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The Necessary Shift From Activism to Survival

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

It is time for me to move away from activism as my primary focus and turn to adaptation and survival.

When all of us helped to get Donald Trump elected, I did not anticipate that the Deep State would actually be willing to commit planetary suicide. However, this is exactly what they are willing to do.

The following paragraphs represent the following intel I have received in the past 72 hours and it is all from previously reliable sources who are all pretty much saying the same things. The following paragraphs are on point with regard to the present circumstances and what all us should be doing to increase our odds for surviving the coming apocalypse.

Doomsday Preparations In Colorado in the Past 96 Hours

On Thursday, June 15, I was notified that over 120 hospitals in Colorado were participating in a disaster drill called “outbreak”. For long time readers and listeners to The Common Sense Show, you may recall that in December of 2012, I had a long-time friend from FEMA bug out and take his entire family along with like-minded people from both FEMA and DHS who relocated as a group to a safe haven that they had been constructing for the past several years. The words of my friend still ring in my years. His specialty was counter-bioterrorism. Specifically, he told me that America was due for a populist uprising and if the elite cannot get the country to where they want it, they will unleash holy hell with regard to chemical and biological agents. He specifically stated that we have weapons that the world has no idea that exist. Interestingly, this prediction was well before the Trump campaign, but he saw something like this coming and how the eventual outcome would come to be.

I asked him in what form did he think the crisis would be delivered. He thought they would introduce it as an act of God scenario, but he could not rule out blaming terrorists and state-supported countries that promote terrorism like Iran. This would provide a pretext for World War III.

The following day, on June 16th, Paul Martin confirmed the existence of the “Outbreak” drill throughout Colorado, that would become the new capital should DC be destroyed.

Yesterday, I received multiple communications from Colorado residents about the fact that Hughes Field was the site of a mass casualty drill. Hughes Field is located just outside of Fort Collins, CO. It is the former home of the Colorado State University football team. Paul Martin, a northern Colorado resident also confirmed the existence of this drill. However, the media has been suspiciously quiet with regard to both Colorado drills.

America Has Dissolved into 3rd World Banana Republic

What kind of country have we become when there is a planned assassination of dozens of Congressmen on the streets of America by a man doing a very good imitation of an MK-Ultra product. And to gasoline to this fire, the main victim, Representative Scalise was sponsoring legislation related to the Achilles heel of the Deep State, namely, child-sex-trafficking.

People may ask me why I believe that Hodgkinson is a Manchurian Candidate? The answer is simple, he had a list of Congressmen to kill, yet we know that he could not even recognize the men he was supposed to kill. He did not know what they looked like. If I was on a reign of terror such as this, I would know what my victims looked like.

In addition, doesn’t anyone else find it interesting that Hodgkinson just happened to be staying at the YMCA that was adjacent to the baseball field where the attack took place and the Congressmen who were at the baseball practice corresponded to the list Congressmen he intended to murder? How many coincidences are we going to believe? Additionally, I saw a news report immediately following the shooting stating that the shooter was shot but expected to survive. He did not. Neither did Seth Rich survive despite not having life-threatening injuries. And the best example of this pattern is Lee Harvey Oswald. Why do all these perpetrators seem to almost always die? Because dead men tell no tales regarding the false flag attacks.

America is a banana republic. Who would ever thought that the Deep State would target sitting Congressmen on the streets of America? Of course, there are those that will believe the traditional “lone nut” assassin theory that we have seen going back to the time of Oswald. This thinly veiled false flag attack demonstrates how far the Deep State is willing to go to cover up their crimes and to achieve their goals.

EMP Attack

For those of you who follow my work, you already know that I had come to believe that an EMP attack upon America was not a primary goal of the elite. Therefore, what I am to report is very surprising to me, but the accounts are very consistent.

Paul Martin’s best intelligence source, a very high-ranking government official, told him that an EMP is right around the corner and that he expected to see this country living in the equivalent of 1851. The interesting thing about this development is that the casualty estimates following an EMP attack are 90% fatalities within two years according to the Naval War College.

Following Paul Martin’s sharing this with me 72 hours ago, I have received similar warnings from reliable sources.


By now, Trump should have acted and have already prosecuted Clinton, Comey and Lynch. His failure to o so speaks to the paralyzed state that his administration finds itself in. Therefore, since Trump is not carrying out his agenda, it is incumbent upon us to take our safety into our hands.

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5 comments to The Necessary Shift From Activism to Survival

  • Rdawg

    So…the elite want to kill off 90% of the US population (300+ million corpses to deal with), and inherit a country with a vast infrastructure of roads, bridges, buildings, dams, power plants, electrical distribution, water, sewage, solid waste disposal, railroads, internet, nuclear arsenal, etc., etc. that can no longer be properly cared for and maintained?

    So they can live in underground bunkers?


    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      EXCELLENT point!! Bravo.

      ON a side note for your personal use, for your survival supplies, along with all the antibiotics, spices, herbs, medicinal plants, seeds, etc.

      Add some very effective FUNGUS treatment chemicals. Good for treating “diaper rash, titty-cleavage red rash, thigh-crease rash, or fungus under arms, etc.

      Do what the farmers do… here is a list of fungus treating ideas.

      Baking soda & peroxide, mixed with water, to wash & cleanse the area, then you can “dab or dust” the area (a couple times each day)… either with a bit of baking soda… and you can ALTERNATE this…
      with powdered SULFUR (you can buy pounds or sacks of “wettable garden sulfur” at the farm supply / garden supply), and if you read labels, you’ll find that this sulfur is mixed with water, and sprayed on plants to combat FUNGUS infections.

      Sulfur is also used on animals to combat fungus.
      In pet stores, not just the aquarium supplies, you’ll find FUNGUS treatments, and some of them are made from “COPPER SULFATE” (liquid or crystals). You can buy COPPER SULFATE much cheaper in the PLUMBING department as “ROOT KILLER treatment” for root-clogged pipes. READ THE LABELS to find the one that is 100% copper sulfate. A 1 pound tub is about $10.

      It’s effective because it contains 2 good ingredients= Copper & sulfur.
      If you can recall, when those “illegal miners” in Chile, were trapped for more than a month underground, before they got rescued, their feet/toes were starting to rot from fungus infections. A pipe had been drilled into their area, to pass food, water, meds, communication.. BUT… the miners were given SOCKS to wear on their feet, and those socks had COPPER woven into them, and this stopped the fungus infections and saved many feet and toes!!

      If you can buy a small, genuine UV light, it MIGHT be helpful to treat infected areas with a minute of UV light? There is UV-B and UV-A. Some hand held lights can do both.

      In modern “people” medicine, doctors often prescribe antibiotic POWDER to dust onto infected areas twice each day, but such things can be expensive without insurance, AND, such things will not be available after the SHTF.

      Cleaning the rash area twice or thrice each day, dry it well, then give it some or ALL of your treatments. Don’t overdo things, or you’ll cause other problems.

      Colloidal / nano silver is another GREAT treatment. If you’ve got silver, and batteries or solar panel, then you can MAKE it yourself. Check out youtube.

      There are other, more toxic (but effective) chemicals for treating fungus, but you’ll have to research for those on your own time.

      Be well!!! Be prepared for as many things as possible.

      Oh, don’t forget some DMSO (google it), buy some, (and you often will dilute it down to just 6-10% strength, BUT, it’s known as “liquid hypodermic needle” because anything you mix with it, apply to the flesh, and the body quickly absorbs it all.) If carefully, wisely used, it can deliver medicines, and if used wrongly, can poison yourself or your skin.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    True story- Home remedy.

    Wife of a good friend, got infected under her skin (foot area) from some kind of parasite worm (normally deposited by cat, dog or animal excrement), and she used to enjoy going “barefooted” around the yard. Foot-skin got an “itchy spot, with some redness”, and as the days progressed, the redness became a “line” and the itchiness moved as the tiny worm was traveling under the surface of the skin.

    They googled it, and discovered these will become dangerous as it can move deeper into the body organs, heart, etc. The doctor was not successful in treatment (not aggressive enough)?
    So, while it was still near the surface of the skin, my neighbor cleverly used an aerosol can of “computer air duster”,,, he turned it upside down, and held the nozzle next to the worm under the skin, and sprayed the super cold LIQUID coming from the UPSIDE DOWN can, onto the skin, FREEZING the area to kill the worm, and yes, it also kills a bit of skin that will scab over, and eventually heal (may also leave a scar), but save a life.

    The freezing treatment for these skin worms, is an old, well known treatment from years ago. It will be a bit painful, but it’s something you can do at home. You have to make a bit of Frostbite in a small area to get the freezing to go deep enough to overcome the warmth of the body, and kill the worm.
    I don’t think a normal ice-cube will be cold enough to kill these parasites. But the computer air-duster cans, use some gaseous product, that is about -35F or even -50F when inverted. That’s far colder than a simple ice cube that may only be +31F and still be a solid ice cube before it melts.

    Be safe, and WEAR shoes, sandals, flip flops out in the yard, because you never know when some “poop-parasite worm / nematode” will be under your foot and burrow itself into your flesh to continue its life-cycle and kill you or cause other damages.

    Might be a good idea to have garden gloves for all those times we all put our hands in the dirt, eh?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    More medical important data. I just learned from another buddy, (then I googled it, and yes, it’s true), that RACCOON excrement and urine can be DEADLY.

    Raccoons are often (not always, but often enough to avoid taking any chances) with some kind of very bad parasites and other nasty stuff. I was told, the exterminator guy removes raccoons, and raccoon shit from homes, that he gets “shots” for every 3 months to protect himself, and he wears a RESPIRATOR, goves, boots, etc, and NEVER bring those contaminated clothings into your house or car. leave the broom outside, because the DRIED shit, will give off some residue-powder that can and will contain the dangerous stuff in the poop.

    This reminds me of the Hanta Virus (carried by mice) that the dried mouse poop can have the virus particles, and can kill entire families. (Google this one too.) There have been some deadly-famous cases of this.

    I know raccoons can look cute, but wild animals (this includes squirrels too) should never be allowed around your home. Don’t forget, they can also carry bubonic plague, rabies, mad cow disease, etc.

    If you live in an area that won’t allow you to shoot your 22LR, then how about a pellet rifle, (as well as some “box traps”), etc.

    Don’t try to poison any opossums, as their blood contains a well known thing called “LTNF” (Lethal toxin neutralizing factor) and makes them immune from 100% of all north American venomous snakes, and scopions, spiders, botulism, ricin, and all kinds of toxic things.
    They are also immune from poisonous snakes from other countries, even though our opossums have never been exposed to foreign snakes. To get rid of possums, you have to shoot them, trap them, drown them, etc. You might be able to kill them with a bowl of DRY grits, rice, chia seeds, etc, to expand in the stomach and burst them from the inside out?

    If you had a free supply of strong heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, etc, then I’d be willing to assume that possums are not immune from opiate overdose. Since it’s not a poison, and our brains have receptors for this stuff, I’d imagine the possums can be overdosed just like a person. I’d be shocked it they were immune to the opiates.

  • Timco

    Another worthless Dave Hodges article. The United States, Russia, Great Britain etc have conducted hundreds of atmospheric atomic and nuclear tests Dave. None of them had any negative effect on their intercommunications, let alone the electric grid. It would take an unimaginable number of these weapons concentrated over a small geographic area to cause any electrical disturbance. An EMP attack on America is total fiction, just like your journalism abilities. Stick to the facts, or start a new career that has a purpose. People are really sick of your BS.

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