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New Invasive Measures Are Coming To Your Local Airport

by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

The federal government will soon begin searching through travelers’ books at the airport as airlines test out fingerprint scans.

Next time you choose to take a flight in the United States, you will not only be given the option of a free walk through the full body scanner or a complimentary rub down courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration. Your next flight might include a search of your laptop, books, and possibly a fingerprint scan. Since the launch of the Trump administration travelers have been subject to increasingly invasive measures in the form of laptop searches and discrimination against those traveling from majority Muslim countries.

Now the TSA is testing out new measures that require passengers to remove books and paper goods from their carry-on luggage. According to new reports from The Wall Street Journal and Sacramento Bee, the TSA had already begun to roll out these new invasive policies.

“While I expect going through airline security to be time-consuming and mildly annoying, my attitude changed recently as I prepared to board a flight out of Sacramento International Airport in the days after Memorial Day weekend,” the Sacramento Bee wrote. “As I stood in line, Transportation Security Administration officials announced at SMF that everyone was to take books, magazines and food out of their bags and put them into a separate bin for inspection. That was it. A line was crossed for me.”

As the Bee notes, reading material is extremely personal and revealing about a person. If individuals know that their reading habits – whether they relate to philosophy, politics, sexuality, or religion – will be scrutinized they may began a process of self-censorship. It also presents the question, what type of reading material could be questionable or even, banned? At this point the TSA is claiming that bombs could be hidden within books and are not focusing their efforts on content specifically. However, this is likely the beginning of an incremental strategy to remove as much freedom as possible for travelers. As the Sac Bee wrote, “We need to resist the creep of authoritarianism. During the Cold War, spying on neighbors was common in the Soviet Bloc. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, people reported others for listening to Western Classical Music.”

The American Civil Liberties Union noted that there have already been multiple cases of passengers singled out for their First Amendment-protected expressions. “For example, in 2010 the ACLU sued on behalf of a man who was abusively interrogated, handcuffed, and detained for nearly five hours because he was carrying a set of Arabic-language flash cards and a book critical of U.S. foreign policy,” the ACLU writes. We also know that the DHS database known as the “Automated Targeting System,” which tracks information on international travelers, has included notations in travelers’ permanent files about controversial books in their possession.”

In a recent interview with Fox News, John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, seemed to confirm the goal of implementing the strategy on a nationwide scale. Kelly was asked whether or not the new policy of unpacking carry on luggage and separating food and electronics into separate bins will indeed go nationwide.

“Yes, I mean, the reason we’ve done, TSA, of course, works for me,” Kelly stated. He then blamed the need for these programs on travelers who are “trying to avoid the $25 or $50 or whatever it is to check a bag” by stuffing their bags too full and TSA monitors can not see what’s inside. When pushed further about the program going nationwide, Kelly states, “We might, and likely will.”

These plans were confirmed once again on Wednesday, as Secretary Kelly announced plans for new strategies to be implemented by the TSA. “We cannot play international whack-a-mole with each new threat,” Kelly said. “Instead, we must put in place new measures across the board to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed.”

Although DHS officials declined to comment on specifics, ABC News reports that passengers may notice more swabbing of passengers’ hands and luggage to test for explosives. It is highly likely that the agencies book policy will be a part of these new strategies.

Another change making its way to your local airport includes the implementation of biometrics. A writer with Yahoo Finance discusses the new policies on display during a recent demonstration at Washington’s National Airport.

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1 comment to New Invasive Measures Are Coming To Your Local Airport

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Perhaps when the exchange-value of silver, has reached the point where 5 ounces will “buy” a brand new, fully loaded pickup truck, we won’t have to deal with airport security measures because all of us silver stackers, will just call up for a private, charter flight for a few grams, or perhaps an ounce of silver.

    When I found the articles about being able to buy used, fully functioning Boeing 777’s, for less than $8 million (original prices were over $200 million… that’s a 97% discount from the original price), it really shocked me… seat more than 200 people (or was it 300?).
    That’s cheaper than buying a new 8-12 seat aircraft, including private business jets.

    Freakin’ amazing. Of course, the annual maintenance, inspections, certifications, etc, is probably over a million bucks per year, it still shocked me.

    My childhood dreams of owning my own plane, really got flushed down the toilet when I learned that a nice 8-12 seat plane, (either turboprops, twin turbos, or private jet), needs new paint every 7-11 years and the price is usually more than $60k. OUCH.

    One of the 10-seater planes that I like, needs the annual cockpit navigational electronics warranty package that costs $40,000 every year, or your entire cockpit systems will die and cost you $500k or higher to replace and certify it. Hangar costs, fuel fees (about $300 per hour of flying time for fuel), and the cost of a certified pilot, etc… even a propeller for a 5-bladed turbo prop, is about $60k-$100k. I would have thought, perhaps $5000 for a propeller. Hahaha.. boy was I way outta the ballpark.

    So, even if somebody GAVE you any plane you desired as a free gift, but you had to pay all the upkeep and certifications on it? Ain’t no way it’s gonna happen.

    So it would just be cheaper to buy a ticket and enjoy the ride.

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