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Hegelian Dialectic: The Bullshit MSM vs The Part-time Bullshit Alternative Media, It’s All in the System

from Rogue Money:

The Wolf has been on a mental leave of absence, totally fed up with the idiocy of folks stuck in a bubble within a bubble, a system within a system courtesy of the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be). Thankfully they are losing control, but the system was established long ago and has a life of it’s own, one that is quite frankly no longer within the total control of the PPPTB. A life that is and has been playing itself out in real time, and for the unaware or the “bubble/system-bound” that isn’t good news. About a year ago ole’ WG penned an article titled “Tired of the Bullshit? Good, It’ Time to Get Dirty & Take the Trash Out…!” Since then the trash has gotten deeper, but only for those that are unprepared. Quick boring literary break:

Hegelianism: Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich |ˈhāgəl| (1770–1831), German philosopher. In Science of Logic (1812–16) he described the three-stage process of dialectical reasoning, on which Marx based his theory of dialectical materialism.

Hegelian Dialectic: an interpretive method in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis).

The reference to “a higher level of truth” in the previous line is curious indeed. Whose truth are we or they speaking of? God’s or someone who thinks they are God? That is an important question, but even more relevant or important would be, how is that “truth” now manifesting itself for those stuck in the contradiction phase (mentioned in the definition), in this case the US Sixpacks? Folks, if you ain’t paying attention with well tuned senses, senses that are hopefully viewing from an “outside-the-box” vantage point, or in this case an outside the bubble/system vantage point, then you are just one of the many uninformed masses taking part in a useless argument. Don’t be sad, you have plenty of friends doing the same thing, hell, even the new Prez seems to be involved. I mean “come-on man,” he actually said on or around June 14th that the US GDP is going to surprise everyone to the upside since the US economy is gaining traction (paraphrasing).

GDP gaining traction? Measured by what sir? Come on Mr. Prez, are you kidding? A frickin’ GDP that counts much of the government debt on the black side of the ledger. I proved many months ago, that the US, based on their own established guidelines, are currently 3rd world material, but we Sixpacks just don’t know it yet. I hope the Prez knows better, if not…….oh well……truthfully it doesn’t matter… the future is set. He is not in control of the economic future, and “that’s a fact Jack!” Are YOU?

The GDP narrative still works, but it will not for long, as other forces are at work. And to prove that point, just note the number of people you know personally who now don’t trust the BLS numbers for the labor markets. The GDP will also soon become a meaningless number for even the most dullard among us. Check this out……

The Public Is Getting Pissed – Ignoring Rule Of Law

The GDP crap will soon take it on the chin in the courtroom of public reality just like the employment numbers, but my guess is only after it’s too late for the average US Sixpack to take corrective measures. The WG wager highlighted further below will add even more color.

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