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I caught up with Miles Franklin’s Andy Hoffman today just after he recorded his latest audio blog-cast titled Laughable FOMC Statement Sets New Central Bank Credibility Low Until the SNB One. And Andy has never been more alarmed by what we have witnessed unfolding over just the past two weeks. The global economic system is literally coming apart at the seams.

While talking about this week’s “meaningless” FOMC statement and the Swiss National Bank taking interest rates negative, Andy says the powers that be are “terrified” that it’s all coming apart and he describes their fear as “unprecedented”. This is a must listen conversation as we document the collapse for this third week of December, 2014.


The International Criminal Banking System – And The United States – Is Now In The Process Of Collapsing.

Here are the latest, most dramatic signs of it:

– CME Implements $400 wide gold circuit breakers for vast price swings
– U.S Treasury seeks ‘Survival Kits’ for Federal Bank Examiners
– U.S. Taxpayers Now On The Hook For $303 TRILLION in Wall Street Derivatives

Monsanto Tries to Overturn GMO Ban Despite 66% Majority Vote

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Jackson County, Oregon voted by an overwhelming majority of 66% to ban GMO crop cultivation beginning June 6, 2015 via Measure 15-119. This date is fast approaching, and Monsanto thinks they are above the law.The biotech giant is trying to use two Jackson County GMO farmers to overturn the ban.

As I reported back in November:

The newly approved measure mandates that people “cease harvest, and destroy or remove all genetically engineered plants” no later than 12 months after the ordinance goes into effect. With Jackson County’s measure 15-119 and nearby Josephine County’s measure 17-58, GMOs were voted out with a nearly 2-1 ratio.

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CONSIDER SIGNING: Prominent Leaders & Citizens Back Resolution Calling for U.S. and Europe to Collaborate with BRICS — We Must Have the Courage to Reject Geopolitics and Collaborate with the BRICS

from LaRouce PAC:

This petition is authored and sponsored by the Schiller Institute and is being circulated internationally. LaRouche PAC is mass circulating the petition in the United States.

A grouping of more than 100 prominent politicians, businessmen, academics, scientists and artists from 20 countries have publicly endorsed a resolution calling on the U.S. and Europe to collaborate with the BRICS nations in the interest of peace and economic development (see below for signatures). The resolution, sponsored by the Schiller Institute, was issued in response to the offer of China’s President Xi Jinping for the United States to join China’s New Silk Road development program and abandon the policies of confrontation with particularly Russia and China.

The prominent signers are joined by more than 1000 ordinary citizens from these and other nations who urgently want their governments to abandon the policies of confrontation and collaborate with the BRICS countries based on the Treaty of Wesphalia’s principle of the “benefit of the other.” The Schiller Institute intends to continue to garner support for the resolution from intellectual leaders and ordinary citizens alike to create a mass movement for economic development and peace.

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Will This Nightmare Scenario Send Silver To $500 & Gold To $10,000?

from KingWorldNews:

A couple of weeks ago the Swiss National Bank managed to reject the gold initiative through massive propaganda, claiming that people would lose their jobs because of a strong Swiss franc. Well, the Swiss franc has been getting very near to the 1.20 peg again. The Swiss National Bank, fearing the peg would break, has now initiated negative interest rates of .25 percent. They also promised to buy unlimited amounts of euros. Switzerland today doesn’t have a currency of its own. The Swiss franc is just an adjunct to the euro and the policy is determined by the ECB. This will lead to massive money printing as the euro weakens, and the euro will weaken because the eurozone economy is much weaker than the Swiss economy.

At some point the peg will break anyway, but before that the Swiss National Bank will have printed hundreds of hundreds of billions or more of Swiss francs in order to defend the peg. They already have the biggest balance sheet relative to any country in the Western world. Of course the next step will be that the Swiss banking system will be in trouble.

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THE SONY HACK: False Flag EXPOSED — North Korea Framed? What REALLY Happened? And Who Did it?

from Mark Dice:

Soros May Become Top Ukraine Bankster

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

The State Department installed coup government in Ukraine may soon appoint a top financial kingpin to run its central bank. The Azerbaijan Press Agency reports today George Soros is at the top of the list.

The information was released by Ukraine’s Channel 112, quoting sources in the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament, and people connected to former confectionary magnate and current president Petro Poroshenko.

In November, Soros penned an op-ed for The New York Review of Books claiming central banks will renege on a pledge to fund the bankrupt country.

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Russia’s Gold

from HyperReport:

A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (2001) – Transhumanist Fairy Tale

by Jay Dyer, 21st Century Wire:

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is the Stanley Kubrick script made into a 2001 film by famed director Steven Spielberg. A modern presentation of Pinocchio, the Spielberg-Kubrick A.I. operates on multiple levels as an allegory, as well as a morality tale of mankind’s potentially disastrous future given the rise of super advanced technology. 

Having viewed the film numerous times since 2001, only now has it become evident how profound it really is. Fans of esoteric interpretations of film will be aware of other Kubrick classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey or Eyes Wide Shut, but A.I. appears to have been overlooked.

I recall a decade ago getting the idea of doing esoteric film analysis occurred to me when I read a review of A.I. that argued it was an allegory of Dante’s Inferno (as David will undergo a katabasis). A decade later I still think that element is found, but the real meaning has yet to be explored in its full depth insofar as the more hidden aspects of the cryptocracy’s designs with technology have only recently come to some light.

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The Fed Is Sitting On a $191 TRILLION Time Bomb

from Phoenix Capital Research:

Stocks are bouncing because the Fed will wrap up its monthly FOMC meeting and make a public statement this afternoon. Stocks have been rallying into FOMC meetings for the last three years, so traders are now conditioned to buy stocks in anticipation of this.

The prime focus for the markets is whether the Fed continues to state that it will raise rates after “a considerable time.” The reality is that the Fed cannot and will not raise rates anywhere near normal levels at any point because doing so would blow up the financial system. Let’s walk through this together.

Currently, the US has over $17 trillion in debt. The US can never pay this off. That is not some idle statement… we issued over $1 trillion in NEW debt in the last eight weeks simply because we don’t have the money to pay off the debt that is coming due from the past.

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The Future of Bitcoin

from Boom Bust:

Today’s show is focused on Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency. No one owns the Bitcoin network except Bitcoin users around the world, making it a quintessential peer-to-peer technology innovation. It means the payment system does not include a middle man and has zero or low fees, unlike our current system that uses bank and credit card companies.

Though Bitcoin has gained increasing acceptance as a payment platform, the currency value has seen a thunderous move up followed by a massive collapse. Is bitcoin a bubble? Does it have the ability to change the world? Take a look at what our panel of guests, including Max Keiser, John McDonnell, and Reggie Middleton, had to say about the future of Bitcoin.

Obama: ‘I Believe in the Free Flow of Information’—Blames U.S. for Denying Cubans Access to Communications Technology

by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSnews:

In announcing that his administration had made a deal with Cuba to free U.S. citizen Alan Gross—who had been imprisoned in Cuba for delivering telephones with Internet access to members of Cuba’s Jewish community—President Obama blamed U.S. sanctions on Cuba for denying telecommunications technology to the Cuban people.

About 900 words earlier in the same speech, Obama had argued that the main impact of U.S. sanction was to inspire the Communist government of Cuba to restrict the freedom of its people.

First, Obama said: “And though this [sanctions] policy has been rooted in the best of intentions, no other nation joins us in imposing these sanctions, and it has had little effect beyond providing the Cuban government with a rationale for restrictions on its people.”

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NOW Team America PULLED over North Korean Threats

from Mark Dice:

Bill Gates’ Human Experimentation with GM Bananas in Africa Condemned by Scientists

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

At least 124 food and outreach organizations, as well as 26 individual scientists, have signed onto a letter sent to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation protesting ongoing human trials of genetically modified (GM), beta-carotene-enriched bananas intended for Africa.

The GM bananas, which never underwent animal trials, are currently being administered to 12 students attending Iowa State University (ISU), presumably without full disclosure as to the many unknown risks involved.

According to the letter, the trials are taking place under the guidance of Dr. Wendy White, an associate professor of food science and human nutrition. Funding for the trials came from a grant issued by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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There Is Hope In Understanding That A Great Economic Collapse Is Coming

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

If you were about to take a final exam, would you have more hope or more fear if you didn’t understand any of the questions and you had not prepared for the test at all?  I think that virtually all of us have had dreams where we show up for an exam that we have not studied for.  Those dreams can be pretty terrifying.  And of course if you were ever in such a situation in real life, you probably did very, very poorly on that test.  The reason I have brought up this hypothetical is to make a point.  My point is that there is hope in understanding what is ahead of us, and there is hope in getting prepared.  Since I started The Economic Collapse Blog back in 2009, there have always been a few people that have accused me of spreading fear.  That frustrates me, because what I am actually doing is the exact opposite of that.  When a hurricane is approaching, is it “spreading fear” to tell people to board up their windows?  Of course not.  In fact, you just might save someone’s life.  Or if you were walking down the street one day and you saw someone that wasn’t looking and was about to step out into the road in front of a bus, what would the rational thing to do be?  Anyone that has any sense of compassion would yell out and warn that other person to stay back.  Yes, that other individual may be startled for a moment, but in the end you will be thanked warmly for saving that person from major injury or worse.  Well, as a nation we are about to be slammed by the hardest times that any of us have ever experienced.  If we care about those around us, we should be sounding the alarm.

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(Silver Knockout, Pt 3): Humanity’s Courageous Plan to Defeat the Dragon!

Fairy tales do not give the child his first idea of bogey. What fairy tales give the child is his first clear idea of the possible defeat of bogey. The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon.” -G.K. Chesterton

from The Wealth Watchman:

As we have clearly seen, brothers, the money power which the banking Dragon has possessed, and unleashed upon its challengers, is a most deadly one, indeed.

“The City” may have constructed a bloody war machine, unparalleled in their time, which has piled a dreadful mound of countless skulls, but the entire war machine, and the Dragon itself, were built upon the foundation of gold.

Owning and controlling vast tonnage of gold is what enabled bankers in “the City” to carve a gory swathe through humanity “that the sun never set upon”.

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Arizona Sheriff: Obama Amnesty Number is Really 20 Million

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

The Dissident Dad – Explaining Money to Your Children

from Liberty Blitzkrieg:

Money is a very important part of all our lives. The understanding of money, how it works, and how we treat it can dramatically improve or diminish our quality of life. Based on my writings and videos on YouTube, you might think my definition of money is gold and silver, but it’s not. Money is simply a medium of exchange. It can be represented by everything from gold to horse manure. Okay, maybe not horse manure, but it’s not a far stretch with the most popular form of money today being central bank notes loaned out into existence.

The state would love to have you believe that money can only originate from itself, yet people have organically started to use bitcoins and other crypto-currencies as a medium of exchange. Nevertheless, our culture continues to worship fiat currency as if it is the only type of money. I can’t change the fact that at this moment in time the U.S. dollar is the measuring stick for goods and services when it comes to prices. Trying to disprove and dispute this fact was something I struggled with early on when I used to teach my children that only gold and silver were money.

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Amnesty: “Obama’s Unilateral Action Violates Separation of Powers… is Unconstitutional”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

A federal judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania used a deportation decision to probe the constitutionality – or lack thereof – of President Obama’s executive order on amnesty, declaring it “unconstitutional.”

How that ruling might impact other cases or the acceptability of Obama’s psuedo-law is unclear, however.

While Texas and other states have already initiated lawsuits challenging the order, this is the first case to test how Obama’s unilateral immigration action would impact deportations and sentencing for illegal aliens unlawfully present in the United States.

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Satellite Down, Earth-Directed CME | S0 News December 18, 2014

from SuspiciousObservers:

Meet the Men and Women on the Hill Who Told Citigroup to Go to Hell

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street on Parade:

There has been much focus on the fiery speeches that Senator Elizabeth Warren delivered from the Senate floor in an effort to stop the roll-back of a key derivatives provision of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation that was slipped into the giant $1.1 trillion spending bill that was signed into law this week by President Obama – who campaigned for passage of the bill despite the weakening of protections against Wall Street abuses. The bill became known as the Cromnibus because it is part Continuing Resolution and part Omnibus spending bill to fund the government through September of 2015. Those who voted against the bill in the Senate are provided here; in the House, here.

But Warren was far from alone in expressing outrage at Citigroup writing most of the provision  that was quietly slipped into a spending bill that was critical to pass to avoid a government shutdown. Members of both the House and Senate, from broadly diverse political leanings, not only spoke out against the provision but voted against the spending bill to back up that outrage.

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