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by SGT, SGT Report:

Web bot creator and everyone’s favorite woo woo commentator Clif High returns to SGT report to discuss the crypto compendium and the future of silver.

Regarding the crypto currency space, when asked if it’s in a bubble Clif responds emphatically: “We are in a bubble actually, but we’re not in a crypto bubble. We’re in a Dollar bubble. The whole planet is so flooded with Dollars that the bubble is popping. And so that bubble is popping right at the moment, and some of that is going into cryptos and some of it can be expected to go into precious metals…”

But there’s so many Dollars in this bubble that they’re not able to fit through the narrow openings that we have into the precious metals space and into the crypto space. And that’s what we’re watching at the moment.”

And as for the bankers VS. the crypto currencies: “The powers that be a freaking out because they’re losing. They didn’t anticipate the springing of cryptos. It was universe providing us the opportunity to express ourselves outside of the slave system that has been imposed on us and it’s got them all freaked out because they can’t close these doors once universe makes them.”

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84 comments to CRYPTOS VS. BANKERS — WEB BOT Creator Clif High

  • Don

    Thanks guys. Appreciate the time you take to put these together.

    • mike

      So glad the Truth is finally after all this time is finally getting some attention. BTC is the only thing that can kill the vampire squid..The PMs can never do damage unfortunately, easily manipulated. BTC is the future..

      Sean “We can all learn from early adopters” ..So learn from me my peoples…

      Only BTC is Money Nothing else….Mike

      Speaking of 4th deminsion Crystals ..These are really cool so I don’t think Cliff has lost his mind on synthetic Silver

      • Eric

        Oh man, you guys are still stuck in 4D? Raise your frequency!

        What about Cloakcoin mike? Is Cloakcoin money?

        “It didn’t take long for people to realize that Bitcoin was not really offering true anonymity and still doesn’t do so up to this very day.”

        • fonestar

          Anonymity is not a technical feature you fVcking idiot, it’s a personal choice.

          • Eric

            In that case, it would seem that Cloakcoin is a far better personal choice than any technical feature of Bitcoin.

            • fonestar

              You’re not fooling anyone by pretending to be pro-Litecoin or an Ether-pumper now.

              You have a long history of Internet idiocy going back several years.

            • Eric

              Your stock just dropped. Bitcoin is a dinosaur.

              • IPv6 is a technically more superior protocol in terms of the amount of addresses the structure can generate, any idea why IPv4 still rules the day?

              • videoctr

                I would consider buying the MCO token if it were offered in the United States. I would guess butt head regulators are behind the blockchain knowledge and regulatory curve. This is a good use case example of an Ethereum protocol at work, creating business opportunities and value.

                Business concept for the Monaco Visa Card:

                “Spending your ETH/BTC with Monaco Card is seamless. You keep ETH/BTC balances in your
                wallet, which you can view at any time in the Monaco App. Every time you swipe your Monaco Card,
                we will only exchange the incremental amount of ETH/BTC that is required to settle the fiat
                currency transaction with VISA®. The rest of your ETH/BTC balances remain in your wallet. There
                are no monthly or annual fees for usage of the Monaco Card. Access to perfect inter-bank exchange
                is free. Monaco will not charge fees for global ATM withdrawals within Fair Usage Limits. There is a
                1% fee for all transactions (swipe and exchange) of ETH/BTC. These earnings will accrue in the
                MCO Smart Contract, the rights to which will be held by community members who hold MCO
                tokens.The card holders are charged 1% for each transaction.”

                This benefits the MCO coin holders and adds value to the MCO token. Unfortunately, the following countries cannot participate in the MCO coin offering.”

                United States



                Hong Kong


      • fonestar

        I have yet to hear Clif High provide any scientific evidence that “all humans are slightly psychic and let that out on the web.”

        It does seem that his predictions regarding crypto are spot on. But his predictions regarding silver & gold are failures. Maybe the linguistic spiders are merely picking up on what the metals *should be* doing?

    • mike

      I said Listen to me not argue with me…I am your master you are my grasshopper..Grasshoppers don’t talk just listen. Sean said basically (Paraphrasing) That you, Eric have no clue and are commanded to listen to me. I accept that roll provided you can keep your Grasshopper mouth closed and your little wings from chirping.

      No Cloak Coin is not BTC, it is not money.

      • fonestar

        Only BTC is money.

        And you only have Bitcoin if it’s in your wallet.dat. If you have “Coinbase” YOU DO NOT HAVE BITCOIN!

        • Eric

          What if you want to hold it in your hand?

          Do YOU have Bitcoin then?

          • Timco

            Grown men who have gone insane. Sad.

            • Ed_B


              “Grown men who have gone insane. Sad.”

              Indeed. But this does highlight the fact that there are at least 3 kinds of “growth”. Those being physical, mental, and emotional. 1 out of 3 is not all that good unless one is playing baseball and counting hits when batting. :-/

        • Bilegerent

          I’ve dogged Fonestar in the past but willing to man up and admit my error. He was RIGHT!! I’m getting my feet wet with the secondary crypto’s like ETH and DASH but realize that BTC will always be first and the #1 crypto out there. If you’re looking for returns than the smaller coins should be better over the next year or two.

          Thanks Fonestar but undergoing the beatings on these sites and putting the truth out for people to at least consider.

    • thinking outside the matrix

      It’s funny how people can’t put two and two together. That’s why I made my crypto videos years before they went up and price exposing exactly what would happen when the price skyrocketed. Bitcoin was clearly created by the NSA. There is a white paper written by the NSA called How to make a Mint: The Cryptography of anonymous cash written 1996. This paper is very similar to the Bitcoin white paper. This tells you at a minimum that the government was working on the technology 12 yrs prior to Bitcoin. This make more sense than the Satoshi lie that he decided to create Bitcoin 6 weeks after the ’08 financial collapse as a solution to it. Ask yourself why would the government even be working on this, especially the NSA. This is not even under the umbrella of what they should be doing or allowed to do. This all falls in line with the Economist Magazine prediction of “Get ready for a new world currency by 2018.” Trust me people will willfully except it once there is no where to go and crypto currencies keep going up in value and people start to get greedy. People chase their wallets not their principles. I own lots of crypto enough to retire at my young age so I’m just being intellectually honest. People need to know the truth. Not to make the truth out to what they want it to be. I will be making another video exposing how ripple XRP is most likely going to be the next SDR. I do own hundreds of thousands of Ripple just as a full disclosure.

  • fonestar

    You have to love the love the irony…. these mentally retarded, dumb pieces of dog feces (many calling themselves “traders”) on Zerohedge, these confirmed Bitcoin-haters are now claiming to be Ethereum fans! I can tell you that if they did not understand Bitcoin, there is *ZERO CHANCE* they understand Ethereum!

    Satoshi modeled Bitcoin after GOLD. A limited, finite, decentralized currency that takes real energy to produce.

    Vitalik Buterin modeled Ethereum after FIAT DOLLARS. A limitless, non-finite, inflationary token!


    Ethereum can and will go much higher. fonestar will still never own Ethereum looking at the scum swimming in that pool! Death to bankers! Freedom loving people are standing with Bitcoin against the Dollar & Ethereum!

    • Eric

      Except Gold has real world utility like radiation shielding and intrinsic value whereas Bitcoin is losing market share to other cryptocurrencies and has no long term history as a store of value.

      Things move pretty fast these days. You have to be able to keep up. Bitcoin is old technology.

      Bitcoin doesn’t have ‘smart contracts’ and doesn’t scale on demand. It can’t keep up with today’s growth rate of global consciousness.

      • fonestar

        You don’t even know what a smart contract is you dumb piece of crap. So STFU, Bitcoin is competing against Dash, Litecoin and Monero.

        • Eric

          I’m glad you brought that up because Litecoin actually does scale on demand. Transactions get confirmed much faster than boring old Bitcoin. Litecoin is a much better value at current prices also. You can get 96 litecoins for the price of just 1 bitcoin. Bitcoin is outdated technology.

          • fonestar

            You’re a fvcking idiot… I’ve been in Bitcoin AND Litecoin AND Namecoin since 2011/2012. You don’t know shit about Litecoin.

            • Eric

              I know it scales on demand unlike Bitcoin, and I know transactions get confirmed much faster.

              Strange how you never mentioned being in these before.

            • mike

              Man I hate to say I got some ETH on BTC-e @150/ea. last week.

              Had some crazy BTC trades to during the last correction. I literally bought and sold 100 times and came out almost .5 BTC ahead + 7 ETH!
              I don’t normally trade like that but I got bored and I really like BTC-E. Plus this last correction it was so easy to build up the BTC. Every day it would go up $150 then down $150 like clockwork sometimes twice a day.

              • fonestar

                There will be lots of room for Eth to grow, I still will not buy any of it. Sean, Bix and Clif are not asking the four trillion dollar question:

                “Why does the establishment love Ethereum and hate Bitcoin?”

                Also notice Clif’s answer to Ethereum’s limit… “um kinda yes and no”.

                The establishment does not “love” Ethereum, they actually wanted their own crypto. But they are too lazy, greedy, bureaucratic and stupid to make one that can compete with Bitcoin. So they see Ethereum as Bitcoin’s challenger and it’s a coin that is semi-centralized, inflationary that they can try and take over. Which is what they will try and do.

                • Eric

                  Isn’t Bitcoin inflationary?

                  The supply keeps increasing.

                • Silver was an inflationary asset from the mid to late 1800s due to vast supply increase, does that make silver an inflationary asset overall?

                  By 2020, there will be 6.25 bitcoin created every 6 hours. This number will continue to half roughly every four years until the mid-2100s when no more bitcoin will be minted.

                  Contrast this to gold, where roughly 68,265 ounces are mined every 6 hours (based on last year’s “official” global mine production of 3100 metric tons).

                  Bitcoin is by far the more deflationary asset of the two.

                • Eric

                  “…does that make silver an inflationary asset overall?”

                  I would argue that the supply of Bitcoin has increased faster than the Supply of Silver based on the Silver Institutes numbers over the past 10 years…


                  It depends what you measure it against. But the quantity of Gold or Silver or Bitcoin is not a measure of inflation as is the rate of increase of each over a long term period. And not every six hours.

                  None of these are deflationary assets by definition.

                • KRELL427

                  Are cryptocurrencies considered a rare earth element? Are there 765 types of silver? Could cryptos exist without silve? Lots of questions will be answered in time.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    This is nothing but opinion. If someone has to attack an opinion by attacking features or lifestyles, then there is no need to hear the opinion because you already know you are going to attack the one who gave it.

    so please, please, please, do not look at the link, it’s not for you.
    It’s just an opinion and the one giving it does not need nor want to have anyone hate the opinion so much they have to go into personal attacks about the people who gave it.

    This is not for the crypto people who are so in, there is nothing they need to hear. If you already know, please don’t look or hear what she says.


    The woman in the second half 7:48 mark is a teacher of social psychology for 31 years.

    Social Psychology is the study of the ‘behavior’ of an individual when that individual is in a social situation.

    There are studies about behavior, and if the gov’t knows about this, there is no reason for anyone to not use it to their benefit.

    I’m sure lot of crypto currency people are saying,
    ‘she’s not talking about me.’

    Where did people learn about bitcoin?, in social situations.

    • mike

      I never attacked Eric for being a gay Jew..In fact I even said numerous times “Eric I don’t care about your homosexuality or you being a Jew” . He still would attack me and BTC?
      So I really feel your really long comment is aimed directly at Eric.
      Eric I truly mean it when I say I don’t care that you are a Gay, Jewish, sometimes gender non binding, really really stupid etc etc etc.
      That said lets be friends 🙂

      • Eric

        That must be why you love your butt buddy Netanyahu so much mike. He won’t let those scary saudi muslims hurt you. All you can think about is questioning your own toxic masculinity and gender and trying not to be a dumb goy. Are you a big fan of Israel like Trump is? You should get out of your box and see how rainbow Tel Aviv is. You will make lots of friends there.

        Don’t forget the commemorate the 50th anniversary of the USS Liberty.

        • mike


          Stop your evil attacking. We can still be friends. Me and Trespass Unwanted just want to help you.

          • Eric

            “The weaker the argument the louder and more frequent the rhetoric.”
            ― Ken Poirot

            • fonestar

              Where did Eric’s retarded step-brother from another mother, Howard go? He must miss him…

              fonestar was never even slightly skeptical of Bitcoin or crypto-currency. I had been waiting for it all my life. I fell in love with Bitcoin the first time I saw it, the first time I used it. There was ZERO hesitation.

              IMHO anyone who was skeptical of Bitcoin should never have the chance to own it and should suffer their own stupidity.

  • Loquito

    Curious questions for Cliff. If you can ask him next time you speak with.

    Will the human race ever grow up and move way from money? Will we ever stop using it? Like the Ubuntu movement in South Africa.

    Glad to be your patron=) and always great truth!!!

    • Trespass Unwanted

      Clif don’t know. His webbots are programmed to ‘look’ for certain words and bring back to Clif the language for how it was used. Clif claims people are inherently psychic, but Clif’s reports are altering that supposed psychic behavior and is feeding the way people think and behave.
      His own information he is putting out there is the discussions people are having and is no longer the psychic discussions he pulled in the past.
      People will realize Clif has fed the masses the thoughts they have about crypto and precious metals, just like Oprah fed the masses on books to make best sellers.
      Now that books ‘have been’ best sellers, are they still best sellers now that Oprah is not talking about them? No.
      Same with Clif, he stops talking about silver and it stops moving.
      People will learn they are controlled even when they think no one can program or control them.
      They think those mind control projects are for ‘other people’.

      Experiences will be common for those who decide to follow the herd.

  • Tbear

    The Natural Buyers of Bitcoin are Ransomare Victims?

    That’s the allegation made this morning, allegedly: The natural “buyers” of Bitcoin are the victims of ransomware attacks.

    Well, if that’s the driver of said “value” then the operation of such an “exchange” is economically indistinguishable from operating a continuing criminal enterprise — that is, Racketeering.

    And I remind you that under RICO in the United States one of the primary felonies including in such a scheme (that is, which must be present for it to be charged) includes extortion, under which Ransomware clearly falls.

    Everyone involved in or who profits from such a scheme is equally liable to under the law and subject to being charged under same — and what’s worse that which is used to perpetuate same is subject to seizure.

    Yes, this means the exchanges, the “blockchain” confirming nodes, even the miners along with (of course) anything found in both (that would include your coins) is subject to seizure and forfeiture.

    How do you make ransomware disappear? Go after what makes it profitable.

    In the United States the legal framework to do so already exists.

    • NIX

      Party pooper Were all going to be rich and free Yahoo ! OH but wait did i heard retroactive taxes no it was a dream . Chemtrail as it’s benefit i guess!
      DIGITAL DECENTRALISED CURRENCY’s?×300.jpg.jpg&sp=b752ea1c7e3227d180083d484ffac479

    • Trespass Unwanted

      My opinions are,
      Interesting. Each bitcoin has a digital signature.
      Purchasing bitcoin to pay a ransom pulls it into the Ransomware evidence for kidnapping property, sort of like the serial numbers of bills used to pay ransom for other forms of kidnapping.

      Businesses have deeper pockets and insurance so bitcoin purchases to buy back or to protect their intellectual property can cause the crypto currency to reach higher highs.

      The post I made the (retired to simple living) social psychologist woman was describing behavioral contagion; People have the tendency to do what other people are doing, because they think the other people know what they are doing.

      The quiet voices see the avalanche, a little snow moving without any direct interaction with it, before the people in the avalanche realize they are caught in it.

      The stock market has embedded in it a stop for trades when they reach a maximum move, and the bitcoin transaction system is proven to have a maximum amount of transactions it can handle, where people have to pay to move up on the list.

      If people have a lot of bitcoin free money, they would probably throw a bitcoin into the transaction to move up the list to get out.

      They have no ides, there are early miners/buyers who can throw in more bitcoin than they can; to get to the very front of the line to get out.

      People think everyone knows what to do, but if they watched some of those bitcoin fork discussion youtube videos, they’d realize bitcoin could end up being described like The Hotel California in the Eagles song, and may become the bitcoin theme song for the behavioral contagion people.

      Last thing I remember, I was
      Running for the door
      I had to find the passage back
      To the place I was before
      “Relax, ” said the night man,
      “We are programmed to receive.
      You can check-out any time you like,
      But you can never leave! ”

      Many people warn of what they see from a distance, but even with an avalanche warning, some avid snow skier/snow boarders don’t believe it will happen until they see it.

      Depending on where you are when the avalanche happens, seeing it may mean its too late to do anything to protect yourself unless you have avalanche survival gear to assist in your chance of survival.

      Behavioral contagion is going to be the deciding factor of what the crypto and stock market people experience together for all of them doing the same things because other people are doing the same things.

      I saw .com and all the rich and then not ‘rich’ people from it.
      crypto and stocks look familiar, and the credit people can get from showing receipts from having crypto and stocks look just like it did for .com

      [ Describing the Trojan Horse ]
      Some people:
      Do not look the gift horse in the mouth. (quoted by: ?unknown?)
      Some people:
      Beware of the Greeks, bearing gifts. (quoted by: ?unknown?)

  • Jeff

    The comments on this blog is so full of hate. If you have hate in your heart, let it out. Thank you.

  • Timco

    Clif High is a fraud. Anyone who extends him any credibility will be embarrassed very soon.

    • KRELL427

      According to a SGT interview Cliff did a few years ago we should have been eating each other for dinner 1.5 years ago. These IT guys already pulled off a huge scam when the computers were flipping their date to the year 2000, I guess they are trying to top that one.

  • Ethereum has never been a penny. The premine sale was for $1 a coin and that’s pretty much been the floor ever since.

    Sean, it’s awesome that you’re excited about the potential of crypto and your current gains. It’s wonderful that you’re willing to change your perspective and are willing to learn. These things are a testament to your character.

    But by God, man, you HAVE to learn if you want to cover this shit accurately as a journalist. Read the Bitcoin Whitepaper. Learn about public-private key encryption and how crypto backups work. Learn the difference between a “full node” wallet and a light wallet. Learn a bit about how mining works. Learn about “hot” and “cold” storage. Learn what “Proof of Work” is and why Clif distinguishes between PoW coins and “everything else.”

    Because if you don’t understand how crypto operates, your coins are in jeopardy – from the way you talk, it sounds as though you either store them on a) A third-party exchange like Poloniex (which have been raided and hacked throughout the history of crypto) or b) On a multi-coin light wallet relying on a trusted third-party. Neither are good options for large amounts of money.

    You mentioned a TREZOR (Ledger Nano S is another good one). GET ONE. Learn to make offline paper wallets as they’re the easiest, cheapest way to put coins in cold storage. Teach others how to do the same. As a public crypto advocate, you not only have a responsibility to yourself, but to the audience you introduce this technology to. The learning curve can be steep, but you’re a smart guy, you can do it!


    Listen to the X22 report: Spotlight, James Wesley Rawles

    • fonestar

      James Wesley Rawles is a survivalist and Mike Adams is a nutritionist. They are good at what they do, not what they don’t do. Why they feel the need to pontificate on crypto-currencies and technology is beyond fonestar?

        • Chris has been telling bitcoin holders to “fold ’em” for years now, and anyone who followed his advice has lost out on significant gains. Chris is slowly going mad realizing that the asset class he thought everyone would escape to is eschewed for the new kid(s) on the block.

          The “Silver Bullet, Silver Shield” theory is based on the premise that there are only two viable exits from the fiat system: Gold and silver. This is no longer the case.

          Someday, Eric, you and Chris will come to the same conclusion. As to when your perspective changes? Who knows, but to quote Racer X from Speed Racer:

          “I’m sorry, that’s for you to find out. I just hope that when you do, that I’m there to see it.”


            • And right now, the “last laugh” belongs to fonestar, BrotherJohnF, Andy Hoffman, and every other long-term crypto holder.

              For the day the “next last laugh” manifests, I have a big ‘ol pile of metal, as do the aforementioned bitcoin holders.

              • fonestar

                Yes thank-you fonestar laugh hard from the bank.

              • dan w

                “Perhaps you could explain how one transacts in Bitcoin without the internet?”

                Right now you could use a 3rd party sms wallet provider. If you really want to go mad max. you could also use morse code to send transactions over traditional radio communications. Of course that can’t happen right now until someone offered the service.

                “Cold storage paper or digital wallets are not valuable in and of themselves.”

                Yeah yeah, we know. It’s a digital currency.

                “And how many Bitcoin loans have you made Dan? What was the rate of interest?”

                No comment on how many loans i’ve made, though you can see poloniex’s rates here.

                • Eric

                  That’s interesting that there are bitcoin loans.

                  Quite a few more offers than there are demands however. I wonder how many loans are made on a daily or weekly basis.

          • Eric

            Actually Rusticus…

            The “Silver Bullet, Silver Shield” theory is based on the premise that the BEST viable exit from the fiat system IS physical Silver. If you know of something more undervalued at current prices, please let me know.

            • Physical silver is now, has been, and will remain for the foreseeable future, an undervalued asset.

              Bitcoin is also undervalued. Is silver the most undervalued asset at current prices? I’m tempted to say yes, but who knows.

              I do know that of all undervalued anti-fiat assets available for investment from late-2009 to date, bitcoin has been the best performer bar-none. This is undeniable.

              How, then, do we measure the “best” escape from Chris’s aptly named Debt and Death Empire? Dollar price? Liquidity? Tangibility? It’s a subjective question by nature, but most would consider purchasing power in relation to the dying fiat being fled as the most important factor. Here, too, there is no contest as to which asset has done its job most efficiently in recent years.

              In watching Chris’s early videos, it’s clear he believed the failure of the “Dollar Empire” to be a rapid, almost overnight, event. At some point, I think most of us shared this sentiment.

              What was once seen as “collapse” is now self-evidently a global process and transition from the old economy to the new. The longer it drags on, the more credibility unmanipulated, fungible, liquid, and eternal assets like bitcoin will gain. The more market share they will steal from other potential fiat exits like gold and silver. For every day there is not an overnight end to manipulation and radical revaluation of the metals, there is another day where money will flow into the proverbial exit doors where the majority of people are running. Right now, that door is cryptocurrencies.

              When the LBMA, COMEX, SGE, BIS, et. al. are done playing their games, perhaps gold and silver will match the gains of bitcoin. I hope they do. But the market has weighed the value of an unmanipulaged, intagible, digital asset to a manipulated, tangible, and physical one, and the winner is clear, Eric.

              • Eric

                As far as financial assets alone go, the winners are clearly cryptocurrencies up to this point when denominated in USD price.

                But I do not foresee a bitcoin backed chinese cryptocurrency in our future. Nor do I see a USD denominated asset as the clear winner to this endgame.

                This saga is not over yet. And I do not agree that Bitcoin is undervalued. Not in terms of increase in growth of bitcoin transactions at least.

                • KRELL427

                  Still a few chapters to go.

                • I don’t see a gold backed Chinese currency in our future, either – nor does the head of the PBOC, Zhou Xiaochuan (your next likely IMF head). China’s central bank and people combined own a sizeable percentage of mined gold at this point, just as they own the lion’s share of bitcoin mining; that doesn’t mean the Party will ever “officially” endorse either.

                  The USD denominated aspect we can agree on wholeheartedly, but bitcoin has performed even better in Yuan, Won, Yen, etc. Well over $3k a coin on Asian exchanges. Here, too, we can agree that these currencies are the future axis of power.

                  Transaction volume is a red herring, Eric. Transaction volume for gold and silver are even lower – hoarding is the name of the game in all three monies and will continue to be. Gresham’s Law at work.

                • Eric

                  I only wish I could buy Bitcoin at it’s 1979/1980 price.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    My opinion
    For the currency, I’d like to see the beginnings of it as the replacement medium of exchange. I’d like to see the fungibility side of crypto where someone pay a bill, purchase a product like concert tickets, a car or truck, groceries, airline tickets, etc. Makes you wonder how they pulled greenbacks and put FRNs into circulation; or how they pulled gold and put FRNs in circulation.
    This way, people give the FRNs. If they have the plan, if 20 trillion FRNs can disappear in crypto world with crypto, then they can start back at square one.

    Everyone waits on the downward trend. Everyone is watching for the pattern.
    Well something that has never happened before doesn’t have a pattern [ until it does ]
    and this thing may be set to rise, rise, rise, and stop.

    What will people do if there is no fall, only a freeze.
    It’s not regulated which is what they wanted.

    They can be rich in the mean time, as it goes up and up and up and away.

  • oneno

    Two issues:

    1. What is to stop the “bonksters” from pushing legislation to make it illegal to transact in commerce with anything other than fiat? All the governments, standing armies, and courts belong to them…

    2. Anonimity – there is no such thing with VNC Server built-in to all CPUs (CoreVPro on Intel and DASH on AMD and likely similar on RISC). Also, all RSA-based encryption became obsolete back in March of 2007 with the release of the book “Calculate Primes” followed by the book “Breaking RSA Codes for fun and profit” in March of 2014. So anyone determined enough can break RSA-based encryption easily.

    The inferior conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn over the next few decades is going to become a very big problem for everyone on Earth. There again the “bonksters” have all the cards.

  • chris

    Very interested in the web bot predictions for certain commenters on SGT. I’m hoping Clif ‘s bot predicts the long term childish back and forth that ruins the SGT experience for so many is to cease.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Did he say
    Soft fork
    6 months later
    Hard fork
    A 2nd bitcoin
    What happens to the popularity of the ‘best seller’?

    Does anybody ever do an analysis of how often people say words or phrases in videos?
    I think
    I believe
    my opinion
    the way I see it
    things could

    Maybe no one has attention for the actual ‘language’ of any conversation.

  • Mr Cause

    Cryptoes are a logical and natural progression of currency. Mankind has been using all sorts of currencies throughout the years, including using sticks. With today’s technological advances, it is here to stay with it. We don’t need to use paper or metal anymore.

    One must understand, the Fed can use crypto currency just like they use paper currency. That is what Ripple-XRP is. Bitcoin is not centrally controlled. But also, you should realize this. Bitcoin is becoming old technology. Like when the first model T was created. Diigibyte, is 40 times faster, 5 times more secure and can simply do things that Bitcoin can’t. When you have a coin like Digibyte, you have Bitcoin Technology able to be used by today’s and tomorrow’s market demands for a currency.

    It makes little sense to me to argue about any of this. That is what I love about America, I am free to believe whatever “stupid” crap I choose. I’m good with that.

    It is good for a man or woman to stand for what they believe. But truth has no need to be vulgar.

    Does anyone know they Way to peace?

    Mr Cause

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