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MASSIVE CENTRAL BANK ASSET PURCHASES: Last Ditch Effort To Save Economy & Cap Gold Price

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The Central banks bought a staggering $1.5 trillion in assets in the first five months of the year to keep the economy from imploding while at the same time, capping the gold price. Yes, it’s true…. $300 billion a month of Central bank asset purchases pushes up STOCK, BOND and REAL ESTATE values while it depresses or caps the gold (or silver) price.

The amount of Central bank asset purchases are now reaching insane levels. And they have to. It is the same thing as being a drug addict. Once, someone starts down the road of drug addiction, it takes more and more of the drug to reach the same effect. Thus, when Central banks started purchasing assets to prop up the market, they have to continue, and they have to continue buying even more.

In a previous article, I published this chart showing Central bank asset purchases up until the first four months of 2017:

This chart came from a Zerohedge article that showed the Central banks purchased $1 trillion in assets in just the first four months of 2017, and the total of their balance sheets reached $14.6 trillion. In just five years, Central banks purchased $7 trillion in assets. However, in the first four months of 2017, they ramped it up to $1 trillion. Which means, the Central Bank asset purchases could reach $3.6 trillion annualized in 2017, surpassing half of all official purchases in the past five years.

That’s a lot of PROPPING UP folks…. and it also has totally depressed and capped the gold price. But, not for long.

However, before I get into some really interesting charts on just how crazy things are getting in Central bank land, I would like to share some of my sentiments about what is taking place in the Good ‘ole U.S. of A.

BRAIN DAMAGE & INSANITY Have Taken Root In America

Unfortunately, many Americans are now suffering from increased levels of insanity and brain damage… and it’s only getting worse. That being said, I really can’t blame them. Everyday most Americans, from sunup to sundown, receive a constant flow of Mainstream media advertising and propaganda. And it’s even more damaging for the little tots and kids.

From infancy to adolescence, kids receive a tremendous amount of brainwashing via the TV, I-phone and internet. When a tiny tot is sitting in front of a TV all day watching someone named Sparky the clown telling the child to eat sugar loaded with a smattering of cereal, this is the first step in turning that infant into an attention-deficit hyper-active kid that will not only drive his-her mother and father completely insane, but also all the teachers and public that has to deal with this wonderful child in the future.

As the child grows up, it now needs a lot of sugar or the screaming starts. I know of this first hand when I travel on the road and stop at one of the newer Mega-Travel-Stops on the interstate. Maybe some of you have been into one of these new Mega-Travel-Stops that have RV & Big Truck fuel pumps along with 100 gas pumps for regular cars and trucks.

On a busy travel weekend, I would recommend anyone who hasn’t visited one of these fine establishments, to take a bit of time out of your day… to do so. When you get in there, it can be complete CHAOS. Of course, there are many fully wired adults and lots of screaming kids looking for their junk food fix. I have seen some kids grab bags of chips, take them to their parents standing in line at the checkout counter… and when the parent said no, the kid took the bag and threw it back on the wrong place on the shelf. Many times the bag fell on the floor, and the parent did the RIGHT THING… and ignored it… LOL.

I gather if you apart of the mass exodus of families out of the suburbs on the weekend get-a-way, this may seem normal… the CHAOS, ya know. Basically, these Mega-Travel-Stops are frogs boiling in the water and no one seems to notice, and no one seems to care.

Anyhow… after Americans spend top dollar just to live in a McMansion or some other shoddy built suburban home, with all the bells and whistles, they have to spend even more money to GET AWAY FROM IT ALL during the weekend. Of course, this makes perfect sense when we have gone completely insane.

Think about this for a minute. Many Americans spend 40-60 hours during the week to afford the dream home with white picket fence in the suburbs, located six feet from their neighbor, but as soon as Friday rolls around, they grab the kids, the RV and get out of there AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

So, this is our new economy. Americans working jobs they hate, to buy a house they can’t wait to leave just as soon as the weekend arrives. And all of this is being propped up by massive amount of debt and Central bank asset purchases.

That’s the insanity. Now, let’s discuss the brain damage.

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