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The Entire Globalist System is Falling Apart — Harley Schlanger

by SGT, SGT Report:

It has never been more evident that the entire globalist system is falling apart. While James Comey hung himself in the public square on Thursday, it was again revealed that the “official” mainstream media narrative about the Russians hacking the US election is filled with more holes than Swiss cheese, and the strategy to use these overt LIES to destroy Trump has only served to destroy the mainstream mockingbird liars themselves.

There is no better example of this fact than the disastrous Megyn Kelly interview with Vladimir Putin. The Russian statesman absolutely destroyed the blonde haired mockingbird, much to the amusement of the audience watching. But as noted in this interview, the Russian hacking narrative has had a multi-fold purpose.

As Harley Schlanger explains, “It’s these same networks of the deep state that support terrorism, that are the ones that are trying to keep Trump from working with Putin (to prevent world war 3).”

This must listen interview helps to reveal the crumbling deep state narratives and the globalist plan, which Harley says is now falling apart at the seams.
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3 comments to The Entire Globalist System is Falling Apart — Harley Schlanger

  • mike

    I like Harvey a lot but like all Dems he is totally wrong on Glass-Steagall.

  • Ed_B

    I wish that we could all get away from referring to the lefto-communist media in the USA as “The Main Stream Media”. There is NOTHING “main-stream” about these jackasses. They are hard core leftists, pure and simple and as such they are the propaganda arm of the very far left DNC. Call them what they are. They HATE that… but too bad. If the shoe fits, wear it.

  • ~toktomi~

    That “The Entire Globalist System is Falling Apart” is simply wishful thinking in my opinion. Paul Craig Roberts says that “Washington’s Empire Is Not Unraveling” [] and I could not agree more.

    For every single piece of possible evidence that can be dredged up to support the failing globalist system, at least double that can easily be cited that highlights the very secure hold that the globalists have on the entire industrial human society.

    or so I believe…

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