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The Bilderberg Daemons of 2017

Money laundering for narcotics, human traffickers and organ harvesters; currency manipulation and gold price rigging are only a few of the items on their menu.

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

All the people who are attending this meeting are totally disconnected from what voters think. Not that votes mean anything to them when elections are rigged to suit their own agendas. They are totally disconnected from reality and have no commitment to any real standards of sound economic policy, justice or good governance.”

The first name on the list of attendees ( see at the end of this article) is Paul M. Achleitner (DEU), Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG.

If you have been following the saga of daemon Deutche bank in the last few years, you are fully cognizant of the fact that this bank has been involved in criminal activity.

Money laundering for narcotics, human traffickers and organ harvesters; currency manipulation and gold price rigging are only a few of the items on their menu. Include the flooding of refugees onto the EU and money laundering for Gulf State billionaires who are funding Islamic State terrorism under its various franchises.

They have contributed to the financial crisis in Europe and were deeply entrenched in the banker bailout programmes after the 2008 market crash. This has resulted in outright theft of tax payers money in order to keep these fraudulent ” too big to fail” organizations going through “austerity measures,” as well as increasing profits for their shareholders and CEOs.

They are also the people, along with most other attendees at Bilderberg, who engineered the EU in the first place and are violently opposed to Grexit, Brexit and any other Exit that will disentangle any country from being financially raped by these criminals.

Ask Greece! Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and daemon economic hitman of note, is attending Bilderberg.

Referendums mean nothing to them because as far as they are concerned, “It is not the #EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate, ” shades of Clinton’s deplorables, and as Nigel Farage has repeatedly pointed out at the EU Parliament, none of them are actually elected and representative of the people of Europe, but are selected by banks like Deutche Bank and pass laws for their benefit and to the detriment of the tax payers in the member states who never see a return for their investment in their own countries. Taxes in the last 20 years have become BIG business for multi-national banks and corporations, and not for the people who actually pay them.

It is also not surprising that the Trump administration “progress” is at the top of the agenda.

They have managed to curtail and put out of business Nigel Farage in the UK and Marine Le Pen in France, but Trump against all odds, still remains at large and a direct threat to their aims and ambitions.

Not only to the Unipolar Corporate Fascist Agenda in Europe, but also in the USA where not surprisingly Goldman Sachs ( another nefarious banker organisation entrenched in the Trump administration and advisor to the Vatican) and Henry Kissinger are in attendance. The same Kissinger who flippantly referred to the deplorables as  “zee lozers” who in the last ten years have lost their homes through the mortgage crisis scam; lost their life savings through the criminal Wall Street bankers; owe billions in corrupt student loans that will keep them debt slaves for the rest of their lives; lost their businesses through mega takeovers by companies like Wal-Mart and lost their jobs to China but against all odds, managed to hang onto their vote and put Trump into the White House.

Perhaps by “progress” Bilderberg means either turning the administration around to suit their own agenda, for example the recent bombing of Syria “guided by the beauty of their weapons ” and support for the “rebels” along the Syria-Iraq border with Jordan. Or having him assassinated a la JFK and co.

Although Trump himself is not attending it does not augur well for the people who voted for him and entrusted him with their future. Members from Team Trump are attending. National security adviser, HR McMaster, the commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, Trump’s new strategist Chris Liddell and new Chairman of Goldman Sachs International Jose Barroso, will be present and have been invited.

The Trump administration taking instruction from a group like Bildererg under the Chatham House Rules which provide secrecy, founded by the Dutch Royal family (let that sink in,) is tantamount to treason, in case nobody has noticed. To whom exactly do these people give their allegiance?

Which brings us to the second item on their agenda. Trans-Atlantic relations: options and scenarios.

They still hope to resurrect the TPP and the TTIP agreements. Trump canceled these agreements and put their programme back at least four years.

The problem with these people is that they have literally got away with murder for so long, that they do not understand the word “No!”  As in:

“No, we will not have a handful of hegemonic banks and corporations over-riding the judicial system, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Nor will any Judiciary be “privatized” or “outsourced” so that they can yet again gain autonomous control and turn it into a toll gate system for the benefit of their own profit margins along with greasing the wheels of their own criminality with bought and paid for Judges and prosecutors and no government oversight or accountability.”

“No, we will not have our elected politicians and representatives working for the banks and corporations when we have elected them to act in our best interests and for the benefit of any country as a whole.”

“No, we will not have them being able to sue governments in secretive private courts and steal tax revenue in inflated settlement payouts because health regulations, minimum wage laws or environmental laws have reduced their bloated profit margins.”

“No, they will pay taxes in the countries in which they operate, just like everyone else and not function from tiny post boxes in Holland ( the womb from which Bilderberg was spawned) or on islands in the middle of no where.”

Which brings me to item number five. Can globalisation be slowed down?

Yes. It will be slowed down and the un-polar, Sauron, Daarth Vader, Voldemort One World Corporate Fascist Government will be replaced by a multi-polar United Nations of Federated States with real equality, justice and respect for the integrity and independence and national sovereignty of all member countries.

Tax payers money will finally go for the benefit of the people who invest in their own countries and pay those taxes. These taxes will be used in high standards of free education (not dumbed down Common Core and OBE) , healthcare, security, transport, roads, bridges, water and electricity.

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