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by SGT, SGT Report:

The deep state coup plotters, including the Democrat party, organized left, GOP establishment, the mainstream media, and the Silicon Valley government protected tech monopolies and Wall Street itself, are going for broke, and are going to remove our duly elected president in a grotesquely illegal and farcically evidence free coup, unless the American people rise up and tell them no—and do so now.

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  • videoctr

    Great video SGTReport. I saw the other one in full too. The proverbial pot we are in has been slow cooking us since 1913. The bubbles are now bubbling. If I were to guess, we will be distracted on multiple fronts with economic issues. Of note, Andrew Maguire’s announcement of something big coming in 26 days regarding the precious metals market. Trump needs to do what Pat Buchanan said when Trump was elected, that is, do not take your foot off of their throats.

    In my opinion, it is time to apply some foot pressure on the swamp creatures.

    • glitter 1

      It actually started/began with Novus Ordo Seclorum in 1782 not 1933 when Roosevelt had the Great Seal placed on the back of the Dollar Bill.

      And it doesn’t mean what this apologist has to say about it:

      The United States Of America (Federal) was established by Mason’s as a Mosonic Republic aided by the French OTO:

      Yes, America’s Federalism founded by Masons for Masons for a clandestine purpose,to be the Tip Of The Spear(barrel of a gun) to bring in A New World Order,regardless of the apologetic BS to the contrary.The High Level Masons/Initiates lie to/deceive the lower level Mason’s/initiates,what do you think they do to The Unwashed Masses/Profane.Everything you’ve every been taught about The United States Of America is a total Lie/Fabrication.

      Newt Gingrich – “The reason Trump is not accepted is because he’s not an initiate”.

    • Ed_B

      Forget “draining the swamp”. Pull out, pull up, and nuke it from orbit, because “it’s the only way to be sure”.

      On the other hand, wouldn’t the “Deep State” be surprised if they all got arrested by federal troops, put in FEMA camps, and then put on trial in military courts for sedition and treason? Seems fitting. Most of the Obamunists would need to be rounded up as would some other establishment types. No problem, really, because we have rooms (and ropes) for ALL of them.

  • dcm

    Deep State ; how obtuse , evil luxuriates in boldness . Much the same as the individual who sees what it wishes rather than reality . All governments exists at the consent of the governed . What is referred to as diabolical disorientation is real and is the result of what is called mortal sin . As long as the individual does not see that “swamp creature” starring back in the mirror the down ward spiral will continue.

    • videoctr

      dcm, I am an introspective person. The deep state is not an abstract obtuse construct. My words may sound bold. I hope it will be to help others become more aware. We know the deep state by the trillions of our dollars they spend in unacknowledged special access programs and the endless wars we face. Yes, we have elected our leaders but not at the expense of the constitution. When they are outside of the rule of law, and lie to us, they are swamp creatures. If I put in a hard day of work, I know the dirt washes off when I take a shower. For some in government their dirt never washes off, their crimes go unpunished.

      2 million good introspective citizens of Cambodia were tortured and murdered by the Khmer Rouge. This is not the government they envisioned. It is best to be vigilant or we too could face genocide, then it will be too late for any introspection.

      • dcm

        Videoctr – my post was not a comment on yours – my comment was on the supposition of the article . My statement of Deep State how obtuse – is a comment on the projected nature of this article – the phrase Deep State which implies a hidden entity ( obtuse in this case not pointed or acute ) as this entity is not hidden . My comment “All governments exists at the consent of the governed” , I fully understand this concept is hard ,and I intend no malice whatsoever however , if a populous is truly opposed to their oppression they will rise to overwhelm or be obliterated . Therefore if my statement were not true all that would exist in the world today would be the ruling class , also this understanding is of natural (nature) objective reality –

      • Ed_B

        “For some in government their dirt never washes off, their crimes go unpunished.”

        But that’s just it. NO crime EVER goes “unpunished”. If Man does not catch and punish these cretins, then God or Cosmic Karma does. No one ever “gets away” with anything. They may appear to do so for a time but the cosmic scale of justice ALWAYS comes into balance at some point. I have it on good authority that it is far better to be punished here on Earth for the crimes that are committed here than to avoid it here and get punished elsewhere. What is dealt out here is pretty much a slap on the wrist by comparison.

  • Eric

    CNN = FAKE News
    NBC = FAKE News
    ABC = FAKE News
    CBS = FAKE News
    LA Times = LIARS
    NY Times = LIARS
    Washington Post = They just make anything up they want.

    • Ed_B

      Those so-called “news” agencies are nothing short of the propaganda arm of the Dim party. News is not their business. Control IS their business and they have a significant part to play in that.

      The good news, of course, is that fewer and fewer people are reading, watching, and listening to these purveyors of leftist propaganda. I really do not know how CNN,for example, is able to keep the lights on and their doors open. Their viewer-ship rate has tumbled to a mere fraction of what it once was. In less than 20 years, they went from the world’s premier news channel to a video based POS. Guess that’s what happens when one sells their soul. Too bad that their credibility also went along for the ride and is now gone too.

  • Sayldog

    Here’s a good one.

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