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Sprott Money News Ask the Expert June 2017 – Chris Martenson

from Sprott Money:

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2 comments to Sprott Money News Ask the Expert June 2017 – Chris Martenson

  • Ralph

    Get serious! Eric Sprott has ruined many with his wrong “calls”!
    All in Eric the Silver Bull has been wrong for 7 years but u call him an “expert? Thst IS fake news!!!

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Yes, all the “experts” have been correctly trying to predict the next crash, using real data and true logic in a world where everything is rigged and the logic is not allowed to happen (until it’s impossible to stop it).

      Just look at it this way.

      People have been wrongly predicting the return of Jesus for more than 2000 years and it still hasn’t happened yet, but only the logical & brave people dare to point out the “fake news” of it.
      Funny how so many people keep hanging on and claiming that the bible will come true at any moment, and there will be people still declaring such things for the next million years (if the human race is still alive by then).

      There is good & evil, and there are evil elites who hold their own strange beliefs as if believing in something turns it into a solid fact rather than the fantasy belief that it really is.
      There really was a Jesus back then, and my own belief is that we do have eternal souls, and that Jesus now exists as the high Master, guiding, helping and connecting us to the higher power that we call God. (What God really is, is likely beyond our understanding, but we label it as God and ascribe many human, fatherly, and genius traits to him, even though we may be completely wrong about this, but we paint the picture of him, and we are cozy with it and let it go.)

      I think Morgan, Schiff, Celente, Holter, Faber, Rogers, and so many others are correct about the business cycle, debts, frauds, etc that will come crashing down all around us.
      Prepare for it, and sleep well. PM’s, stored food and water, self sufficiency, gardens, etc, and it’s the most logical life and wealth insurance out there.
      If no crash happens? Nothing lost.

      For all those who don’t prepare? They sleep well too, until they won’t because the crash is on top of their heads.
      History is filled with examples of financial crashes, fiat money, debt and business cycle, etc. and going back to ancient Rome is just one of the many great lessons to be learned by wise men.
      Wiemar Germany, 1700’s America (the Continental), 1800’s America (Confederate currency), and 2017=America (The Greenback dollar that used to be worth a $20 gold double eagle for just $20 paper dollars, and now it takes more than one thousand paper dollars to buy that $20 gold coin). Lessons are all around us. Argentina, Iraqi Dinar, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Bernie Madoff investments, Enron, and many others.

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