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by SGT, SGT Report:

The ruling elite of planet earth have been exposed for what they are, for the sick things they do, and for the religious doctrine they practice. Dutch banking whistle blower Ronald Bernard recently revealed that at the highest levels, the elites are Luciferians who practice not only Satanic rituals, but child sacrifice. To say the ways of the elite are “weird” is a VAST understatement. But few You Tubers have done a better job shining a light on the corrupt elite than Jay Myers, His documentaries on the subject are among the best of the best. Subscribe to Jay’s YT channel HERE.

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  • Eric

    Salmon on a plank cooked over an open campfire… out of this world.

    Rich cooked in a wok… not so good.

    The luciferians are on the run.

    Get em!

  • Eric

    This is definitely getting weird.

  • fonestar

    Bitcoin now breaking out of its correction! $2318 to teh moon!

    There’s a guy on Zerohedge pretending to be me now, his handle is “FonestarReturns”. I am cool with that, it’s nice to be thought of and remembered. Looks like a lot of jealous gold bugs are being forced to put down their ignorance and join the crypto revolution. Even at $2300 in 2017 they will still be called “early adopters” in five years when most people will only dream of having a net worth of 1 BTC.

    • Eric

      They were working in a fish market. Their job was to “trade” fish.

      All day long the price would change dramatically, the action was fast and furious. Buying and selling, selling, buying, etc. Making and losing large sums of money.
      “There was a great speculation, and the price of fish rose to levels that did not justify fundamentals. Eventually, the market collapsed, and our new trader found himself long way too many cans of sardines. The man was hungry so he opened one of the fish containers he had been trading and took a bite. “Hey”, he exclaimed, “these fish are rotten!”.

      “Those aren’t eating sardines”, his friend explained, “they are TRADING sardines.”

      “This is the stuff of bubbles. No doubt about it.”

      • Ed_B

        [email protected]… trading vs. real… great analogy! 😀

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