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Trump Has Been Handed a Bag of Nails, a Hammer and a Coffin With Hillary’s Name On It

by Matt, SGTReport:

The Presidential debate prior to the election was a lively affair. Candidate Trump seemed to ‘get’ what most Americans were thinking. At the very top of his agenda was the promise that he’d drain the swamp and hire a ‘special prosecutor’ to look into Hillary Clinton’s crimes because ‘she’d be in jail’.

Much of the alternative media rallied behind him because it seemed someone was finally listening to valid concerns about the growing criminal class in Washington. Somebody was finally willing to challenge the deep state.

Fast forward a few months with Goldman Sachs still running things and new arms deals with the Saudis and things look remarkably the same in many areas.

The promise to try and jail Hillary really resonated with those trying to expose corruption. Perhaps you thought there was enough evidence around her already for a criminal charge. From shady Uranium deals, innumerable dead bodies, pay to play Ambassadorships, hiring violent leftists to disrupt peaceful rallies, a lady Rothschild friendship to a penchant for visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s island, you’d think this treasure trove of corruption stories might break into the mainstream opinion of both the media, the judiciary and the public. There are many things that an average voter can dismiss in their minds as they cast a ballot though.

A dead body isn’t one of them.

The Seth Rich story has explosive implications and more just keep coming. Here’s the back story.

Seth Rich was a DNC staffer who prior to the election gave wikileaks over 44,000 emails relating to the internal workings of the DNC. Malfeasance and outright corruption thus were exposed to the world. Along with the fact that they have members who sacrifice chickens to Molloch.

Seth was disgusted ‘the corruption of the Clinton foundation’, you can surmise from a Craig Murray interview and it rigging the primary for Hillary. He met Murray in a wooded area near American University in D.C. to hand over DNC emails.

Wikileaks published the DNC emails on 22nd July 2016. Seth was shot on July 10th 2016. some 12 days prior to their publishing but a month or so after the hack was revealed. The leaks led to the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other staffers

Seth left Lou’s City bar gone 1am on July 10th 2016. He briefly spoke to his girlfriend and was shot in the back around 4.20am according to sound recordings. He was taken to hospital after having been found ‘conscious and breathing’ where very recently we learned that he seemed to be doing OK. It was a robbery apparently. Nothing taken though. No wallet, watch, credit cards or cellphone. All found on him.

Very recently an anonymous source on 4chan gave the rather explosive evidence that he was there the night Seth was brought in and his gunshot wounds were not fatal. He was treated for a small injury before being moved to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where he had a transfusion and described as stable. They are claiming that after 8 hours the place was swarmed by law enforcement and described the whole thing as ‘fishy’, specifically stating that all the doctors were ushered away and only the attending physician was allowed access to the VIP. No resuscitation equipment was ever asked for either.

The murderer has never been found and this appears to be because nobody has looked. Liz Crokin seems to have done more than the cops and actually talked to some people. Most notably, a manager is implying that the police never talked to bar staff or took the CCTV of the fateful night. Some murder inquiry that.

More recently Kim Dotcom has come forward and confirmed that he worked with Seth and knows Seth was the wikileaks source. Right now, as of this moment the MSM is convinced this is a right wing ‘fake news’ story. Article after article is claiming the Russians interfered in the election and a response is needed. How can this be? The evidence is overwhelming. Julian Assange, the publisher of the material alludes it was Rich. Craig Murray, the UK ambassador to Uzbekistan says he met the leaker and it wasn’t the Russians. Now Kim Dotcom is confirming he knew it was Seth Rich. All the people who are connected to the source are saying it was Seth Rich. The media, the exact opposite.

This seems relevant. There is an enormous disconnect between the source of the leaks and state institutions as well as the MSM.

Type ‘Seth Rich murder’ into google and it seems to only list the articles debunking conspiracy claims. The evidence presented by these articles is flimsy. Again, the VERY SOURCE of the allegations are saying it was Seth Rich.

An anonymous source at 4chan (be careful) has recently made the claim that this latest revelation has sparked ‘near panic at the top levels of the DNC.

In an instant an entire Deep State narrative has just crumbled. Russia did not hack any elections or try to influence the American public.

The interesting part now is the direction this story takes. You have a dead body. Connections to the highest levels of the DNC. A shoddy murder inquiry and revelations that completely decimate the official narrative of those seeking power. Rod Wheeler, the private investigator claims that sources have looked him straight in the eye and told him they were told to stand down on this case. Brad Bauman, a ‘strategic communications consultant’ to democratic candidates (where’s your paycheck from Brad?) is spokesman for the family. All this stinks to high heaven.

Trump should weigh in. If all his talk before the election, wasn’t just that, talk, then he is quite capable overseeing the start of a proper investigation.

If he doesn’t then you have to seriously question his commitment to draining the swamp.

There are many things that Trump could do. If Obama can get IRS audits of Tea Party members and the justice department to jail Dinesh D’Souza then Trump is perfectly capable of giving his blessing to the police to do a full criminal investigation.

Pull them all in. Podesta, the lot. He nicely emailed that the leaker should be made an example of. How could he not be treated as a suspect?

Trump has just got back from the Middle East and Europe so I can forgive him a few days for jet-lag but he should ‘get a grip’ of this story promptly.

This story has all the components needed take down the DNC and cripple the campaign for decades. As the title alludes to, Trump has just been handed a huge bag of nails, a MASSIVE hammer and Hillary’s coffin. Time to put her in it.


The Truth About Seth Rich | The DNC/Wikileaks Scandal

Seth Rich BOMBSHELLS Will Bring Hillary & Podesta To Their Knees

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6 comments to Trump Has Been Handed a Bag of Nails, a Hammer and a Coffin With Hillary’s Name On It

  • F16hoser

    It’s time to Dismantle the Clinton Crime Family and send them all to the Gallows. Pay per View Hanging, featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton as the main event.

  • Sergio

    This is a litany of corrupt accusations and underhanded deeds. There is not one major MSM outlet willing to touch this which means they are complicit. Trump is the only one who can clean this mess up. What’s he going to do? Will he hold to his rhetoric or will he be fold?

  • d

    Trump will FOLD, just as the Ringling 3 Ring Circus has…..NO obamacare repeal, NO TAX relief, NO draining the swamp….as the ‘plug’ is in….ALL of his cabinet picks have NOT FIRED THE OBAMA HOLD OVERS…..NONE…..30% of EVERY alphabet dept. needs to be fired….imho

  • Timco

    These articles are getting so ridiculous I’m about to give up on reading. It’s obvious the authors are only using youtube to pay their bills. There is nothing of value, SGT being the exception. What a wasteland. No wonder add revenue is drying up.

  • RGR 777

    keep up the fire …the beast is eating its tail … and soon it will consume its self … You know …there is nothing better than watching your enemy face such despair …that his only solution is to kill himself ..and the best of all is to watch him cut his own throat… with his own knife …to me that as a solider that is total and sublime success.

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