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Was Scalise Targeted for Anti-Pedophile Efforts?

from Rogue Money:

Journalist Liz Crokin has been making the rounds on the likes of The Hagmann Report, SGT Report, and Ark Midnight with John B. Wells even before the #AlexandriaShooting event this month. She is an outspoken advocate for victims of sex crimes, having become a sex crime survivor herself. Naturally, her own life experience is a monumental source of passion to spur her mission.

Kudos to Liz for publicizing the all-too-obvious dot between the actions being taken by House Republicans against human trafficking and the attack made on those lawmakers during an early morning baseball practice in Alexandria. According to her report posted here on June 16th, House Majority Whip Scalise has been working on get-tough bills directed against child predators and human traffickers. He recorded this message posted below just three weeks before the shooting, on May 25, 2017. You might want to file this little datum on the back burner: Scalise is a member of the Acacia Fraternity, a century-old association rooted in Freemasonry though not now officially connected to any Lodge..

Crokin writes:

On May 25, Scalise posted a video on his YouTube channel and on his Twitter feed discussing recently passed bills in the House to target child predators and to provide protection for human trafficking victims. “The sad truth is that human trafficking is a real problem plaguing each and every community in the United States,” Scalise said. “This week the House took strong action to stand up for the victims of human trafficking, passing tough bills to provide them protection and to target child predators.

When Scalise was shot by suspected “lone crazy gunman” James T. Hodgkinson, who is now conveniently dead, it was another Anti-Trafficker, Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who came to Scalise’s aid, himself a veteran combat surgeon.

Congressman Wenstrup had written this editorial only seven days before the shooting and, truly, we must smirk at the thinly veiled #PizzaGate reference in the title. Wenstrup is not an idiot; he would know what a hot-button you’re pushing to invoke the image of pizza in a blog that encourages support for the crackdown of child predators:

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