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Mainstream media won’t cover the failing socialist nightmare in Venezuela because it exposes the faults of socialism

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The so-called “mainstream media” fails Americans so many ways each and every day, it’s difficult to keep track, and one of those failures involves the lack of coverage of the latest failure of Socialism: Venezuela.

Unless you’re reading, watching and listening to alternative media — which has been all over this story for years — you wouldn’t know, for instance, that the country is starving to death, ordinary citizens can’t even obtain basic foodstuffs and other necessities to live, hospitals don’t have medicines, and the streets of most major cities are filled daily with demonstrators who are clashing with police because they’ve run out of hope.

What’s more, gasoline prices are out of reach for most Venezuelans, when they can even find any, despite the fact that the country has the world’s largest proven oil reserves. (RELATED: Socialism Sucks: Venezuela Runs Out Of Gas, Despite Having The World’s Largest Oil Reserves)

And yet, the mainstream media has barely covered the disaster that is Venezuela, and why? Because most mainstream reporters and editors are big fans of socialism, which is truly head-scratching, given that time and again, it has proven to be an unworkable economic model that always ends in the empowerment of government and impoverishment of the people.

An analysis of the broadcast networks’ Venezuela coverage by the Media Research Center tells the story: Despite the fact that more than 50 people have been killed in clashes with government-aligned forces, inflation will surpass 700 percent and unemployment 25 percent this year alone, “the Big Three evening newscasts have tried to pretend this crisis does not exist, offering virtually no coverage as the situation has deteriorated over the past four years,” the center reported.

The analysis found that between March 2013, following the death of former dictator Hugo Chavez — the man who brought about the socialist “revolution” — through May 29, 2017, ABC, NBC, and CBS only aired 25 stories about Venezuela’s mounting problems, for a grand total of less than 29 minutes of coverage, or around 30 seconds per month during the timeframe studied.

Meanwhile, during the same period, the networks covered about 50,000 other stories on different topics, many of which were likely politically biased (against conservatives) and pro-Obama/Democrats.

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3 comments to Mainstream media won’t cover the failing socialist nightmare in Venezuela because it exposes the faults of socialism

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    My “Venezeula-survival-garden” update=
    Good News / interesting news= …. I had been looking at my kitchen spices, to see what I will TRY to germinate & grow (knowing FULL WELL that US law requires all kitchen spices to be Pasteurized-killed-sterilized)… so I selected both the FENNEL SEEDS & the CELERY SEEDS for the garden.

    Both of those were purchased at discount stores, larger quantity and cost only a dollar. Also knowing that many of those things are imported from China where they don’t give a damn about US laws that reduces their profit margins and they might not be Pasteurizing all those things.

    The CELERY seeds are beginning to sprout & grow (but nothing yet for the Fennel seeds- which are a different “brand”).

    The celery seeds are not even fresh. They are at least 3 years old.

    (Next up, I will plant and see what happens with some MUSTARD SEEDS.)

    I understand that Venezuela has a very good GROWING climate. I hope everybody down there are growing gardens as much as possible and not waiting around the government to save them.

    Another helpful observation. Kentucky Wonder (Pole Beans) are very fast to germinate, sprout and start growing & climbing. I’d suggest getting some of these and planting them near anything for climbing (fences, corn stalks, trellis, etc).

    Sugar Snap Peas also sprout pretty fast, and they are climbers. These are delicious as “pea pods” or let them mature.

    In the grocery store, buying bags of dried beans (Pinto beans, northern Beans, Red-Kidney beans, black beans, etc)… if you didn’t know this, I can tell you that they are SEEDS that grow very well !!! At what garden department can you buy a POUND of bean seeds for a buck or two? None of them are the “climbing varieties”, they are all “bush beans” that are preferred by machine harvesters.

    What’s my point to this information?
    Answer= So that when the time comes and our friends, neighbors & family members desperately call us for advice and help, you can help to educate them to some of the garden seeds they may already have in their kitchen pantry, and that they should start growing their own food to save their ass.

    Most people have potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, and other things in their home, that they can dedicate to the garden. Cut the carrot tops and plant them first in water to resprout them, and I THINK you do the same for the Onion BOTTOMS?

    Cut up those potatoes into sections (at least 1 or 2 eyes per section) and plant them in a trench, hilling up around them as they grow.

    Sprout those (cut in half) sweet potatoes in water, then clip and sprout those “green shoots” in water, and after about a week, they’ll have little roots and can be planted.

    Even rotton tomatoes, squash, etc, have GREAT seeds. Wash off the “seed-slime” because it’s natures sprouting-INHIBITOR, dry them, and then you can plant them. You can often “garbage pick” rotten veggies from stores, restaurants, etc.

    You can “clip” off some tender branches from fruit trees, and root them for planting.
    You can cut off some branches of tomato plants and get them to grow roots (in water) and plant them too.
    Potatoes are harder, because they ROT so fast, so it’s best to root cutting in Sandy Soil (in a pot) and then move them to the garden. (when they rot in water, as I learned, they smell like dead/rotten teeth!) YUCK.

    It’s important to get all these things growing during the 1st year of any “crash”, so that you’ll receive your harvests as soon as possible.
    When our old, stubborn, clueless sheeple are in a panic, then they will finally be more open to helpful advice. It will probably be TOO late for them to buy silver, gold, or other supplies, but if they start growing as many things as possible, then perhaps they’ll make it thru the WORST years (which often happen 2 or 3 years after the initial crash.)
    PS. When sprouting those sweet potato sections, make sure to change the water every 2 or 3 days so it doesn’t become stagnant and kill your plants.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Everybody who is growing a garden, or who will be forced to grow a garden, here is a list you MUST have (and print out a hard copy) of Mother Earth News COMPANION PLANTING GUIDE.

    What things help each other or hinder each other when planted side by side.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Oops. I copied the link for the 3rd and final page of the article, so you’ll have to click back to Page ONE to start at the beginning.

    ( I hope you already figured that out.)

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