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Know-Nothing Anti-Trump Protesters Completely Humiliated

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

During an anti-Trump protest march in Los Angeles, YouTuber Austen Fletcher exposed the sheer cluelessness of leftists when it came to what they were actually protesting against.

“We’re gonna yell about why we don’t like Trump so he hopefully quits,” joked Fletcher, mimicking the protesters before he spoke to some of them.

One woman holding a placard of Kathy Griffin mock beheading Trump claimed that Griffin “actually spoke for all of us,” to which Fletcher pithily responded, “She didn’t speak for me, that’s not all of us.”

“Basically Trump is working for Putin,” asserted another woman, but when challenged to explain how, all she could say was, “That’s all gonna come out, what did I see concretely, you know, I can’t point to any one thing.”

The theme of Trump being in bed with Putin was a popular one, despite the fact that not a single leftist could present any objective evidence-based argument to prove it.

Another young man asked what he was actually protesting against didn’t even have an answer, merely responding, “Erm, what’s this for?”

“He’s calling for attacks against women, he’s calling for attacks against gays!” screeched another protester.

“Attacks against gays, I haven’t heard anything about that,” responds Fletcher.

The protester then goes silent before stammering, “I don’t have a specific thing like thing that that that that er.”

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