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Live-Off-The-Land with These 7 Summer Survival Foods

by Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition:

So, summer is here again, guys and gals. What better time to practice your survival skills? I have mentioned in articles past that it is a good idea to put away all the high-tech gizmos and get back to the basics of doing things to give your practice realism. We’re going to do a few articles that broach that mindset, and this one is the first: how to make dinner when the SHTF…some not-so-obvious sources.

I’m not going to cover what has already been covered, such as methods of fishing and the types of fish to catch. We’re going to utilize a hypothetical framework. You are “under the gun” in a SHTF/the “Road” environment. You can’t stand idly by with a fishing pole carved from a branch, seeking dinner in a relaxed, “On Golden Pond” manner.

While many would turn their nose up to these 7 survival food sources, in a dire emergency, where there is no food, you have to take it where you can get it.

The Crayfish: Let’s do it up, down and dirty, with the “mudbug,” as they’re called in New Orleans, as our first survival food. Yes, he is known by many names, including Crawdad, Crawfish, etc. The crayfish will provide you with ready protein, and also for bait for night fishing later (this on trot lines). Prepare them by boiling them. Throw in some wild garlic or wild onions for a little flavor. You’ll get some protein in the form of meat from the tail, and a little within the front claws. You’ll have to round up a bunch to make a good meal. Best method: find some large rocks in a shallow stream and slowly overturn them little by little. As the cloudy/silty water clears, he’ll usually be sitting there, waiting. One hand place behind him, and when the other is to his front, he’ll move back. You can also use a small dip net if you don’t prefer my method. The big ones lurk in the deeper pools. Eat the meat right after you cook it in a pot. The ones for bait at night keep in a separate container with water in it.

The Frog: yes, those frog legs can be eaten. They can be boiled and peeled, or roasted over a fire. Protein is where you find it.

The Grasshopper: Grasshoppers and other edible insects are packed with protein and can be dried out in the sun, or lightly roasted over a fire.

Cattail roots: This survival food can be boiled and are similar in taste to potatoes, with a more starchy taste to them. They’ll give you some carbs and sugars, to help round out the meal.

Snakes: Yes, high protein in these guys! Gut them, peel off their skin, and put them on a spit…a coat hanger (metal) works great…and then roast them. If not, then slice it up and cook it over a fire. Venomous snakes can be eaten in this manner, as well, but take care when obtaining them. Decapitate the snake by cutting off the head and about 1” behind it. Either bury or burn the head…you wouldn’t want to either step on it or sit on it and be bitten by a dead snake’s head! The snake meat is a little greasy, but hey, you’re eating and he’s not, right?

Trot lines: Set out fishing lines at night, and set them at intervals that enable them to be checked regularly during the night.

Greens: Dandelions (the whole plant), shepherd’s purse, and wild berries you can garner for starters. Make sure you can positively ID them! Don’t survive the SHTF initial event only to poison yourself with something you didn’t recognize! Pine needle tea will give you a supply of Vitamin C…boil it for about 20 minutes in a pot or canteen cup.

We’re going to go more in-depth in future articles but in a SHTF situation, you want to make sure you cook in a fire pit or on a shielded fire. Don’t allow the flames to give you away either day or night. This situation here follows a forage-cook-feed-move/hide method. You’ll have to also take due diligence to clean up your mess so as not to allow others to trail you. This is another reason the fire-pit method is good. When it’s time to put out the fire, do so and then bury it. Practice these skills now so that they will be second nature for you when the time comes that you need them.

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1 comment to Live-Off-The-Land with These 7 Summer Survival Foods

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Sounds like SLIM PICKENS to me. Most of his tips involve water, and crayfish are not so abundant in most places to fill your tummy.

    You’d be better off tossing bits of booze-soaked bread on the ground to pick up all the drunken pigeons and make a meal. Or put french fries (or other food) on a fishing line and go fishing for seagulls. (Illegal because they’re migratory birds, but when the SHTF you’ll not be worried about anything but some yummy for your tummy.)

    How about all the big, fat dogs and cats in the neighborhood? Pitbulls are full of lean, red meat. A 22LR is all you’ll need if you can shoot well.

    I’d say to avoid raccoons with all the diseases they carry, but possums, being mostly immune even from rabies (dogs are 800% more likely to have rabies compared to possums), these ugly creatures are likely to be more disease-free than many other wild critters. They do have very sharp claws and 50 sharp teeth in their mouths. (Possums also will kill rats they find in the possum’s territory, so they’re not all bad.)

    Going fishing (trot line, net, or rod & reel), when everybody within 50 miles will be doing it too? And very few fish supply any needed fats or oils.

    To be 100% honest, if you haven’t stored away enough food and if you are not growing as much food as possible, then you’re not going to survive when the food distribution networks stop working, or if you have no “money” to buy what you need, you’re gonna have to grow it or steal it.

    For all you 100’s of millions who live along the Pacific ocean? You’re already dealing with Fukushima contamination killing sea life and if you happen to catch something that looks healthy and eat it, you still run the risk of getting radiation particles in your system from the contamination your eyes cannot see.

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