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Don Durrett: Silver $75 This Decade!

from Wealth Research Group:

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3 comments to Don Durrett: Silver $75 This Decade!

  • Ben miller

    SILVER and GOLD to RISE in PRICE, sometime !.
    GET READY NOW !., .

  • Timco

    “Don Durrett: Silver $75 This Decade!”…No, No, No Don Durant and Ben Miller…. Clif High told me silver would be $600.00 by the and of May 2017. You are thinking too small. You Know Clif High. Cliff is the wise and powerful idiot, that shockingly, even intelligent people follow. Cliff is the Pied Piper of silver. It’s time the people of the world realize Clif High and countless others like hime are useless prognosticators. Stop falling for his bullshit. If he could truly product the future, he’d be living in luxury, not in a shack in Washington State.

    • Eric

      I personally like the EM-50. He should put a gun turret on top and drive it through a women’s match/gay pride parade.

      I just laughed when I saw this title.

      Silver $250 sometime this century. lol.

      See I can do it too.

      Just learn to read the technical levels on USD index, USDJPY, EUR/USD, Gold and Silver.

      Follow the COT report. Add on smack downs if you can. Be flexible.

      The only winning move is not to play their game.

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