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How I Vent and Cool My Shipping Containers Cheap!

from homesteadprepper:

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1 comment to How I Vent and Cool My Shipping Containers Cheap!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Excellent little project. I like it.

    I’d consider also putting (at a further distance) a metal window screen to keep out the normal sized flies, bugs, mud-dauber wasps, etc.

    Here’s an “alternative” to consider, is putting cutting the hole to fit a standard window fan of some kind, and always do the “rain shield/awning” on the outside….BUT.. if you mount a Louvered-vent (with CLOSABLE louvers), then you could SHUT the hole when you don’t want it opened!!!

    If there was some way to mount that big squirrel cage blower, on the OUTSIDE, then some portion of the fan-noise would be moved to the outside of the living space. Of course, they did say they’ll be converting to an A/C rig (or even a HEAT PUMP would be better).

    You know, those Motel room heating/cooling units mounted in the wall? That would be ideal.

    I like those steel containers, as they are fire proof, and highly secure, AND, you can easily mount a bunch of solar panels on the roof and it can become an independent off grid structure.

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