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Schumer Invites Trump to Testify Before the Senate: ‘It Could Be Dignified’

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

“I would like to invite the president to testify before the Senate,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told CBS’s “Face the Nation” with John Dickerson on Sunday.

Schumer said such an appearance could be managed in a “dignified” way:

I think we could work out a way that it could be dignified, public, with questions, with Leader McConnell. Of course, we would have to consult with prosecutor Mueller before doing it.

But I want to make a broader point here that relates to that. This is such serious stuff, John. Seventeen intelligence agencies said the Russians did interfere in the past election, but if people think it is past us, they are preparing to interfere in all of our elections.

That goes to the wellspring of the democracy. And this is serious stuff. We have the former director of the FBI under oath saying one thing, President Trump saying another. There is a cloud over the presidency, the president said, and that is rightly so.

There are two ways to clear up that cloud. One, if there are tapes — he alluded to the fact that there are tapes, maybe as a threat or taunting Comey — he should make them public right away. If there aren’t tapes, he should let that be known. No more game-playing.

And, of course, he said he would testify. So I am inviting him to come testify and we could work that out.

And one final point here. This is serious stuff. And the president seems to be taking it almost a little bit lightly. It is sort of like the tax returns. You know, in the middle of the summer last year, he said he would release them before the election. Then he said there is an audit. Then he said he is never going to release them.

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