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Inside The Black Community: What They Don’t Tell You!

from Stefan Molyneux:

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1 comment to Inside The Black Community: What They Don’t Tell You!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    For all of us who have lived among such “communities”, I think the word “community” is much too civilized, and even the word “tribe” indicates that a beneficial-BOND exists between the members.

    The only “beneficial bond” that often exists is a bond of anger, looting, entitlement or other negative traits. Even when there is a happy gathering, any little thing can switch the mood instantly to fighting, rioting, shootings & stabbings.

    What’s wrong with the black community?
    Answer= just about everything.

    Just watching Jerry Springer and other TV shows, it’s entertaining to watch all the wild, raw and uncontrolled emotions that is so easily provoked.
    Such a large number of humans, who live their lives based on “emotions of the moment”, rather than logic, planning, and pre-thinking about the consequences that can occur later on down the road.

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