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Starting Fire with Sticks – “Fire Plow”

from CrazyRussianHacker:

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1 comment to Starting Fire with Sticks – “Fire Plow”

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    How many cars & trucks exist inside North America? Probably more than 100 million.
    Most of them have a big, fat BATTERY under the hood, filled with electricity just waiting for a wire to touch both terminals and create instant sparks, fire and melted wire.

    There is dry grass at your feet, and explosive gasoline/fuel in the tank. PS. Car tires burn HOT and LONG (yes, very dirty fire, but they do burn and give off a lot of heat.)

    Down in the Citrus fields in Florida, it used to be legal for citrus plantations to set tires on fire in the orange groves during winter freeze to protect the trees from freezing. I have no idea if this is still legal, but it was pretty common practice in the 60’s, & ’70’s or so.

    If you’re among people, it’s impossible to get away from all the smokers (and they all have “fire”.)
    Heck, if you’re in any major “BLM” area, just dare to call anybody a “nigger” and their hair will burst into flames, fire & smoke will shoot from their eyes and mouths.

    But hey, if you’ve signed a reality TV contract and they put you on some island or deserted area and you have to make fire without any car batteries, dollar stores, houses, etc, then ok… use the caveman methods as long as the cameras are rolling.

    Just how many places in America, can you walk 2 miles without seeing a car, a house, a building or somebody along the way?

    And if you’re in the middle of nowhere, such as North Dakota, Montana, Yukon, or some Arizona, New Mexico, Texas desert, then that’s also your punishment. (along the southern areas, you’ll have to stop a Mexican “immigrant” and ask him for a light.)

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