, FOIA documents show

by Jonathan Benson, Natural News:

The downfall of the Monsanto chemical empire could go down in history as having had its official launch in 2015, the year that its flagship herbicide Roundup was found by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be a probable cause of cancer in humans. 2015 is also the year that it was revealed that Monsanto has been hiding the dirty details of this deadly chemical formula from regulatory authorities for nearly four decades.

An independent research scientist by the name of Anthony Samsel procured some 15,000 pages worth of documents from Monsanto covering the full gamut of research on Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world, and the information contained in those pages isn’t pretty. In essence, Monsanto has known full well for nearly 40 years that Roundup and glyphosate are linked to organ damage and cancer, and yet this information was withheld from public purview as “proprietary trade secrets.”

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Nelson Rockefeller Wanted Obamacare In 1954

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

We Aren’t Nearly As Worried About The Middle East As We should Be

from Dollar Collapse:

What’s the opposite of a gift that keeps on giving? A mistake that keeps metastasizing.
Which pretty much sums up the US role in the Middle East. Beginning with the CIA’s 1953 overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected president and continuing through the multiple regime changes and invasions of recent years, various American governments have behaved like they both understood that region and had the power to mold it into a docile client that pumped oil, suppressed dissent and otherwise caused no trouble.

Instead, each intervention turned up the heat on an already-boiling pot of corruption, sectarian rivalry and geopolitical anger that has finally erupted into regional civil war. The whole world, at long last, understands that the situation is beyond both US understanding and control.

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What The World’s Biggest Money Managers Are Thinking Right Now: “Holy Crap!”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

While stability is a major talking point of the Federal Reserve and US government officials, those who are in the know understand that the economy is teetering on complete and utter disaster. Job losses continue to mount, stocks are swinging wildly and foreign creditors have begun divesting themselves of U.S. dollar-denominated assets.

All of this has put such pressure on the system as a whole that it is set to collapse under its own weight. As global strategist and New York Times best selling authorMarin Katusa explains it, the deflationary forces are so powerful and the divestiture of US debt by foreign creditors so significant, that major money managers are spooked as they rapidly scramble to prepare for the next leg down. What’s worse, the Federal Reserve, which has thus far been perceived as being in control through quantitative easing and zero interest-rate policy, is powerless to stop it.

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