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SILVER [& Cryptos?] KILLS FASCISTS — Chris Duane

by SGT, SGT Report:

After a nearly two year hiatus from SGT Report, Chris Duane is back to talk SILVER which is the antidote to bankster tyranny. In this conversation we discuss the pathology of the liberal left and the criminal banking elite. I also press Chris on the question of cryptos. Is there, or should there be room in a stacker’s portfolio for ANY crypto currency? We discuss Bitcoin and Ethereum specifically.  Check out Chris’ Silver Shield coins at SilverShieldXchange

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106 comments to SILVER [& Cryptos?] KILLS FASCISTS — Chris Duane

  • KRELL427

    Thanks Chris for breathing you voice of reason on the Cryptos, enjoy your dirty little girlfriend Shaun😀. Feeling like your missing out on profit or sticking to your guns and taking the high road are two different things.

      • fonestar

        “taxation” LOL… Bitcoin & Crypto is the death of usury and taxation.

        Your shit country and shit government will not survive Bitcoin. There is nothing the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama or Trump can do to stop Bitcoin. There is nothing all the guns and bombs and aircraft carriers on Earth can do to stop Bitcoin.

        First a trickle from the fiat universe, then a stream… quickly becoming a flood and tsunami out of fiat and into crypto. And when I say crypto I am talking *P2P completely decentralized crypto* (ether-heads need not apply).

        • Eric

          Your shit gets old.

          Bitcoin isn’t a hard asset. It was created out of nothing. And it will return to nothing. Bitcoin doesn’t have smart contracts.

          “The market cap of ethereum will bypass the market cap of bitcoin by the end of the year.”

          • fonestar

            No shit dummy… all of the Mellons, JPM, etc, etc… can pump Ethereum way, way higher than Bitcoin overnight and that’s what they will probably do. Try and make it look like Ethereum as being the better alternative to Bitcoin and give it all the press.

            But once people realize Ethereum in INFLATIONARY with no hard limits and will likely be taken over by the same old players… people will come back to Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dash/Monero/Namecoin.

            • Eric

              Isn’t the supply of Bitcoin increasing as I type this? What do you call that? Inflationary.

              Bitcoin doesn’t scale on demand.

              Gold has been the money of Kings for 5,000 years.

              Bitcoin has been the money of techno dweebs for 8 years.

              People will trap their wealth in cryptocurrencies just in time for the hard assets to run out.

              • fonestar

                Bitcoin’s supply is not increasing you fool. Bitcoin has always been and will always be limited to 21,000,000 coins.

                Ethereum will never stop being produced. Not at 21,000,000 coins. Not at 100,000,000 coins. Not at 1,000,000,000 coins. Not at 100,000,000,000 coins.

                You are so full of shit throwing out these terms, trying to make it sound like you have a clue what you’re talking about. It’s just making you look stupid instead… like Chris Duanestar, the used car salesman making bold predictions on the future of money and technology. How do you say, “out of your depth”?

                • Eric

                  What are you smoking?

                  There are currently (as I post this) 16,364,013 bitcoins in circulation. One year ago, there were 15,610,000 bitcoins in circulation. That’s an increase of almost 5%.

                  The Bitcoin supply is increasing.


                  Contrast that with global Gold production not increasing in over 2 years.


                  You’re the one that looks stupid. What do you produce bitcoins from?

                  Bitcoin is NOT a safe haven!


                  It’s a math formula!


                • fonestar

                  It’s estimated that half of the Bitcoins mined have been lost forever.

                  Bitcoin is LIMITED. Ethereum is NOT LIMITED.

                  Austrian definition of inflation is INCREASE in money supply. Only 21,000,000 Bitcoins will ever be mined fool.

                • Eric

                  So it comes out of the ground then? When will the last bitcoin be mined?

                  I know the Austrian definition of inflation which is also the true definition of inflation. But do you know how many ounces of Gold will ever be mined?

                  Because the Gold supply is constant right now while the supply of Bitcoin continues to increase.

                  “It’s estimated that half of the Bitcoins mined have been lost forever.”

                  Can they be recovered? Sounds very easy to lose.

                  Actually, issuance of ether is capped at 18 million ether per year.

                  Don’t you know anything about cryptocurrencies?

                • fonestar

                  *PER YEAR* dumb ass, there is no total limit to Ethereum…. which will also probably be lifted once Mellon/JPM/Citi/Goldman/Fed/BIS/WB take *TOTAL CONTROL* of their chain.

                  Bitcoin has a *TOTAL LIMIT* of 21,000,000 coins. You and Howard are both fvcking morons.

                • Eric

                  And every year more cryptocurrencies are created out of nothing.

                  There is no reason to get angry. You’re the one who said, “Ethereum is NOT LIMITED” when obviously it is limited *PER YEAR* as you state.

                  Are you sure it’s not you who is the moron? I’m just glad I didn’t put all my eggs into one basket.

                  Perhaps I will purchase some of Howard’s finely mined ether in exchange for something of real value. We can put it in a smart contract.

                  Does Bitcoin have smart contracts yet? Last time I checked it didn’t.

                • fonestar

                  Rob Kirby is a smart guy and you are not.

                  But Rob is waaay off base on this one. There is no “Internet kill switch”. And saying so shows a big misunderstanding of what the Internet is. The Internet is a gentleman’s agreement between ISPs… not between governments.

                  Yes the Internet was created by DARPA. So what? Government has also designed a lot of great guns… that can be stolen and used against them.

                • Eric

                  What do you know about being a gentleman?

                • Paul T

                  I can always count on Eric and fonestar giving each other hell on here

      • mike

        What Duanne doesn’t understand is btc is money. I imagine with all the Silver he bought at $7 and all the silver he has bought with his profits from selling animated silver rounds to the sheep like Krell and Eric, Duane should have a few tons of silver. The sad thing is as the years go by Silver is easier and cheaper to mine.And endless supply in ground and above it is virtually inexhaustible for the next 100 billion years on earth.. So cheap people can mint at will animated rounds at any quality. Chris will end up selling his entire stack for a micro fraction of a BTC just to feed his family.
        BTC = Money
        Silver= Industrial metal in infinite supply.

        Duane is the ultimate Parrot deceiver.Krell and Eric are disgusting as well…Truly vile sickening deceivers.

        • Eric

          Bitcoin does not have a long history of acceptance, isn’t accepted at very many places, and is too volatile to be money.

          “I imagine…” is very poor research.

          Mining Silver requires higher energy costs. There are no large stockpiles known in existence and high grade Silver mines are becoming difficult to discover. All while the industrial and investment demand grows. The proportion of silver to gold in the earth’s crust is around 17.5 which is considerably different from the current Silver to Gold ratio of 73.

          But mike doesn’t know anything about it.

          Bitcoin was created out of nothing and is backed by nothing.
          Silver has been money for 5,000 years.

          Only a low IQ idiot like mike could try to make Bitcoin or Silver into something it isn’t.

        • fonestar

          Mike…. I am not sure that I would say silver is “unlimited”. It’s still far more scarce than copper, nickel, iron, etc. I’ve been out bashing rocks in the field with a pick before and can testify to that much.

          But even if Bitcoin is not “real money”, Bitcoin obviously has many, many advantages over “real money” and inflationary impostors like Ethereum too.

          • Eric

            “Real money” is PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER!!!

            What advantages?

          • mike

            Fonestar dont tell me you do not understand tech…
            Silver is less common than dirt for example and other metals. However in the Earth regardless of how common silver is against other metals there is so much it is inexhaustible and could never all be mined even if miners decided to mine 20 billion oz,s a year.
            Silver is mined to order, no more no less. The mining ratio of 9 to 1 is only a market function. If the market demanded 20 times current mining output, that ratio would change to 9 oz of gold to 1 oz of silver. The ratio 9 to 1 is not because that is a set amount determined by nature lol.Modern mining has made silver as rare as a gallon of diesel.
            Why do mines love futures markets? It keeps them in business. They know what they will receive for their production and produce accordingly to maintain profitability. Without the futures market there would be a massive glut of Pms that would come to market by every mine overproducing and oversupplying the market..Killing the price and their business…Talk about a true tulip bulb mania. Silver is not the same as it was 1000 years ago.1000 years it took great human effort to mine and was actually rare. Today silver can be produced with virtually no real human effort and in whatever quantity you want. Sorry Fonestar silver is not rare at all. If there is a spike in silver it will not last more than a year so sell. A spike will signal all miners to produce.

            • fonestar

              Yes, mine to order but at what price though? I have pictures from the turn of the last century that show miners standing on huge boulders of pure silver on the west coast. I would challenge anyone to show me something like that today. All of the “easy” stuff is gone now. I was working at one of the few major silver producers here a few years back. I am not a geologist by training, but my understanding is yes… there are large deposits left but at these prices they’re not anxious to go after them.

              • Eric

                It’s a pricing problem. Not a supply problem.

                mike can’t grasp that.

              • mike

                The point is tech has enabled mines to extract grams per ton of material.
                YES long ago they had to find visible veins if the stuff now that is not necessary. Silver is abundant in the earth. At $50.00 silver so much will be mined.Byproduct mines will turn their full attention to silver and copper and other materials will be the byproduct.

                Eric I get its all about price.The problem is there is very little human labor involved and silver is now thanks to tech as common as dirt.

                Thats why if it spikes to $100 or $200 you need to sell it all asap and just buy bacj at $2..If it ever goes that high mining production will go fucking ballistic and they will produce so much it will be another 100 years before the next price spike.

                Thanks to tech Silver is just another easily obtainable metal.

                • Eric

                  “At $50.00 silver so much will be mined.”

                  Exactly how much is “so much?”

                  So they don’t look for veins anymore? lol.

                  “The problem is there is very little human labor involved and silver is now thanks to tech as common as dirt.”

                  What is the fair fundamental value of Silver at $100 or $200? And why not $75? Or $90? Or $120?

                  You do a really good job of making yourself look like the ignorant idiot that you are mike. Pull more numbers out of the sky for me. Hilarious!

                • KRELL427

                  Mike the troll, meanwhile cryptocurrencies are unlimited.

    • fonestar

      “voice of reason”? Are you high Krell?

      Duanestar has cost his viewers (the ones who took him seriously anyway) massive profits since he began his anti-Bitcoin Jihad in 2012. But like a fool and phony practitioner of “logic rhetoric and grammar” he is too arrogant to admit it. Bitcoin has not collapsed. Bitcoin has not been usurped. Bitcoin has not been replaced by Bankercoin. Bitcoin was not created by the CIA. Everything he has said on this subject was shit, was wrong.

      • Eric

        Bitcoin has only been around for 8 years.

        How does one create one bitcoin?

        • fonestar

          You will never have the time, energy, training or intelligence to mine 1 BTC in your lifetime.

          Your only hope would be to trade fiat for 1 BTC (while there’s still time).

          • Eric

            I didn’t ask how it is extracted.

            I asked how it is created. And you can’t even create one bitcoin?

            My only hope lies in 5,000 years of knowing history.

            Yours relies on an already outdated video game.

          • Howard Roark

            I’m mining ETH now fonemikestar, dipshit…just for grins…what’s so hard?

            $0.03 an hour…real tough…

            • fonestar

              Enjoy your hacked, inflationary, laundry-list of dweeb wants, semi-centralized, banker-funded shitcoin then.

              Some of us actually have ETHICS and are not only in Bitcoin for profits.

              ETHEREUM == SHIT

              • Eric

                fonestar has ETHICS. lol.

              • Howard Roark

                I’m dumping it into tulipbitcoin, dipshit, and turning around and buying phyzz metal with it or is the irony lost on you? Do you even know what irony means?

                • Eric

                  Don’t bother Howard.

                  The reason there are so many cryptocurrencies is because anyone with a few computer skills can create their own and hype it up to created “perceived value” which according to fonemikestar is all that gives anything value.

                  Chris should just create a Silver backed cryptocurrency freely exchangeable for delivery on a block chain using Smart Contracts. That would put an end to the fonemikestar bitcoin crypto jew currency bullshit backed by nothing once and for all.

                  More STATES are passing laws legalizing Gold and Silver as ‘legal tender’ which it is and should be.

                  Bitcoin is yesterday’s technology. Smart Contracts and blockchain has value. Everything else is just hype and distraction.

                • fonestar

                  I wish Chris would create a “backed silver crypto currency” too.

                  Then the IRS, DHS, Treasury, etc would come after him for making a fake currency (after they steal his silver).

                  Then he would have 30 years sitting beside Von Nothaus contemplating the meaning of “CENTRALIZATION”. Hmmm… maybe that Satoshi guy had it right all along?

                • Howard Roark

                  Von Nothaus never did a day in jail, you ignorant douchebag

                • fonestar

                  They still stole all his shit and ruined his business and his life. So my point still stands you tool.

                • Howard Roark

                  So you admit to making a knowingly false statement, lie, just for authoritative, dramatic effect?

                  What a faggot…smdh…but, “muh tulipbulbcoin”

                • KRELL427

                  Howard,sounds like we have here is a snowflake.

                • Eric

                  He does that a lot.

                  I thought the blockchain technology made it anonymous? That’s what you said fonestar.

                  Litecoin is perfect for local community currency.

                  That’s if you’re not a techno dweeb like fonestar and actually communicate with your neighbors.

                  Trade a couple eggs for Litecoin.
                  Make a coffee for your neighbor and transact in Litecoin.
                  Fix your neighbor’s lawnmower in exchange for Litecoin.

                  Litecoin has SegWit. Transactions don’t take hours to get confirmed.

                  Litecoin scales on demand and is twice the size of Bitcoin and a fraction of the PRICE!

                  Buy Litecoin! Bitcoin is ancient history and outdated technology.

                • fonestar

                  I didn’t make any false statement you tool. Von Nothaus is now a convicted criminal because he didn’t think about the FOLLY of launching an alternative currency in the Fed-controlled USSA.

                  Like I said to your bum-buddy Eric before you thread jacked me… by all means get Duanestar to try and do the same dumb thing Von Nothaus did. Maybe this time they will get a prison term along with his silver to ship to the COMEX on a midnight cargo plane.

      • KRELL427

        We haven’t even hit the shit storm yet, bubbles are everywhere in fiat terms.

      • Windrunner58

        I agree with you Fonestar. Chris Duane and his “new paradigm” talk, got old a while back. When he stated he was done with You Tube and was not returning, no one lost out. But he keeps coming back. He makes his living pitching Silver so I understand his plugs. But he is narrow minded. He will get lost in the shuffle.

        Everyone here talks of BTC being created out of nothing. But they continue to use USD, which if my logic is right, was created in the basement of the Fed, out of……a strong armed guard turning the wheel of a printing press? Is guess that is “something”.

        Different views from everyone, but the proof IS in the pudding, and that pudding is proving to be BTC

        • Eric

          US Dollar Index is down 6% YTD.

          The biggest problem I have with Bitcoin vs. USD is…

          1) Bitcoin is too volatile to be a currency.
          2) Bitcoin is not accepted for value at most locations.
          3) Bitcoin is stored in cyberspace and has no intrinsic value.
          4) Bitcoin cannot be used to pay taxes or debts.

  • Eric

    Nice. I’m glad you 2 made up. Got kinda ‘dynamic’ and “emotionally excited” for a while there though.

    All the popular kids were born in June.

    Good conversation. Listen to all. Follow none.

    Real Skills, Real Friends, Real Wealth.

    There are only conscious individual solutions to unconscious collectivist problems.

    If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

    A Rothschild banker has many tricks up his sleeve. But even a Rothschild banker’s money magic mind control can’t stop the cosmic forces of the Universe.

    Glad I bought Silver at $42/oz. lol. 10 more ounces added to the stack.

    Stop thinking in US DOLLARS! The US DOLLAR is going away! The value is in the possession. Not the price. Remember Cede and Company? Remember Dodd-Frank and becoming an unsecured creditor to an insolvent bank as soon as you deposit funds.

    Cryptos are not hard assets. Bitcoin is already rapidly losing market share to the next best crypto. The blockchain is the only value behind cryptos.

    Balance your portfolio accordingly to your own needs. Nobody is in the exact same situation.

    I’m still glad to be 50% PHYSICAL Gold, 40% PHYSICAL Silver, 6% PHYSICAL Platinum and Palladium, 3% Cash and mining shares, and 0.0001% crypto-jewish currency.

    But I’d probably be 99% Physical Silver if I could go back and do it all over again. Gambling on digital assets to accumulate more Silver is a waste of time. There is always going to be someone that has more than you. And there is always going to be someone that has less than you. Be happy with what you got.

    Sean, you said something which is key…Silver at 17 should FEEL cheap. But emotion has no place in a portfolio. Silver is the cheapest asset in the world historically. Why buy anything else?

    Storable food and Physical Silver. Same as 6 years ago.

    Only 2 more weeks until the GDXJ rebalances and the long awaited FOMC meeting and 25 bps rate hike. lol.

    Body, mind, spirit. Can’t win a spiritual battle without all 3. Balance is key.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    Don’t sweat the luciferians. They live in false light. And good always triumphs over evil.

    “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”
    John 1:5 KJV

    “Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.”
    -Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Chris Duane is a brilliant researcher and was integral in refining my understanding of monetary history. I’m glad he’s producing content again and this interview was a refreshing listen – especially the latter half in which Sean tactfully and maturely tried to get Mr. Duane to confront his own beliefs.

    It’s also a tough interview to listen to, as Chris is getting left behind with every passing day he refuses to accept the market’s decisions on Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are not only “here to stay,” but the preeminent among them are rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for wealth escaping the fiat system.

    Bitcoin is what Chris thought silver would be. It’s a sad fact to face for anyone heavily vested (emotionally and financially) in PMs, but it will be no easier to face going forward.

    • Eric

      Chris has transcended the US Dollar price of everything and thinks in terms of real tangible wealth.

      Nobody gets left behind when they are focused on what’s ahead.

      That wealth that is escaping the fiat system will end up somewhere in the real world eventually.

      • KRELL427

        Chris is getting left behind? Or he is so far ahead that few realize it. Jim Sinclair is in the same camp on what real wealth is as are many others.

      • It’s easy to “transcend the US Dollar price” when you’re a multi-millionaire ex-car salesman who sold his house at the top of the bubble.

        Tell that to any working stiff who’s been putting their money in metals for the past 7 years and you’re liable to get popped in the nose.

        • Eric

          That’s strange because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and I’m not a multi-millionaire. Nobody has popped me in the nose.

          Silver is not an investment. Silver is money.

          I didn’t put money in metals. I exchanged banker debt notes for honest sound money.

          Perhaps there are many people here who were actually looking to take more risk in which case the stock market or cryptocurrencies would be adequate places to lose wealth.

  • Eric

    I cannot comprehend why so many people want the PRICE of MONEY to get more expensive, while in every other part of the world it already has.

    • fonestar

      You can’t “comprehend” because like Duanestar you are a ‘mono-solutionist’ with a one track mind.

      • Eric

        If you want to pay more for your Gold and Silver that is your choice.

        You are the biggest hypocrite. Your solution and answer to everything is “buh Bitcoin.”

        As a “mono-solution isn’t,” you should prepare to cry a river when Bitcoin gets knocked off the cliff.

  • fonestar

    Sean and Duanestar…

    “Mark Dice” was born Mark Shouldice. As a young man, he wanted to become part of the Hollywood/Zionist machine. But he could only be a B-list double, but the establishment had another role in store for him! I admit that some of his videos are “entertaining” but that’s what he is… entertainment. He is a plant and a bogus researcher. He routinely mocks and insults real researchers on his Youtube channel. But when they offer to debate him, he pussies out… every single time. He has blocked me on Youtube. He blocks anyone who calls him out for being the fraud he is. He has insisted that Sandy Hook was a real incident and tried to shame anyone asking questions on it.

    Mark Dice (Mark Shouldice) is a fraud and is NO FRIEND of truth.

  • fonestar


    Stop talking about “these cryptos”! Bitcoin is not Ethereum. Ethereum is not Bitcoin. These are 2 different animals.

    Why are you not talking about why the banks LOVE Ethereum and HATE Bitcoin?

    But at least you are on the right track and I give you credit…. Duanestar has no clue at all about any of this stuff.

    • Eric

      “I warned my friends bitcoin was another hoax when it first came out, but no one listened. One of my good friends lost his shirt, and learned the hard way. He asked me how I knew. I knew because I ignored all the blather and looked at the story of its founding. The guy that allegedly started it, Satoshi Nakamoto, was a ghost. Let’s see, if we do a direct translation of that, his name means “intelligent central”. Flipping it, we get Central Intelligence. He published the invention on Halloween, 2008. Bitcoin is the first crypto-currency, and the word came into usage with it. I don’t trust anything with the name “crypto”. They might as well call it crypto-Jewish currency, although I guess you might figure it out if they did that.”

    • Eric

      Just like the donkey chasing the dangling carrot, fonestar keeps chasing the illusion of wealth instead of real tangible wealth.

      He has no clue about how he is about to lose everything.


    Shaun, enjoyed the interview with Chris! He should be on more often! SGT needs to get this guy on for a interview: THE PERPARED MIND (You Tube) “Taxes, Bitcoin is BAIT, Fedcoin is the TRAP” (MUST LISTEN) Like Chris, John is a Former Marine.

  • anon

    Go ahead, invest in some Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or whatever new crypto-currency comes along. Seriously. Go ahead. Diversify. I don’t care what YOU do! (NOTE: KEEP IN MIND ~ “THEY” ~ WANT YOU TO ‘INVEST’ DIGITALLY. It’s called THE TECHNOCRATIC “JEW” WORLD ORDER, RUN BY BANKERS/”JEWS” WHO WANT ONLY ONE THING ~ COMPLETE CONTROL ~ OVER YOU. THESE CRYPTO-CURRENCIES AREN’T TANGIBLE. THEY’RE THE FIRST STEP TOWARD ~ FEDCOIN)

    Royal Invader of the World- Part 1. Six Slave Queens

    Read the comments.

  • ecobel

    Duane has some significant problems. He hates bitcoin and doesn’t care that silver is $17, maybe it’s a bible thing? If he actually feels this way, he has a significant loss on his balance sheet for the last 5-7 years

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I agree with the headline that says “silver & cryptos” kill the fascist banksters, etc.

    Cryptos, no matter what they are or aren’t, they are the new replacement for SWIFT, and also used (sparsely now, and much more in the future) for retail, wholesale and contract payments.

    No matter who controls them, or not control them, they are going to take over the world, like a fungus/virus/bacteria that is replacing the weaker fungus/v/b.

    PM’s- most definitely are real money, and a true enemy to central, fiat, central banking.

    We are living in very interesting times. It’s starting to play out, and we will just have to watch to see how fast or how slow everything changes.

    As for now?….

    GARDEN UPDATE= I’ve concluded my soil’s nutrient levels are too low, and soil is still a bit too hard, as my corn and other things are too slow and somethings are stunted.

    This morning, I mixed some liquid fertilizer (and some liquid ammonia cleaner) in a gallon sprayer, and set it for “squirt-stream”, and dosed all around my corn and other plants, to give them a good, quick boost, and try to increase in size.

    I can see I need to add more humus (carbon) to my soil, mix it down, and for all my plantings from now on, I’ll toss in more compost/humus into each hole, and also mix perhaps a tablespoon or more of granulated fertilizer into the hole.

    I’m glad we’re not yet into Venezuela-Mode, so I’ve had time to experience all these problems before my garden is needed to feed me.

    I’ve had a sad 18 months, in that I’ve lost almost all of my young fruit trees and lost 100% of my nut trees. (I had 6 young almond trees, 2 chestnuts, and 2 pecan sapplings. Nothing was bigger than 6ft yet… but they were about 4yrs in the ground.)

    Also lost 2 of 3 cherry sapplings, and lost 3 of 4 peach sapplings. Next time, I’ll dig a much bigger hole, and instead of the locally recommended 2 bags of compost/good dirt, I’ll double it and put 4 bags or even 5 bags per hole.

    That’s the trouble with my area, soil is so sandy and poor quality, you have to really do a good job of prepping and supplementing it or things won’t thrive.

    OK… I hope MY failures will help SOMEBODY out there to learn from my postings, and do better than me.

    I’ll be replacing

    • Eric

      “That’s the trouble with my area, soil is so sandy and poor quality, you have to really do a good job of prepping and supplementing it or things won’t thrive.”

      Yep, farming is hard work and there is an art to agriculture just like there is an art to geology and mining.

      There is no art surrounding cryptocurrencies. It’s just a bunch of people with no patience who want immediate gratification.

      That reminds me. I need to go pick blueberries. It was tricky finding the perfect spot to plant those. They need just the right amount of sun and water. Not too hot. Not too cold. Balance.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I wonder when somebody will come up with the ultimate Crypto currency, and issue a NEW coin, called= “Tulip Bulb Coin”?

        • Eric

          Craig, people are going out of their minds.

          They keep trying to make Silver or Bitcoin or anything else for that matter into something that fits their own paradigm.

          But I find it easier to go with the trend rather than against it.

          It’s not that difficult.

          Physical Silver coins = money
          Bitcoin = closed end fund.

  • videoctr

    I see this as inverting the web as we know it. Yes, a paradigm shift.

    New ICO offering that is riding on the Ethereum Blockchain. The new coin is called BAT, Basic Attention Token
    “Former Mozilla CEO raises $35M in under 30 seconds for his browser startup Brave”

    What is BAT: BAT is a payment system that rewards and protects the user while giving better conversion to advertisers
    and higher yield to publishers. We see BAT and associated technologies
    as a future part of web standards, solving the important problem of monetizing
    publisher content while protecting user privacy. More,

    That’s right, get paid for viewing an advertisers ad.

    Please discuss. Nay sayers and proponents what do you think?

    • videoctr

      Sean, please take note, this is for content producers… “Traditional publishers have lost approximately
      66% of their revenue over the past decade, adjusted for inflation. Publishers face
      falling revenue, users feel increasingly violated, and advertisers’ ability to assess
      effectiveness is diminished. The solution is a decentralized, transparent digital ad
      exchange based on Blockchain. The first component is Brave, a fast, open source,
      privacy-focused browser that blocks third party ads and trackers, and builds in a
      ledger system that measures user attention to reward publishers accordingly. Brave
      will now introduce BAT (Basic Attention Token), a token for a decentralized ad

    • videoctr

      Related topic: Ethereum blockchain solution to eliminate false bot traffic:

      • Eric

        Ethereum scales on demand.

        Bitcoin hasn’t even ‘forked’ yet.

        fonemikestar is trapped in yesterday’s technology.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • KRELL427

          My VCR rewinder just broke, will have to find another one.😀. Bitcoin market share is now down to 45.4% with 746 cryptocurrencies listed.

          • fonestar

            Bitcoin is up around +7000% since Chris Duanestar started his moronic quest against Bitcoin.

            Meanwhile silver is down around -20% in that same time. Nuff said. Stackers should join Hillary Clinton on reality TV to see who is the biggest loser.

            • KRELL427

              Silver is fire insurance. What does Chris Duane have to do with Bitcoin loosing market share? How does bitcoin go to the moon if it’s propellant tank is developing a massive leak?

              • Eric

                Krell, I have never seen a VCR rewinder that you can buy with bitcoins.

                I wonder why. Hmmm. It must not be money as fonemikestar always says.

                Physical Silver is insurance, money, and real tangible wealth.

                Everything else is just a digital distraction.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  I’m remembering something of what’s been said about calculations that reconciles the national debt, printed money, etc, with the number of (supposed) ounce of gold in Ft. Knox, and it seems to me, “they” said the price of gold will have to be re-balanced to about $64,000 per ounce to make fiat “right with gold”.

                  And if silver attains its natural “geological ratio” of about 10 or 12 to one, that would put silver at about $6,000 per ounce.

                  Then there are other statements that silver will reach “parity” with the gold price, so that puts silver at $65,000 per ounce (and these numbers are for the debt & fiat existing several years back… so to recalculate those numbers, you can probably add 30-50% higher numbers to it. This is NOT including any future “inflations” (fiat devaluations).

                  All this would mean that IF THINGS WERE HONEST (they’ll never be so), but if they were, then as things should pan out, we’d be able to buy a brand new 3/4 ton pickup or suburban with just one ounce of silver or gold. Buy a nice home with 5 ounces.

                  Then, of course, when the US dollar becomes as strong as the BOLIVAR, the numerical numbers attached to the US dollar “values” will become meaningless. Like the $100 Trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes.

                  Just like Venezuela, we’ll be calculating the true value of gold and silver ounces, by how many months of food it will buy, or how many ounces to buy a new vehicle from the dealer, etc.

                  Very scary how a dozen eggs in Caracas can cost $150 US dollars, yet they are only $1 US dollar at many USA stores. (I get 18 eggs at Dollar Tree for $1.)

                  My old buddy’s daughter is on a trip in Thailand, and surrounding areas, also a local train trip, and for several DAYS she’s not had any access to WiFi or Cellphone data connection.

                  I mention this, because in that situation, there is NO way to transact anything in any crypto-currencies. Only CASH works, as well as GOLD & SILVER in that part of the world!!!

                  No data grid? No digital money! If they can’t touch it? They don’t accept it.

              • fonestar

                Bitcoin can “lose” another 25% of the crypto-coin market cap, still easily go to over $10,000 while the bankers blow Ethereum up past $1000.

                Ethereum will still be shit and fonestar will still be in Bitcoin.

            • Eric

              Up around 7000% denominated in what? That’s ridiculous.

              Hey, when are you going to buy my golf clubs and my magic beans?

              I accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Gold and Silver.

              I also accept Platinum and Palladium which are money also.

              Down 20% in what?

              What the hell do you measure stuff with? A cheap cigar?

        • dan w

          “Ethereum scales on demand.”

          It has a dynamic blocksize like Monero, scaling will be an issue in the future.

          “Bitcoin hasn’t even ‘forked’ yet.”

          Are you serious right now or are you just trolling?

  • KRELL427

    SegWit, is here and now leading ultimately into the next major rollout of DimWit.

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