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by SGT, SGT Report:

Earlier this evening Ethereum hit $350 on – and a new report from Andrew Maguire via King World News suggests a momentous event in the gold market is only 26 days away, which begs the question, as the cryptos continue to soar is a gold and silver price explosion coming next?

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 5.48.39 PM.png

In this must hear interview with King World News Andrew Maguire describes how the criminal activity on the Comex is leading to a market event in which PHYSICAL gold will be sorely lacking for those who stand for delivery. Maguire claims that a “major event” will occur in just 26 days – an event that Maguire claims will send the gold price far higher.

Listen to the interview for yourself here:

Andrew Maguire – Major Event To Create Massive Gold Price Surge In 26 Days!

Back to Ethereum. The price action in the second most desired (by market cap) crypto has been on an absolute tear in recent weeks, up more than 200 percent in just the past month alone.

Adding to the excitement in the ETH story is the astounding fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin recently met to discuss the ETH technology.

According to Bllomberg, Like other central banks, the Russian one is testing blockchain technology: Last year, a consortium of large Russian banks it formed for the purpose processed the first transactions through the Etherium platform. With Putin’s support, which means everything in today’s Russia, the central bank, run by Putin favorite Elvira Nabiullina, can more aggressively move the country’s financial sector to the blockchain.

You should read the entire article, A Vast Blockchain Experiment Could Change Russia, here:

As the cryptocurrency story continues to unfold, and Ethereum closes in on Bitcoin for the title of world’s most valuable crypto, a quote from my recent interview with web bot creator Clif High comes to mind:

Enjoy your crypto ride, you’re going to have a lot of fun.”

CRYPTOS VS. BANKERS [& The Bankers Are Losing] — Clif High



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  • glitter 1

    “Be right and sit tight”- Jesse Livermore

    Lock And Load!

    • SGT

      I’ve been thinking of that quote as it relates to gold, silver AND cryptos…!

      • thinking outside the matrix

        The Elite Created Bitcoin and are very involved in Etherum. Elite hate gold bc it restrains them from creating the type of technological society used to enslave the masses. Cheap silver is the source of cheap technology. I’ve been saying this for years. I got out of PM in 2013 when I saw the manipulation was extremely obvious. Higher volume of buying followed by lower prices does not make sense.

        The Cryptos will continue to go up bc the Elite want the people to willfully go into cryptos. People keep saying Cryptos and Gold are the twin destroyers of the Banking cartel but I don’t think so. People don’t understand the way we see crypto now is not how it will be used in the future. In the future we will be most likely issued a Crypto wallet so the government can see who sending what funds and where those funds are headed. This will all be done in the name of fighting the war on terror. Pretty obvious in my eyes. Like I said, I figured this out a long time ago and loaded up on the crypto. Now its funny to see that people still can’t figure out they are being methodically herded into crypto. Just look at the people that where holding Bitcoins early: Blyth Masters, Daniel Masters, Tim Drapper, Newt Genrich, Rick Perry Campaign, Patrick Burns Ceo of overstock, Richard Branson, Goldman Sacks, Larry Summers, ect…. The list goes on for the government and corporate insiders. Plenty of mainstream banks were involved early. Banks have not done anything to stop the rise but seemed to be putting a lot money into the early phases of Crypto technology. We all know know that it is the Bankers wet dream to have a digital currency by 2018. It appears that governments around the world seem to be giving cryptos a free pass. Cryptos can be easily destroyed by destroying the exchanges. Without having exchanges it would be very hard to determine the volume and the value on the black market. I can think of about 10 other ways to totally destroy cryptos, but trust me that’s not what the Elite want. The want get rid of CASH!
        The NSA has been working on Bitcoin like technology at least since 1996
        My old video: Saying how the elite will herd us into Cryptos

        • glitter 1

          I generally support your thesis that most likely the cryptos are a PTB construct,directly or indirectly because logic dictates that they are planning the elimination of cash and substituting it with electronic/digital currency,it may be Bitcoin and/or Ethereum or eventually something similar.As you said,the masses are being herded into the acceptance of digital money.So, anything that promotes a digital currency supports TPTB future plan,after all why else would the Globalist Construct UN announce the endorsement of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
          The main hindrance I see in gaining wide acceptance is the technology itself.The older generation/Baby Boomers are not that tech savvy for the most part,however the Millennials are and will run headlong into the trap that it is.The Cryptos will be promoted/pushed and yes some will make allot of money,that’s the hook/draw right now,however at the time of TPTB choosing the trap will snap shut and there will be no turning back.It’s all about Control and loss of anonymity.Cash equals anonymity,freedom,liberty,Digital Currency will eliminate those virtues.I’m a Gold and Silver proponent and am of the opinion that they are real money and will always be.Logic dictates they will reassert themselves as such,not a question of if only when and I’m all in.
          I don’t use E-ZPass,still use change at tolls and still pay my bills with a check with a stamp sent through the USPS.

  • mike

    If you have just 1 btc you will be one of the .00000001%’ers in the future.

    ETH it is not possible to hold onto a high price…Doesn’t mean it won’t up a lot from here but it’s fundamentals do not support
    a sustained future high price, it is riding on the back of BTC. BTC unlike ETH,Gold,Silver ,Platinum etc is the only money on Earth that is Limited (ETH,PMs are mined and distributed to market demand and are unlimited in supply) . BTC is not only truly limited in quantity but unlimited at the same time due to it’s infinite divisibility. In the future it will be the finest, most available deflationary money ever conceived by man.

    Not knocking ETC and it has it’s place but it is not money and not BTC!

    I would still be careful sean about touting any of this stuff.

  • JC

    My brother has been ribbing me to buy ETH for a couple of months, so I finally did at a little over $300 this morning to get a little skin in the game. I was laughing to see it up 15% from there. I think the PTB are pumping this thing to overtake Bitcoin and make it more sexy, so I think it goes beyond well beyond $1,000 eventually.

    Let’s hope Andrew Maguire is right – that’s a big call to make and one I hope is true!

  • videoctr

    I found a bunch of videos on blockchain technology, MIT. Thought I would share this.

  • ecobel

    Andrew Maguire has had so many false “game changers” that only you would listen to him and wait for another one!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Eric’s question got me thinking, about how much it costs to mine a single GRAM of gold.

    There are times I’ve read that the cost to mine $1200 worth of gold, can be nearly $1100… some mines the cost is as little as $500, other mines, behind on their bank payments, even if it costs them $1300 to mine that $1200 worth, they still have to do it (and lose money) just to keep up the payments so they don’t lose ownership of the mine and all the gear.

    So, to mine a single gram of gold (worth about $40), takes about 7 nice, full wheelbarrows full of dirt (one ton of dirt containing 1 gram of gold), would be worth about $5 for each wheel barrow full of dirt (300 pounds of dirt).

    And, the COST of digging it out, costs about $4.50-$5.20 each wheelbarrow.

    How many (or how FEW) of us would be willing to dig and move, 300 pounds of dirt into a wheel barrow, for just fifty cents?

    That means that Las Vegas hookers doing a $50 blow job in just 10 or 20 minutes, is a very highly paid profession. (I have NO idea what the pay-rates are, but I’d guess that it costs more than $50 in Vegas.) I hear you can get the same “service” in Detroit or Chicago, in exchange for a 2 piece chicken dinner or a combo meal at Burger King/McDonalds.

    Location location location.

    • mike

      Craig erik’s question was exceptionally stupid so I don’t even know why you pondered it. Mines use backhoes so one scoop full has a ton or two or ten of dirt that takes all of 15 seconds so you’re looking at 10 tons of dirt moved at 1/100 of a gallon of diesel. Even small mines probably move 100 tons or 200 tons of dirt a day so your labor costs for that one ton are about $0.50. Then chemicals probably cost Maybe $0.10 a ton. So you’re probably really looking at a dollar maybe two tops for that one gram of gold. Now if you’re trying to compare gold to Bitcoin in mining yes you can mine gold by hand and in your lifetime of mining gold with wheel barrels and pickaxes you’ll probably end up with quite a few ounces. But if you try and do enough calculations and solve enough problems with a pen and paper and a calculator you could spend ten thousand lifetimes and never make one Bitcoin

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        @Yes Mike, I have heard a few things about those new fangled, diesel powered heavy machines (since I come from a family that has had more than its fair share of “Operating Engineers”, and I think you’ve heard of that profession.) But I’ve only changed a starter, hydraulic pump and couple other items on a big V12 diesel, heavy machine in my life. My ‘career life’ was inside the car factories of Detroit.

        But since I was making some simplified, down to earth “human” comparisons, most people get it. I think we all know that only the most primitive areas of the most poor people, are the only ones doing things with hand tools. But if you like to point out the obvious, then be my guest.

        I agree that BTC is being chosen by the free market to be used as currency, to supplant the corrupted central bank currency system that has been in control of our world, and I also agree that BTC may very well reach a million “dollars” or higher, but it’s still just a currency and not truly “money”. Just as soon as the free market decides that BTC is not good, it will fall to its intrinsic value of zero, whereas gold and silver, will never fall to zero, even when they learn to manufacture it, it will still have lots of value.

        Just like an F150 is manufactured, but has plenty of value. BTC consumes electrical energy & computing power to come up with the digits, it only has value as platform for exchanging ideas or products, and I think someday, it will not have anymore market value as a currency.

        I’d like to grab some at this time, (along with ether and others) to ride the wave, but as waves always do, there is likely to be a crash at some point in time. But I do think that BTC will enjoy becoming a Tsunami around the world, but not many things continue on forever.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          PS… my “mining cost” estimates,, was NOT for “labour”, but was the “all in costs” as quoted by the likes of Kieth Nuemeyer, David Morgan and other mining experts whose life’s works involves known the full accounting of mining, from finding and digging the dirt, to crushing and processing. And yes, 10’s of tons, hundreds and thousands of tons get moved every hour.

          Today’s “all in costs” for mining that ounce of “limitless gold” is very near to the spot price.

          It’s like trying to figure out the “all in costs” of getting married. Women are a dime a dozen, but once you sign the lease, there are all kinds of hidden costs, to your bank account and to your sanity.

          The pay-offs cannot always be calculated in dollar terms either. There are benefits and penalties that are never “on the books”.

          Sometimes you get a good rich mine, and other times you just get a gold digger and an empty hole and worthless “rocks in her head”.

  • silentp rick

    yes gold is next to 350$ !

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