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The Trump Train-Wreck – Jeff Nielson

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money:

Is Donald Trump the least-intelligent President in the history of the United States? We will never know, since U.S. presidents don’t have to pass I.Q. tests – they just have to win popularity contests.

Of course the word “win” requires an asterisk. In the United States Two-Party Dictatorship, presidents aren’t elected, they are chosen. They are chosen by the small cabal of oligarchs who preside well above the level of the mere government.

The oligarchs chose Donald Trump to be president of the U.S., after convincing themselves that Trump would serve them well – either knowingly or unwittingly. In Trump’s case, almost certainly it is more the latter than the former. The witless Trump wouldn’t even be able to comprehend many of the oligarch’s Machiavellian schemes, so undoubtedly he only receives his information on a need-to-know basis.

In the case of an opinionated ego-maniac like Trump whose brain-power is roughly equivalent to the average bull, it isn’t even necessary for Trump to know that he serves the oligarchs. Getting him to charge off in one particular direction or another is no more difficult than waving a brightly coloured flag.

The key to gaining control over The Donald was for the oligarchs to insert their own tools as Trump’s “advisors”. We saw this transition during the course of the election. Methodically, Trump’s own inner circle was replaced – with a collection of political insiders who all had close connections to the Washington Establishment (i.e. the oligarchs) or the banking crime syndicate itself ( the One Bank).

Any possible doubt as to the independence of the Trump regime was eliminated when he appointed more Goldman Sachs Stooges into senior positions than any previous U.S. president. Trump may still actually believe himself to be “independent”, but everything that is placed under his nose or whispered into his ear comes from the One Bank.

By now, many readers may be tired of hearing about the Next Crash . It has been the subject of commentaries going back three years, with the expected timing for the event being in 2016 – in keeping with the recent pattern of bubble-and-crash cycles. It has also been a recent subject in the articles of an increasing number of other commentators.

The signs are all around us. Markets are at all-time bubble highs (stocks and bonds), along with real estate. Warren Buffett is sitting with 40% cash. And the (mythological) “U.S. Recovery” is now in its old-and-tired eighth year.

Markets don’t keep going higher and higher without interruption and economies don’t keep “growing” without interruption – even mythical growth cycles. Markets need to be reset after soaring too high because there is no more profit to be made for the banking crime syndicate. Equally, our economies need to experience (at the least) “recessions” in order that our doctored economic statistics can be brought at least somewhat into line with the realities of our crippled economies .

That said, it is impossible to know when the Next Crash is coming, since it is an arbitrary decision made by the oligarchs. Since the pattern of recent cycles is now out the window, we’re in uncharted territory. This leaves us with focusing on how this Crash will arrive.

Previous commentaries have speculated that the catalyst for the Next Crash would have to be externally manufactured, so that the new (Trump) regime wasn’t held responsible for the collapse in the U.S. With three more years left to govern, and with both halves of the Two-Party Dictatorship already so unpopular with Americans, seemingly the last thing that the oligarchs would want is to create even more discontent toward the two puppet parties.

A war (blamed on Russia) or some “terrorism” based conflict (blamed naturally on the “terrorists”) have been suggested as possible trigger events. However Russia and China are very clearly resisting the West’s efforts to provoke them via the Bloc’s constant saber-rattling.

If the West’s rush to war was seen to be totally unilateral, the Bloc risks being entirely isolated from the Rest of the World (except for sycophant nations like Japan and Australia). Equally, Western populations are also becoming increasingly alienated toward the “War on Terror” – which all can see is now intended to be a war-without-end.

Using some terrorist Boogeyman event as the supposed trigger for an economic cataclysm is a ploy which could backfire on both the oligarchs and the puppet governments they control. Rebellious populations may simply end up blaming our governments for both the economic collapse and the endless “terrorism” which would be the supposed cause. At some point, the brainwashed masses are going to figure out that we never had an endless problem with “terrorism” in the past – until our (corrupt) governments initiated their unilateral “war” .

Is there an alternative to these scenarios?

The oligarchs of the One Bank are psychopaths. If some major military conflict ends up not being ‘convenient’, a biological plague has also been postulated as a possibility. But even if the West sat holding a cure, diseases mutate. And if such a plague was ever traced back to our governments, retaliation is a distinct possibility.

Scrutinized more closely, such extreme courses of action appear to fall under the category of Last Resort rather than as a preferred strategy. This leads us back to the political realm.

The oligarchs have now broken out of their recent pattern in terms of the market/economic cycle. Why not change things up with the (U.S.) political cycle as well?

If we assume that the pattern for the banker’s bubble-and-crash cycle is being altered so that it doesn’t look like a pattern , the same logic can be applied to the U.S. political cycle. It’s been roughly 30 years since Americans have seen anything other than eight years of Tweedle-Dee followed by eight years of Tweedle-Dumb.

If any American president was to become the first one-term wonder in a generation, no candidate is more worthy than Trump. If any U.S. President could possibly deserve to get evicted from office after one term more than George Bush Jr. it would be Donald Trump.

In the short time The Donald has warmed the seat in the Oval Office, he has already managed to alienate nearly every other leader on the planet in one way or another. This includes the U.S.’s rapidly diminishing list of “friends”.

Like the oafish Bush before him, Trump genuinely believes that throwing the U.S.’s weight around as a unilateral bully is the path to “make America great again”. In fact, if Trump had ever taken the time to crack open a history book, he would have seen that such behavior is how aging Empires fast-track themselves toward the scrap-heap.

When the United States was still a respected power in the world, military force was wielded as the last option. Today, more and more, it is the only tool in the U.S.’s foreign policy toolbox. When in doubt, drop bombs on someone’s head.

The U.S. was a respected power. Now it is a resented bully, with Trump managing to ratchet up this level of resentment at a geometric rate. Making The Donald the fall-guy for the Next Crash could also be a strategy aimed at rehabilitating the U.S.’s tarnished international image.

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