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Herd of cows leaps to its death off a 50-meter cliff… is humanity any different?

by Tim Wesley, Natural News:

The quiet Swiss canton of Valais became shrouded in mystery as a herd of cows inexplicably jumped off a cliff which left farming experts baffled. The 50-meter jump killed 12 of the 13 cows. The sole survivor was believed to have landed on top of the others and only suffered a broken jaw.

The mysterious suicide left land owners to think that a predator must have caused the unusual behavior from the cows. The Heren cows were owned by different people and were only grazing together at the pasture owned by a local couple. They were valued at around 20,000 Swiss Francs or an approximately 15,000 British Pounds.

The cows broke through several lines around the pasture before finding themselves on the ridge. “They fell into the void, as though they were forced into it,” said Norbert Terrettaz, president of a farming insurance company.

What makes the local couple’s theory confusing is the fact that cows tend to disperse when faced with a threatening situation. So why they followed each other like sheep and acted like cows pumped with drugs remains to be known.

Are we any different?

If the behavior of these cows are baffling, imagine how perplexing humans are. These cows basically committed suicide maybe as a result of the fight or flight response but mankind is another story.

Take pesticides as an example. Virtually every household uses pyrethroid pesticide, which is a less toxic alternative to older pesticides that have been proven to have detrimental effects to humans. One study found that 70 percent of people in the United States have been exposed, with kids having the most exposure. While specific effects on humans are still unknown, animal studies showed that pyrethroids caused damage to the immune, reproductive, and neurological systems.

If you think that’s scary, imagine actually ingesting poison. A report by the Alliance for Natural Health USA made a shocking discovery that 10 out of 24 breakfast foods, like whole meat and organic bagels contain detectable traces of glyphosate. Glyphosate is an active ingredient in a very popular herbicide called Roundup. The tests also found alarming levels of glyphosate in breakfast staples like eggs and coffee creamers.

Additional scientific studies show that glyphosate residues are very common in the environment, which further raised concerns that they may be present in food. Glyphosate is no laughing matter because the World Health Organization (WHO) classified it as a possible human carcinogen. In fact, it has been linked to several types of cancers, like thyroid, kidney, breast, liver, pancreas, bladder, and myeloid leukemia.

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7 comments to Herd of cows leaps to its death off a 50-meter cliff… is humanity any different?

  • willygroper


    watch your night sky.

  • anon

    “Herd of cows leaps to its death off a 50-meter cliff… is humanity any different?”

    Clearly not. ALL the information anyone requires to KNOW why the world is the way that it is ~ is readily available on the Internet. Yet, how many people KNOW the following:

    #1 The “Society of Jesus” (Jesuits) was created by “Marrano” or “Converso” “Jews” from Spain, in 1540 AD. Secretly-practicing “Jews” gained control of the Vatican!
    #2 Jesuit-trained Adam Weishaupt created the “Order of the Illuminati” (May 1, 1776), in order to HIJACK Speculative Freemasonry FROM THE TOP, for the Rothschilds.
    #3 Mayer Amschel [Bauer] Rothschild became personal financier to William IX of Hesse-Kassel in 1789. A “Jew” was now in control of a GOVERNMENT’S money-supply.
    #4 In 1815 as Napoleon was losing the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan Mayer Rothschild essentially took a controlling position on the London Stock Exchange. In that same year, the British Pound surpassed the French Franc as the reserve currency of Europe.
    #5 In the 1820’s, the Rothschilds became “Bankers to the Vatican”.
    #6 COMMUNISM is a “Jew”-ish creation. It was created by Moses Hess & Karl Marx.
    #7 ZIONISM is a “Jew”-ish creation. Theodor Herzl (1897).
    #8 All the “liberal” causes are “Jew”-ish in origin. Primary among them: Political correctness. (Feminism is also a “Jew”-ish creation. Gloria Steinem, Betty Freidan ~ “Jew”-esses. “Jews” created the NAACP. Do your own investigation, and you’ll see.)
    #9 All of the following are part of the “Jew” World Order AGENDA: “Gun Control”, “Global Warming” – oops! – “Climate Change”, “War on Terror”, “War on Drugs”.

    Still, humanity continues to rush somnambulently over the cliff when all the info. they need is right there at their Iphone fingertips:

    How to bring down the elephant in the room

    Read all comments. Click on all links. Read/view/listen to ALL content.

  • anon

    #10 Dec. 23, 1913, the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Act is quietly passed through Congress while most in Congress have already gone home for Christmas. (“Jew”) Paul WARBURG, of the 16th Century Venetian “Del Banco” family is among the co-creators of the “Federal” “Reserve” (who met in secret on Jekyll Island, GA, in 1910). Wait a sec. What, exactly, is a descendant of a 16TH CENTURY (1500’s) Venetian “Del Banco” family doing co-creating the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” in AMERICA, in 1913? !!

    Good question, huh?

  • anon

    Addendum to item #6, above: 1/4 “Jew” Lenin, and “Jew” Leon Trotsky ~ both FREEMASONS ~ were FINANCED by Western “Jews” Jacob Schiff, and Paul & Max Warburg. The newly formed “Bolshevik” government in 1917 in Russia, was at least 82% “Jew”-ish in composition, with at least 265 of those “Jews” hailing from the Lower East Side of Manhattan!

    Addendum to item #9, above: The House of Saud was placed in power by the ‘City’ of London & MI6. The “28 Pages” blaming SAUDi Arabia for 9/11 is clearly ‘the West’ throwing their PROXY, Saudi Arabia, under the bus, very conveniently, and completely ignoring the TRUTH, which is that the blame for 9/11 rests squarely with the CIA/MOSSAD, as well as the NSA/GCHQ/MI6 ~ the Intel Agencies of ‘the West’.

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