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by SGT, SGT Report:

You Tube is becoming a beautiful utopia, a place where nothing bad is ever discussed. So don’t bring me down with your fear mongering man. Get with the program! To hell with reality, at least on You Tube the world can and should be nothing but PUPPY DOGS, LOLLIPOPS & UNICORNS!

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  • Eric

    Why can’t you go out into your neighborhood and talk truth to your neighbors?

    I’m pretty sure Jesus wasn’t making YouTube videos and concerned if they were generating advertising revenue or not.

    You gotta talk to your neighbors. Don’t hit them over the head trying to force them to get it. Just talk to them.

    They will want to figure it out when they are ready to figure it out and not before.

    When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

    • SGT

      Eric, I do, and I have spoken at length w/ friends and neigbors, I’m talking about most people who have not, or cannot. I lost a career at Target HQ for speaking truth while in a position of power there. If you think bad things don’t happen to truth tellers, think again. #SethRich

      • Eric

        You know I know the consequences that come with speaking truth. I’ve lost many professional and personal relationships as well. None of which was good for my business.

        I’m only saying that “waking up” is a choice that each one of us has to make. And while I know that many will not wake up at all or do so in time, I still have to stress the importance to go out and talk to your neighbors and friends on a regular basis, drop seeds whenever possible, answer questions, and correct them when their statements and opinions are false. That should be easy unless they shun you because it’s too difficult for them to deal with reality. But all the more reason to not whack them over the head and wake them up so much as just talk to them. The ones that will tune into your frequency or vibration will do so. And the others, well… not much hope for them anyways.

        A career is just a job that lasts longer. And jobs come and go. But I do not think one’s truth telling should be dependent on whether or not it is or can be monetized. Certainly it has value and you do a good job. But it is not your job to wake everyone up. It’s the job of everyone else to make that choice.

      • Ed_B

        No one thinks that who’s been awake for a while now. There are just too many examples of truth tellers getting smacked upside the head for their efforts. Those engaged in nefarious activities do not want anyone else knowing about it and the snowflakes out there simply do not want to know. Ignorance seems to comfort the low-info types. All that means, of course, is that when (not if) reality intrudes on their tiny little imaginary world, everything they have and are will come crashing down in ruin. Meanwhile, those of us who have paid attention and know a good bit about what is happening have prepped for it and will be MUCH better off because of that. You’ve done a terrific service in this regard, Sean. Don’t know if this is God’s work or not but it sure could be. Well done.

      • If you think bad things don’t happen to truth tellers who leak information to Intelligence honeypots, think again. #SethRich


  • mike

    Poland hates the EU, They are the next shoe to drop. The EU is done won’t last much longer.

    • Eric

      Thats what I said 6 years ago when I thought Greece would leave. But they didn’t.

      And France won’t be exiting anytime soon.

      The EU has been a failed political state since the beginning. And its not going away.

      • mike

        Well as far as Poland goes there is hope. They have been flying under the Radar this entire time. I wasn’t aware of it until about a week ago…Lots of huge protests have already happened.

        • Eric

          There will no doubt be changes and more Brexits. But trying to take the EU out of Europe would be like trying to take the US out of the USA. It’s the turd that just won’t flush.

          Ultimately it will all collapse and devolve down to the local level. But considering the level of ignorance that exists, that is likely a long ways away still. I suspect poverty rates will continue to increase as long as people are ignorant of sound money.

          • Ed_B

            Real change doesn’t happen all that often. When it does, it is often because a large percentage of the population is hurting. It is pain that gets most people’s attention. Until that pain occurs, however, it’s just another day.

    • Ed_B

      Good info on Poland. I had not heard that before but it doesn’t surprise me much. Poles tend to be very practical people and that doesn’t make them a good fit with the EU.

      I said some years ago that the US should pull all of our troops and facilities out of Germany, bring most of them home, and ask the Poles if they would host the remainder. If not, then they come home too. I suspect that they would be most welcome, however.

  • videoctr

    The Decentralized News Network, a political news outlet, utilizing Ethereum blockchain. Keep an eye on it. If this takes off, it could give Youtube competition. This looks like it is in the very early stages.

    Disclosure, I have not connection with DNN.

  • wauhoo

    It is high time to get the meme rolling that Sundar Pichai and Jeff Zuckerberg are traitors to America for violating the First Amendment. Let’s shame them into oblivion.

  • Sergio

    You tube is getting me down. Full of robotic voices which is as old as. Turning me off going there.

  • anon

    A reminder

    The Original and Real Cause of the 1776 American Revolution
    What They Really Fought For

  • anon

    “Today, in America as well as in Europe, we are under the regime of the Scrip of the Bankers instead of the scrip of the nation. Hence the public debts, everlasting interest charges, taxes that plunder purchasing power, with the only result being a consolidation of the financial dictatorship.”

    Source: The Original and Real Cause of the 1776 American Revolution
    What They Really Fought For

    Welcome to the Globalization of Poverty, and the Technocratic “Jew” World Order.

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