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Precious Metals-Dirt Cheap Insurance, In An Increasingly, Explosively PIMBEEB World

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

With each passing day, I don’t just think, but know the world cannot, and will not, survive the collapse of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme without “thousand-year-flood”-like changes in the global political, economic, social, monetary; and likely, military landscape.

These changes have unquestionably begun in “second” and “third world” nations with undversified economies, unstable political regimes; and of course, fiat currencies that can’t be abused – like the dollar, Euro, Yen, and Yuan – without catalyzing immediate hyperinflation. And yet, anyone living in “first world” nations knows full well that “it” has started; particularly economically, where the average Joe and Jane have never struggled more, with less opportunity and financially resources. But also politically, where America is rapidly descending down the Banana Republic hole; socially, given the ever-widening divide between socialist-leaning “liberals” and the majority of the population, who did not vote for Hillary Clinton. Not to mention militarily, given America’s increasing penchant, no matter who’s the “Commander in Chief,” to bomb first and ask questions later. And of course monetarily, given the all-time high, parabolically rising cost of living – amidst the largest ever debt edifice; which thus far, has only been held up, in Jenga-like style, by Central banks forcing interest rates to their lowest levels ever, and historic, unprecedented market manipulation. In turn, creating “dotcom valuations in a Great Depression Era”; the largest wealth disparity since Feudal times; and burgeoning social discontent that is just starting to manifest itself in political revolution.

For years, I have referred to the relentless “horrible headlines” signifying the rapidly accelerating rate of societal decline – in my view, principally due to abandonment of the gold standard 46 years ago. Recently, I have “re-branded” horrible headlines as “PiMBEEB,” or Precious-Metal-Bullish, Everything-else-bearish.” And very recently, PiMaBBEEB” – or Precious-Metal-and-Bitcoin bullish, everything-else-bearish.” However, for the sake of this article; particularly given Precious Metals’ all-time low inflation-adjusted valuations – care of a Cartel on its last legs, as Economic Mother Natures’ immutable, undefeated armies swarm around it – we’ll stick to plain old PiMBEEB this morning.

The reason I’m again focusing on PiMBEEB as a dedicated article theme – just one week after penning “wide world of PiMBEEB” – is that I was literally blown away by the amount of dramatic events; and terrifying facts; that either occurred, or came to my attention this weekend. Which cumulatively, reinforced the ageless, time-tested notion of Precious Metals as insurance against the myriad political, social, economic, monetary, and military events that could cause massive fear in the financial markets; particularly, for fiat currencies that are already being serially hyper-inflated – and doubly so, when such events arise. Which, in today’s historically unstable world, are not just possible or likely to occur, but guaranteed.

Before I blitzkrieg you with the aforementioned, 2008 financial crisis levels of PiMBEEB headlines that cumulatively should have you running, not walking, to protect your financial assets NOW; consider that, as I write, gold is above both its 200-week moving average ($1,236/oz) and 5½ downtrend ($1,277/oz) lines; whilst silver is well above its 5½ year downtrend line of $16.28oz, and barely below its 200-week moving average of $17.76/oz. Which, per last week’s presciently timed article – just before Friday’s “shocking” NFP jobs report – are clearly amidst “ultra-bullish developments.” On that note, away we go into the horrifying world of PiMBEEB news, just from the past 72 hours.

1. Yet another ISIS-claimed terrorist attack in London, yielding a heightened likelihood of draconian government response – from Trump asking the Supreme Court to enforce his extremely socially divisive “travel ban”; to Theresa May calling for global regulation and monitoring of the internet.

2. Explosive fallout from Trump (rightfully) withdrawing from the Paris climate accord; which, along with his renewed focus on the aforementioned travel ban; dramatically increases the chances of a complete political breakdown, in a nation already on the brink of financial ruin. Which, when it gets ugly enough, will unquestionably yield a dramatic reduction in the dollar’s already declining “reserve currency” status. Which in turn, will dramatically increase America’s already record-high cost of living; at a time when it’s never been more indebted, nor economically weak.

3. This mornings “geopolitical earthquake” in the Middle East, when Saudi Arabia and several other nations broke off all ties with Qatar – in an ultimate “pot calling the kettle black” moment, accusing it of funding terrorism. My friends, I cannot tell you how horrifying the ramifications of this split will be; as not only has it all but destroyed the GCC, or Gulf Cooperation Council; but likely, put the final nail in OPEC, and the fraudulent “production cut” agreement I have railed against since day one. This morning’s oil price plunge, directly after the news emerged, should tell you all you need to know about what is likely to occur in the world’s most important – and indebted – industry; validating, in spades, what I wrote in last week’s “OPEC, like the London Gold Pool, proving that all Cartels fail.”

4. The biggest Wall Street cheerleader – and TARP recipient – Citibank, actually advised Australian regulators to address their “spectacular housing bubble.” Which is no better in Canada, parts of the U.S., and other parts of the artificial, Central-bank-created “dotcom valuations in a Great Depression Era” world.

5. Japan held national evacuation drills, amidst growing concerns that North Korea may launch, or be provoked into, a major regional war

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