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A Silver Stackers Experiment – Do Producers of Real Goods Understand Value?

by Matt, SGT Report:

I’ve made the argument before that if the REAL producers of the world could escape government control of the money then we could live in a much more prosperous world. Goods and services could be transacted without extortion so that producers and consumers could live in peace and prosperity.

In our Republic, the government’s ONLY job (at least as Thomas Jefferson viewed it) is to protect the liberty of the people. A job incidentally, that our current government spectacularly fails at.

Gold and Silver have been money for over 5000 years. People tend to use the term ‘fiat experiment’ to describe the temporary, soon to be extinct, monetary system. But it’s not an experiment. We know what the results will be. Every 40 years or so, Gold reasserts itself as MONEY as the fiat currency implodes (hyperinflates) — and it is a brave (or clueless) man that would bet it’s not going to happen this time.

So back to those REAL producers … and REAL money: PHYSICAL precious metal.

I decided to try a little experiment. I live in a little village. Next to this little village is a slightly larger village. Still with me? Good. That should weed out CNN viewers.

Every Thursday a little farmers market gathers to sell produce that is either homemade or direct from the farmers. No doubt you have one similar near you but every week people who make their own pies, cakes, cheeses and cuts of meat turn up and set out their stalls to sell their collective efforts to those of us not graced with their skill set.

These are the people that are going to be vital to silver stackers in the future. You may have a stack the size of the JPM Morgan building but if you can’t grow potatoes or bake to save your life then you are going to need the skills of other people.

I fit right into this category. So I made the trip to my local farmer’s market recently.

The plan was to visit as many food stalls as possible with some £5 bills and set of ¼ oz Silver coins. I was going to pick something around £5 to purchase from any given producer and offer them two options for payment

1) Some ¼ oz of 999 fine Silver, true historical money for 5000 years.


2) Some plastic printed garbage with the queens head emblazoned across the front accompanied with the word £5 embossed on it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you to take your guesses as to what happened.

Being a future Pulitzer Prize winning journalist I’d done my homework. That very morning I’d learned the spot price of Silver, which was $16.98. Plus VAT and that makes a single ¼ coin worth £4.20 at spot. Apmex will sell you one for around $5.50 spot plus the usual post and packing etc.

Over here you can’t buy one for less than £5.20 or so.

Yet think about what I’m offering here. The Romans used to dish out 1/10 oz of Silver to the their battle soldiers per day. The denarius used to pay a man, for a day, to march and fight in all manner of conditions to uphold the ‘glory of Rome’. The strongest and fittest men were prepared to do this to earn the monetary power that 1/10 oz silver would offer.

I was going to be offering at least 1/5 oz for some fruit.

I’d selected my first target. It was a small stall selling a vast array of pies and cakes. Home-baked and everything looked delicious. I perused for a few moments, finally selecting a steak pie and an egg custard tart. The total price was £4.75. I handed them over to the, as yet, completely unsuspecting stall owner.

I’m paraphrasing here but the conversation went something thus;

Stall Owner: That’ll be £4.75 mate.

Me: Excuse me kind Sir, I have here before me (proudly holding aloft) a five pound note and a ¼ oz fine Silver and wonder which you might prefer as payment?

Stall Owner: You what?

Me: As a fine purveyor of goods I have selected a sample of your most delicious looking produce and now wish to pay. I wonder perchance if you would prefer payment in Silver, historical money since the dawn of our civilization. You can of course take this piece of paper.

Stall owner: I’ll take the fiver. Here’s your change. Thanks for your custom. Come again. Next.

And that was that. No hesitation. No secondary thoughts and no interest (pun intended). He barely paused. It never occurred to him as to why I was asking, nor was there any inquisitiveness on his part. I am preaching to the converted here maybe, but I’d bet that silver coin that the average SGT Report reader would have at least asked as to why I was doing it.

OK. So that guy was selling pies and the production from baking. Maybe this guy, the butcher, would understand real value and be more inquisitive of what he trades for his efforts.


I selected a string of sausages in a two for one deal Total price, £5. Same question. Same result.

My quest was to try all manner of different types of traders of goods. I approached the fruit and veg stand walking casually past the small guard dog gauging the threats from passers by. Having cats, this miniature ‘would be’ Cerberus sensed my preference for an inferior form of pet and scowled profusely.

I selected my favorite fruit, the strawberry and chose a few others to accompany a soon to be delightfully colourful fruit bowl. As before I held aloft the five pound note and the Silver and asked again. Same result, absolutely no hesitation.

The nearest I got was the man selling fish. He at least asked what the thing that wasn’t the £5 note was.

I showed it to him, “So that’s Silver then? That’s the first time I’ve been doing this that someone has offered me Silver for fish”. The guy looked about 50. He took the fiver.

He was inquisitive up to a point. He wondered what I was holding aloft, but no there was no sense that it might develop further into WHY I might be offering it. Although that might have been due to the developing queue of ‘tutting’ people.

I tried all manner of different professions butchers, bakers, fruit, veg, cheese, bread and fish sellers. None of them seem at all interested in exchanging their wares for real money.

I ended up with;
20 sausages, a bowl of fruit, a steak pie, an egg custard tart, some lovely looking cod, a block of cheese, some pork pies and several house bricks of bread, as well as a load of vegetables.

All paid for with paper.


I’m left with a consolidating feeling of what I suspected anyway. That the average person, even those who really work for a living, producing goods and services of REAL value are still completely clueless when it comes to getting payment for their efforts.

Historically at least I was offering two days of labour, crystallized in a metal that has been money for several millennia and nobody was even curious really.

The end of Keynes’ grand masterplan will eventually fail and we are perilously close to the end of it. Eventually these people will work it out with the rest of the citizenry but by then, it could well be too late to preserve their comfy western way of life.

This experiment has had an added bonus though. At the moment I’m the crazy guy with silver. But in the coming monetary catastrophe this type of thinking could well flip. With a collapsing banking system the community food producers could well come to recognize real value when they see it. Don’t think so? Just ask a Venezuelan citizen.

Socialism Nightmare: Venezuelans Now Eating Dogs, Cats and Pigeons to Survive


Thus I may go from being an amusing tale of the ‘guess what happened to me at work today’ variety to someone who they will readily trade with, preferentially in most cases I shouldn’t wonder.

I have to say, as interesting as this was to do I look forward to doing it during a period when the banks aren’t working and the cash machines are having problems. I wonder if I will get the same responses?

Matt is a valued daily contributor to the SGT report news feed, he is also a valued member of team humanity.


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25 comments to A Silver Stackers Experiment – Do Producers of Real Goods Understand Value?

  • Eric

    Good Story.

    “Me: As a fine purveyor of goods I have selected a sample of your most delicious looking produce and now wish to pay. I wonder perchance if you would prefer payment in Silver, historical money since the dawn of our civilization. You can of course take this piece of paper.”

    That’s classic!

    Of course they are still completely clueless. Fiat currencies still work for them and they don’t care or want to know why they shouldn’t until they don’t.

    Do not fret my friends. They will be much more inquisitive of real money when the banks close, debit/credit no longer functions, when their deposits are taken, when the price spikes, when the physical dries up or the premiums increase, when the cognitive dissonance takes over and more people wake up. It doesn’t take everyone.

    Personally I think this is the best time to add a little to the stack if one can do so. Debt Ceiling debate is coming up.

    I bet their heads would have spun if they were offer Bitcoin which is nothing but “rank speculation.”

    The future is REAL money, REAL news, REAL food, REAL everything. But I wonder. I have pigeons in my backyard. How does one catch, clean, and cook a pigeon properly? Can’t be much meat on that thing.

    • Timco

      “The future is REAL money, REAL news, REAL food, REAL everything.” That is exactly what I preach to my 2 young sons. Facebook, video games, twitter etc are not real. How much money would zuckerburg be worth if the frail internet cable stretched across the planet fails? Zip! But the food we have in the basement will fill your belly, and the silver we have in my safe will buy you anything. People are living in a fantasy world that will evaporate like the morning fog.

    • Minuteman

      “The future is REAL money, REAL news, REAL food, REAL everything. But I wonder. I have pigeons in my backyard. How does one catch, clean, and cook a pigeon properly? Can’t be much meat on that thing.”

      Here’s how my grandma did it when times were bad…..she’d soak pieces of bread in alcohol and throw them out for the birds. The birds would eat the bread, get buzzed, and she’d pick them up by hand. Dinner is served.

    • jj

      The author just like the stackers just don’t get it. Time has passed you by. You can say gold and silver are real “money” until you are blue in the face but that does not make it so. You can’t realize their true value unless they are exchanged for a currency. It is very difficult to “barter” with metals, (that is what you are doing), because it is slow and cumbersome. Most people do not want the aggravation. Silver has moved from a monetary based metal to an industrial based commodity where millions of jobs around the planet ate dependent on a low price. 70 to 89% of demand is industrial, manufacturing and retail jewelry. The monetary demand is too small to effect price and this demand can never offset the drop in demand of the above three sectors. Even this demand has been dropping as world trade has been slowing. In addition the amount used in products has been going down because of new technology. Take solar panels. The amount used has gone down every year for ten straight years.
      The idea that metals will replace fiat is simply absurd and shows a lack of understanding of what the true reality of the world is today compared to 5000 years ago. Silver has been one of the biggest scams on the net for years. Everyone who bought over $21 is still under water or have sold and taken their loses. This will not change anytime soon! Those that promote metals have used all sorts of methods to get people to buy like a dollar and Dow collapse, Comex default and bankruptcy, credit freezes, supply chain disruptions, metal shortages so buy now or you will become one of the “sheeple” and of course metals going to the moon. I seen forecast of $200, $600 and even $840 comparing silver to the national debt. It is all nonsense. The stackers need to take a long hard look in the mirror as they in fact have become the sheeple!

      • Craig escaped Detroit

        OK, I take the bait.

        Gold and silver stackers are foolish to think the metals will go up, because we’ve been “under water” for more than 5 years and it will never go back up anytime soon.

        Just like the stock markets are going up higher and higher and won’t go down anytime soon, eh?

        Manufacturing & technical advances allows products to be made with smaller amounts of silver or gold in those products, so demand is going down every year for 10 straight years, just as how the demand for stocks and bonds has been going up for about the same period of time.

        Silver (and gold) are the biggest scams on the net for 10 years (while the stock market and fiat currencies are not?)
        The Dow Jones or Comex, credit markets, etc will NOT ever collapse or freeze, they are the real economy and safe place to be at?

        To use gold or silver as a “barter” and must be exchanged for “currency”, because direct exchange of silver is “cumbersome”, etc.

        Oh boy.
        I think that “jj” downplays the “business cycle” and the economic pendulum of how it swings in a fairly predictable time-frame that produces big drops in the Dow, just about every 7 years, (give or take a couple of years).
        When that “business cycle” rears its ugly head again, after all the Q.E. and other pumping tricks that have been used to prop it up begins to fail, and the DOW goes down the standard amount of declines for a delayed crash, then I think people like “jj” will see something they thought would never happen.

        I’m old enough to remember “bartering/trading” silver metal coins, directly for goods and services, and it was just as swift and easy as handing over paper money. I’ve bought gasoline, food, and paid bills with silver metal, and people accepted it without question.

        Saying that silver prices of $200, $600 or $840 is nonsense, I’d say that pieces of colorful paper having real value is the nonsense.

        The real world, certainly has shortages of PM’s and a super abundance of fiats. One need only to look at Venezuela, Zimbabwe, to discover the truth.

        When the world of fiats, (The “Federal Reserve Bank”, Pounds, Yen, Yuan, Euro, etc.) and their financial stock markets, etc, are crashing (business cycle again), that’s when real commodities such as food, hard goods, and PM’s will climb very high compared to the amount of “currency” that is needed to “purchase” them.
        Cumbersome? How about carrying a back pack full of “paper currency” to purchase a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs?
        When at the same time, just 1 ounce of silver will buy more than 3-6 months worth of food.

        That’s happening today, in the world’s richest OIL nation that also used to be the most wealthy nation on their continent…(Venezuela).

        Which 2 nations have the world’s BEST performing stock markets? (Answer= Zimbabwe & Venezuela).

        So, just keep believing your particular truth and ignore all the data that conflicts with your conclusions.
        I’ll bet you may not even have a garden, or 6 months of food stacked at home either.
        But at least you do read the stories here at SGT, and if world events should turn nasty and you suddenly decide to prep your buns off, at least you’ve been reading plenty of articles about the right things to get done in a bad situation.
        Good luck to you after the business cycle has destroyed the financial systems, fiats, credit, etc.

    • Ed_B


      “How does one catch, clean, and cook a pigeon properly? Can’t be much meat on that thing.”

      That’s easy. Just build yourself a box-trap, using a box, a stick of wood to hold it open, and a long string to your hiding place, and some bait such as cracked corn or rolled oats. When a pigeon comes for the food, pull the string, the box drops over the bird, and you can run your hand and forearm under the edge of the slightly lifted box to grab a bird. Haul him out, snap his neck, pluck off his feathers, gut, wash, and roast over a fire. Two of these is a decent meal for a man, 1 for smaller folks. Birds this size have large breasts to power their wings, so there is more meat there than seems to be the case. I used to hunt pigeons, quail, doves, and pheasants. doves are pretty small and not worth hunting unless one is starving but the rest can provide some much needed protein. Pheasants are chicken-sized birds so are the best of these as far as the amount of meat per bird goes. Ducks, grouse, and geese are also great eating birds. In most places it is not legal to hunt these with a .22 rifle but where it is or after the SHTF, that is the best way to hunt them.

  • Craig escaped Detroit

    How things will change, in an instant just AFTER the paper money is worth less than toilet tissue.

    Everybody who was ever confronted with real gold or silver, will remember how they passed up the metals. When they are desperate for some silver, gold or food, they will know the true value of a silver coin. (That is, if they are still alive.)

    I was just reading, about different ONION SEEDS. Some websites tell you if those plants are resistant to fungus, rot, pests, and if the crops are short term or long term STORAGE. Some onions are good, only for a month or two in your pantry, while others, can still be good after 6-8 months.

    You can also learn if certain crops are good for the cooler latitudes or warmer ones.
    I bring this up, to keep you thinking not just about your future garden, but if you grow the right VARIETY of things, they will grow better in your climate AND they will still be good to eat while you wait for winter to be over and you can have your new crop started and nearly harvested before you old harvest has rotted in your kitchen.

    • Ed_B

      Great point @Craig

      I found out that acorn squash is one of the best veggies for storage that one can have. They will literally last for 6-8 months if kept cool and dry. That is some serious food storage capacity and is probably about the best of any squash. I love the crookneck squash but they are short-term items only. Keeping them beyond about 6 weeks is a real problem. Potatoes are good for storage, especially the red potatoes. They are hard and take longer to cook but they will last longer than other potatoes when stored. Yukon Gold potatoes are delicious, especially fried, but only last for about 3 months in storage. I like to grow some of each, eating the golds first and then the reds. That way, I can have garden potatoes for at least 6 months. I haven’t tried canning any garden veggies but have seen recipes for canning potatoes so they will last for a couple of years. That could come in real handy during hard times.

  • dcm

    Were did the Warren Pollock interview by USA watchdog go ? It was on the front page of this blog this am-

  • dcm

    I found it all the way back on page 5 listed after many others much older – guess it is of no value to this site or its readers —

  • Hi MaTT
    I suggest if you walk around with silver after hyper-inflation hits,perhaps you should bring along a friend. Preferably a big friend. With a club maybe.
    It’s going to be a strange time.
    Have a good one.

    • Rdawg

      I have a big friend. First name is Sig. Last name Sauer. I just use the nickname “P227”.

      • Ed_B

        lol @Rdawg

        That’s a great friend to have with you in a pinch. I like to take two friends with me, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. Forget dialing 911 when you are in real trouble. Dial 357 instead.
        This is entirely connected to the saying, “When death or severe bodily harm is imminent, the police are only MINUTES away”. That’s all fine and dandy IF one has those minutes. In the real world, people seldom have the luxury of that much time before things turn deadly.

  • glitter 1

    When the division of labor collapses it will become obvious very quickly who possesses the appropriate skills necessary to survive.

  • PTS

    Thanks Matt,

    Enjoyed your story over this morning’s cup of coffee.

    • AgShaman

      Same here, coffee + anecdote = enjoyment…takes us back down memory lane in a good proper stacker’s kinda way.

      The “Herd” is locked into a fear based matrix and their public school indoctrination has programmed them to view stackers as similar to heretics. Strange that people would rather allow themselves to be dumbed down and played by extortionist bank-stars when a bit of inquisitiveness could’ve prevented such things. Humans are forever on the cusp of an ‘Inquisition’, Hyper-inflationary event, or some such man made cataclysmic event by purposeful design as per the fear based matrix doctrine.

      Get ready for Bartertown by having more things to barter. Skills is also a currency unto itself. Only a small percentage of the ‘herd’ will be able to break free of their programming…when that happens, they will be ready to “deal” with stackers in some kind of way

  • Petedivine

    I have several family members in Venezuela. The Venezuelans I know save their wealth in Dollars and there is heavy speculation in cryptos especially among the younger people. I’ve always advocated PMs to my Venezuelan friends and family, but there is very little interest in precious metals at least for the moment.

    • Craig escaped Detroit

      @Pete, yes, people in many many countries, fall back on using the USA dollar as their ‘safe haven’ and for transacting. The world has been so well brainwashed into accepting the American dollar, that they will be in total denial and shock when the US dollar crashes and their ‘safe haven’ has fallen to zero.

      That’s the moment, when nothing else is standing, that the PM’s will fly (and probably also lift the cyrpto currencies to amazing heights too.)

      Smart people get ahead of the curve, and slow people are always behind the curve.
      My ex-girlfriend lives in Eastern Europe (Lithuania), and for decades, that region (pretty much the entire planet), has always relied on US dollars as the best “money”. They now have the “Euro”.
      The last time I saw her, I gave her 5 ounces of silver, she liked it, but it won’t hit her until the day those 5 ounces are worth a round trip ticket to the USA, or can buy 12 months of food. That’s the day she will understand what I used to try to teach her.

      She should have understood it well enough, because she lived through the Soviet era of using Russian Roubles, then her country became independent and issued their own currency, but after few years, it died and they issued another new currency that was good until they adopted the Euro a few years ago. But she dumped me anyway. We’re the same age, so it’s not that. But I am older, heavier, and she thought my financial data was a bit crazy, perhaps she thought I was stupid.

      But the main stream media, government and banks, do a great job of keeping the sheeple very ignorant. She’s got about $100k of US money in Fidelity (DOW), and she feels very confident.
      When she decided I was not good enough, I dropped all communications because I know when to walk away. But it will be a bit funny, when the DOW crashes (70-90%) and her money is all gone, and those 5 ounces I gave her will help her to remember my words.

      Her house was nice (far better than my double-wide), but none of that will matter when you’re starving, your money has no power, no jobs, etc. I’m a bit sad for her, that she was not able to see things clearly until her tits are in the wringer.
      For those us you who DON’T know what a “WRINGER washing machine is”… here are some photos.

      It squeezes out the water before you dry them on the outside “line-rope”. (also used to squeeze out the soapy water before you rinse them.)

      I’m enjoying keeping my mouth shut until the day the DOW crashes. Then if I hear from her, she’ll be ready to hear about it. Until that day, she’s a cocky bitch. I’m kinda gonna enjoy when she’s a bitch without a sandwich. Haha.

      • Petedivine

        Great reply..when things get real you’ll have to update us on the ex-girlfriend situation. I’d find it satisfying if she comes crawling back looking for “love”. I suspect we’ll all have ex-girlfriends, family, and friends crawling out of the woodwork before too long. The U.S. situation on the domestic and global fronts appear fragile. Events are changing rapidly and appear more chaotic.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          I agree with you that we (silver stackers & preppers alike) will be experiencing (unwanted) attention from idiot sheeple as if we are the “Wizards of EBT Oz”.

          Plenty of “ladies” always think they use their “back up plan” (the magic vagina coin) to get them through anything at all. They get cocky, and when they’ve got some money in their bank, they can forget to be nice to people. The funny thing is… when silver goes wildy high, and the fiats are sunk, I think the silver “millionaires” will not waste time on overly mature “MILFS”, but we’ll be looking only that the most “prime beef” in the 25-35yr age range. Since too many females of all ages can be so self-centered, pain in the rears, then we might as well be playing with the most sexy, attractive ones out there.

          Old ladies are as much “gold diggers” as the young ones, but the younger ones just look a whole lot better. And those “ladies” with a couple of kids “in tow”? They can forget it. I don’t care to play “daddy” or Santa Claus to somebody else’s parasites.

          The garden that I’ve got growing right now, I’ll NOT be harvesting everything because I want to let MOST things grow to harvest the SEEDS, for myself AND to have extras to give away to those who have a chance to make it thru the “Venezuela situation” right here in the USA.
          Some things that store really well, as well as some things that grow really fast for quick eating. High calorie foods will be most important. Starchy-carbs. Permanent foods also are important, not limited to the fruit/nut trees either.

          Scallions & walking onions, sunchokes, asparagus, kiwi vines, grapes, and things that “re-seed” themselves.
          It may be a life saving gift, to have some 5 gallon buckets prepped full with rice, beans, and other things, along with some emergency garden seeds, and even perhaps a gardening pamphlet of DIY. But here’s the BAD part. Give anybody a bite to eat, and they’ll be back with their guns as soon as the bucket is empty and their garden has failed or been stolen.
          Having your own spare 5 gal bucket, BURIED in the yard, sealed up good, may be all that’s left if a fire, storm, or gangs take away everything above ground.

          That reminds me, I’d better get to work and string up a strand of barbed wire on the top of my fence.

          I’ve installed fence top insulators for stringing up electric wire, but I’ll be using barbed wire to carry the current. Bought a couple rolls (enough to do a line around my 5 acres) last summer. Got about 5 short rolls of razor wire in the shed. They aren’t all that long, but if just enough to protect a solar array, garden area, etc. I’ll decide where to put it if and when the situation requires it.

          I’d advise everybody, to get all their medical work and home or car repairs finished in the next few months. The sooner the better. Glasses, operations, dental work, and to stock up on all the meds you may require in advance. For those meds that will run out in less than 6 months, you’d be well advised to research what kind of naturual treatments may sustain you and your family members.

          Here’s a tip that only SOME of you will find useful. Pick up one of those ELECTRIC chain saws with the 12-14″ blade on it, and one of those 1000w or 1500w inverters (converts 12vdc into 120vac), and a LONG extension cord (preferrably the 12ga wire so you can use this chord for bigger stuff.)
          Some heavy duty 12v cables to connect your inverter to your (running) car battery.. and then you can operate you (nearly silent) chain saw. Just drive your car near the trees or wood pile, plug in, and cut without making much noise.

          If you had some heavy duty rope or perhaps 1/4″ steel cable, grappling hook or other stuff, you could tie it up in the tree that leans the wrong way, either winch it, or pull it with your car, or other thing, and force that wrong way tree, to fall more the right way. Pre-trimming all the branches that are on the wrong side (to shift the weight) may also help. Tree cutting should always be considered dangerous and unpredictable.

          In my region, I cannot use any of the common oak or pine trees as outdoor wood or fence posts, because these varieties rot VERY fast. But I don’t know about the magnolia tree wood…I’ll have to research it.

          Whether we have 3 more good months, or three more good years… we all see the signs of big trouble coming soon. I tend to agree with all the people who see trouble happening before Christmas. If it gets delayed longer? Just more time to get things prepared better.

      • Ed_B


        That was very kind of you to give her 5 ozs. of silver but I would not count on her still having it. Those who don’t appreciate silver but who get some given to them rarely keep it past their 1st chance to sell it for “real spending money”. Sad but true. 🙁

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          @Ed, Yes, you are 100% correct that people without understanding of what’s about to happen to their fiat money, will be selling their silver when it hits one hundred bucks, or even $50 per ounce.

          They’ll enjoy some extra spending money, or pay one or three bills and feel very good for about one month or less. But just as soon as the “price” of silver doubles and triples again, all those people will really be angry at themselves and they will begin to remember the words words that they ignored. They will not remember everything they were told, because they were tuning it out as it was being spoken. They insulated themselves from such nonsense.

          But when the “price” of silver hits $300-$500 those sheeple who sold every last bit of their gold and silver, will start to panic when a week’s worth of groceries for one person costs $500-$1000. That’s the point where the game is finished. IT’ll be “Venezuela Time” for them and for their entire nation.

          That same woman, in her small back yard, she had a small garden plot (about 6ft X 8ft), a few “currant bushes and one dwarf fruit tree”, but the important thing, is that she had a superbly nice REAL greenhouse (about 12ft X 16ft), all glass! But she was talking about SELLING it because she could get from $7k-$10k for it.

          I advised her to keep it, (but of course, since she made up her mind that I was an idiot, I think my words just increased her desire to be rid of it to free up some useless space in her yard. If she was not successful in selling it, then the day will come that it will be her most cherished possession.

          I’ve got an old GM factory buddy, who believes 100% in his stock market mutual funds and refuses to sell a single share because “it always recovers and comes back up”. He is gonna ride it all the way down because he thinks it will never go down, by anymore than 10-20% for a few months. He is corralled by the fact that he’d have to pay “Capital gains” taxes upon selling. He does own about 200 ounces of silver that he bought at about $14/ ounce, but I can tell you, he hates his silver ‘investment’ and prefers the little dividends he gets from his $300-500k mutual fund portfolio. The corral is strong.

          I predict that he will sell all his silver when it hits about $100 (at the same time his mutual fund shares are going down in price— he will see the stock drop as a “On SALE” opportunity), and he will use nearly all of his silver “gains” to purchase more of his reliable mutual fund shares!!! He will feel very proud of himself of having purchased a big chunk of stocks at bargain prices, and he will be confident that his future is well protected and ready to grow more rich.

          His “uh OH!” moment will come after his shares keep falling another 50% lower and his $100 silver (long gone), will now be pushing $500 or higher as the prices of food, gas, etc are also doubling-tripling-quintupling, etc.

          He’s confident with his 50 rounds of slugs and buckshot (and perhaps a single box of birdshot) for his 12ga. He has a Ruger 10-22, but no more than about 500 rounds for it. He’s been talking these last 4 years about getting a handgun, but keeps putting it off to find the perfect model- his dream “Sig-Sauer”. But even a cheap, crappy anything is better than a dream-nothing.
          And get this… he lives in FLINT, Michigan! Small back yard, bad water, and too many african gangsters-thugs-idiots. When the EBT system crashes, every welfare city is gonna be Grand Central Station for the “Train of Death”.

          He’s got no bugout plan, no 2nd location. He does have a good pickup truck (about 50k miles on it), but NO trailer of any kind to load and go. Even if he had a little 8ft trailer, he’s got nowhere to haul it. He thinks his GM pension will never go away. He has not stocked up his pantry with anymore than his normal 2 week supply, and no spare water beyond his normal 4-6 cases of water bottles. (while that’s more than most sheeple, it’s going to run out really fast.)
          He’s got just enough stuff, to live long enough to regret all his lack of preps. He’s always very proud of himself for growing 3-5 tomato plants in 5 gallon buckets, and nothing else. He shops at SAM’s Club just a couple miles away, so he has NO need to stock up on anything when he can just run to the store and get all he ever needs. (we all know how long it takes for the stores to be cleaned out, but he knows the stores will be restocked in just a few more days.)

          The corral has 20ft side walls around it. His mind-set is the same as 80-95% of the entire country.
          I think there are probably 10-20% of people who have some worries about the future, but most of them won’t actually do anything about it. They’ll put it off, or they’ll talk themselves out of doing any serious preps.

          I’m honored to be among people like you, and all the others who are the regular bunch at SGT, ZH, and other “real news” readers. We see it coming, we have studied the charts, studied history, and we have been watching all the moves by governments, banks, Wall Street, (((tribal members))) and non-tribal groups. We see so many parts of the monstrous machinery in motion that is like a train headed off the cliff. AT this point in time, many of us are pretty well stocked up, prepped in many ways. Now we just sit back and enjoy some popcorn, the fireworks are setup, and the fuse is lit.
          We just don’t know how long or short that fuse may be, but we know it’s lit.

          We are the ones who should be OK when the SHTF. We put off some trivial purchases to divert that money to protect our future. We don’t fly off to Europe or Disney-World every year. We still enjoy life, but we make sure we’re well prepped before we go spending every dollar on fun stuff.
          I’m still putting off, the purchase of a “newer” car because I’ve fixed up the old one and can wait for the crash in car prices to get here. Many of us feel that, when the SHTF, there will be people willing to sell all kinds of cars, for just a few ounces of silver.

          Who knows, but we might even be able to “buy” a factory NEW vehicle from the dealership, for less than 40 ounces of silver? If Clif High is right, then when silver reaches “parity” with gold (gold will probably be well over $5k), we’ll be able to buy a new pickup or SUV for just 8 ounces of silver or less. We certainly will NOT be calculating things “in dollars” anymore.
          The world will be “calculating prices” in grams or ounces of PM’s. Bitcoin seems ready to take over the digital money systems…I think some crypto’s would be a wise investment.
          If the governments (not if, but WHEN) tries to corral us away from “free cryptos” and into Gov’t cryptos, BTC may not do so good, but Ethereum, Monero, Verateseum and others may become the preferred black market coins. I expect that PM’s will be confiscated at checkpoints and border crossings, but they will become a fantastic barter currency or even become the main, REAL currency.

          OK. Be well. Be prepped. Garden your asses off. Stock up on metal fence posts, fence wire, barbed wire, solar fence charger, solar panels, seeds, silver, ammo, water, etc.
          For those who must “bug out”, choose your preps wisely. Get some booster shocks for the rear of that vehicle. (Coil springs over shocks are more reliable than any kind of air-booster shocks…trust me on this, I’ve had them all.)

          When you’re bugging out, (or collecting unprepared family members) you’ll be carrying more weight than you anticipated.
          Spare everythings.

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