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Larry Silverstein said he redesigned WTC 7 a year before 9/11

by Shepard Ambellas,

The CEO of Silverstein Properties, Larry Silverstein himself who was the owner of the World Trade Center when it was destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001, gave a speech in which he admitted to attendees that the new 7 World Trade Center was already designed and planned for in 2000, over a year before the September attacks involving ‘hijacked jet liners’ ever took place.
So why the new design?

At the beginning of the millennium, the infamous New York businessman had lease obligations to pay the Port Authority $120 million dollars a year for a term of 99-years.
Did Silverstein want out?

Silverstien admitted that his lease term seemed like “forever.” So if were were putting 2 and 2 together I would bet so. However, judging by his statement it’s guaranteed in my humble opinion.

“I had to rebuild, like kind, like quality, and I had an obligation to collect the insurance proceeds from the policies because that’s the only place that money could come from, was from the insurance proceeds,” he explained. “[…] when the antennae come down from the top of the North Tower it went right through the facade of 7 World Trade Center and started a fire and by the end of the afternoon the building just collapsed.”
The businessman recounts the attack

“Everybody was moving out of Lower Manhattan,” Silverstein said, appearing to have recounted the day of Sept. 11, 2001, after the planes struck. “Everybody wanted to get out of there. It was as if somebody said ‘if you’re the last one out please turn out the lights,’ it was terrible.”

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