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Watching the Left Eat Their Own Kind

from BillWhittleChannel:

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1 comment to Watching the Left Eat Their Own Kind

  • cmore

    This type of left vs right may have have worked 8 yrs ago but most “awake” americans and citizens of this time can see that after the cross the aisle bad mouthing between republican and democrats they are one and the same. Once the after parties start and the debauchery and drugs, pedophilia happen you will find they are all one and the same. both parties have their hands in the money laundering Clinton foundation. Did u forget the republicans vowing to vote democrat for Hillary? How much money do “our” representatives have tucked away in overseas accounts while the average joe works his/her 40 hrs and continues to support fully grown kids who are jobless? unemployment 4%? really? Tell that to the stores like Sears and JCPenney. Don’t even blame amazon. Are they selling cars in lots too?
    This descent into fascism is not going unnoticed. Trump. Never mind the Reagan model. Do what Ike would do and bring in the troops to DC if u truly want to drain the swamp of these sick Satanists hell bent on destroying this country.

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