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How New Hampshire is Fighting for Independence

from The Daily Bell:

New Hampshire is in an abusive relationship, according to Carla Gericke, the President of Foundation for New Hampshire Independence. The Uncle Sam won’t let New Hampshire leave; he arrests the citizens for victimless crimes, he overrides the legislature for policy and regulation, and he takes her money.

The state is a net payer of federal taxes, meaning they pay more federal taxes than they get back. When it comes to education alone, New Hampshire gets 30 cents on every dollar back. If the government is meant to be for and by the people, keeping that money local is a step in the right direction towards a more responsive government tailored to the people is serves.

Gericke claims that if New Hampshire became independent, it would be the wealthiest country on Earth per capita. The relationship between New Hampshire and the United States is not beneficial to New Hampshire, and some in the state want to go their own way to form a freer country.

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving, according to Gericke, because he made liberals open to a conversation about secession. In fact, she hopes California will secede first so that New Hampshire can watch and learn. The goal is to become independent without having the tanks roll in from the USA.

Independence is not a strictly libertarian issue either, it is a local issue. In general, it is a positive to have your food come from local sources, to eat at local restaurants, and drink local beer. The closer government gets to the local level, the better it is. Unity on a national scale only creates controversy, violence, and resentment currently among people who don’t agree and shouldn’t have to.

Carla Gericke was once the President of the Free State Project, which seeks to move 20,000 freedom lovers to New Hampshire in order to influence the politics of the relatively small state. The project is based on a paper by Jason Sorens, who said that roughly 20,000 dedicated activists could influence the politics in a region of around a million people. That is why Gericke sees New Hampshire as a natural place to fight for freedom from an oppressive overlord who has grown too large and powerful, violating its own laws about letting states conduct their own business.

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