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TPTB Will Never Let Silver Prices Rise! Not NEVER, EVER!!!

from TruthNeverTold:

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3 comments to TPTB Will Never Let Silver Prices Rise! Not NEVER, EVER!!!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    The “price” of silver (and gold) will never rise, (until it does).

    But yes, as long as they can squeeze another stolen dime from the sheeple, from stock markets, taxes, inflation, deflation, etc, they’ll keep at it until it’s all gone.

    The small percentage of people who are awake and “see it coming”, have been stacking silver, gold, food, ammo and other things because we have a pretty good grasp of a lot of data that shows we are very likely to need those things, not just to prosper, but for our very lives and continued existence.

    It’s been fun to think of how the elites who control all the markets must be pooping their diapers at the arrival of the uncontrolled cyrpto currencies.
    Yellen, Bernanke, Greenspan, JPM, Goldman-Squids, are not happy that part of the world is getting excited about something that is not central-bank fiats. Those old farts, are just a few more years or months away from needing to wear some adult diapers.

    Just think about this. It’s gonna be a bunch of minimum wage angry nursing care employees who are tasked with changing the diapers of the very same people who created this mess.
    I imagine the level of “care” might be less than desired. Hahahaha.

    “Good morning Mr. Bernanke, are you ready for your 120vac enema today?”

  • Thinking outside the Matrix

    I wouldn’t take my financial advice from Chris Duane. He’s more concerned about being right over having his financial freedom over the system that enslaves us. He doesn’t know how to win with money. Ultimately one should care about how winning with financial assests can gain their freedom. Not worrying about what is and isn’t real money when it comes to hisself and family. I Understand what he’s saying politically and I totally agree about using tangible assets as good monetary policy. But I don’t agree that you should be happy stacking assets that are not keeping up with inflation. Your freedom, your family and your over all happiness are way more important than allowing yourself to be a slave within the system. Just holding PM You have to still realize that you have the same monthly bills coming in every month. Invest in things that hopefully will allow you to buy assets that bring you passive income. I have plenty of Gold and Silver but it’s only an insurance policy. That’s it. My crypto has gone up astronomically and will most likely allow me to buy assets that bring in passive income. Crypto is the future but unfortunately it will be a honey trap set by the Elites. Most can’t see it. I will ride the trend up and then diversify out of crypto if need be. Freedom and doing what you feel you are called to do with your time is the ultimate win NOT stacking pieces of Metal so you can pass it to your undeserving relatives…

    • Eric

      “Could have gotten into the stock market and made some real money.” lol.

      Anyone who thinks the price of Silver, Gold, Palladium, Platinum or anything else that is considered real tangible wealth won’t ever rise, doesn’t understand this fiat currency US Dollar denominated debt PLUS interest based financial system.

      In order to “win with money” you have to know what REAL money IS!

      Gold has returned an average of 7.35% annual return in USD terms since 1964.

      Cryptocurrencies are worthless.

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