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The End of Markets, Part II – Jeff Nielson

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money:

Part I of this series presented readers with a grim reality: we no longer have markets. The trading exchanges which masquerade as markets fall far short of being legitimate markets, in many key respects.

The precise means by which our once-legitimate markets have been destroyed is a topic which will be fully explained over the next, two installments. For now, it will suffice to say that we can easily prove that we no longer have markets.

All legitimate markets produce price discovery: the equilibrium point between buyers and sellers where supply meets demand. Our corrupted pseudo-markets no longer produce price discovery. The best example of this is the silver market.

There has been no price discovery in the silver market for at least 30 years . For at least the last three decades, the silver market has been in a permanent supply deficit. This is not even supposed to be possible. Thirty consecutive years of this market never once coming into balance (i.e. proper price discovery).

Why not?

Regular readers and astute investors can answer that question: price manipulation . The extreme/permanent manipulation of the silver market now traces back roughly 100 years, well-documented in Charles Savoie’s unique chronology , The Silver Stealers.

The ruling oligarchs of that era (the One Bank ) didn’t merely want to attack the silver market. They wanted to destroy it. They hatched a diabolical plan. They ordered their lackeys who ruled (what was at that time) the British Empire to loot all of the silver from India following the conclusion of World War I.

Indian troops would only agree to fight for the British if paid in silver (i.e. real money). Thus by the end of WW I, a large portion of the world’s stockpile of silver had been funneled into India. The oligarchs ordered that silver to be confiscated (stolen).

Once the British government had control of this stockpile, it was ordered to dump much of that silver onto the global market. This occurred in 1924, causing the price of silver to take a nose-dive. At that time, China’s economy was on a silver monetary system. When the oligarchs dumped vast quantities of silver onto the market and caused the price of silver to plummet, this wrecked China’s economy.

Thus in the mid-1920’s we had the oligarchs first loot India’s economy and then crash China’s economy: the economies of the world’s two most-populous nations. As Savoie observes in The Silver Stealers, this was the real cause of The Great Depression: simultaneously torpedoing two of the world’s largest economies.

The fact that the Great Depression didn’t hit the West until the end of the 1920’s was merely a reflection of the much slower pace of economic events at that time in history. The idea that a stock market crash in a market in which only a tiny number of people were invested could cause a global economic depression is a nice fairy-tale – but with no substance in reality.

This was part of a much larger (and more fiendish) plan to discredit silver as a precious metal, and thus devalue it in the mind of the average person. To do this, the oligarchs invented a propaganda strategy.

As our economies industrialized, the value of silver in numerous economic applications became quickly apparent. In both chemical and metallurgical terms, silver is humanity’s most-versatile metal.

It was (and is) still used as money. It was (and is) still used in jewelry, where silver is actually a more brilliant metal than gold. Now it was also being used in a plethora of industries. In other words, silver had become even more precious. Its price/value should have risen.

But not according to the propaganda which the oligarchs instructed their toads in the Corporate media to produce. According to these uninformed mouthpieces, silver was now merely “an industrial metal”. In the perverse realm of anti-silver propaganda, the fact that silver was even more useful supposedly made it less valuable.

It never made any sense. It never needed to. The oligarchs never intended to suppress the price of silver with lies alone. They also had the bankers.

The silver market has (by far) the largest short position of any market on the planet. The bankers claim they need this gigantic short position to “hedge” the price of silver.

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