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by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

Well, it looks like the Wild West in Crypto-currency Land just got a lot more Wild. The Crypto-currency, CloakCoin, mentioned by Clif High during his interview with Greg Hunter on USAWatchDog shot up a stunning 300% in two days. Before Clif’s interview was published, CloakCoin was trading a for a little more than a buck… $1.029. However, today, its trading over $4… LOL.

Actually, I am not quite sure exactly when Greg published the interview (it shows June 3rd on youtube), but I would imagine most people started watching it early the next day on June 4th. During the interview, which focused on the Clif’s forecast that the Crypto-currencies would continue to experience a great deal of interest going forward, he mentioned two “Dark Horse” cryptos that he thought were good to keep an eye on. One of them was CloakCoin.

Several hours after I listened to the interview, I thought I would check out this CloakCoin and see how it was trading. On one of the main exchanges, it was ranked as 101st in the group. Bitcoin and Ethereum were in the first and second spot. However, later that day, I noticed that CloakCoin continue to move up the rank and was trading at 200% higher… LOL.

Yes.. it is the Wild West out there.

Now, I am not saying that Clif had anything to do with the movement in CloakCoin, but it just goes to show that when some of these more “unknown” crypto-currencies gain a little exposure, they can experience some serious movement in their price.

What was also interesting about Clif’s interview was that he said the price of Gold & Silver would likely take off by the end of 2017 and into 2018. He has stated that the crypto-currencies would experience huge PRICE MOVES first and then the precious metals as the financial and economic markets continue to disintegrate. We will see if his forecast is correct.

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