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Countercoup, Part 5: After Comey, Sessions Hearings the #TrumpRussia Con is Failing

from Rogue Money:

James Comey’s testimony, long on accusations and insinuations against President Donald J. Trump but short on proof that POTUS obstructed justice, turned out to be a major disappointment for the legacy media that promoted it. Chris Matthews of the ultra-liberal Trump bashing network MSNBC admitted that the theory of collusion between Trump and the Russians to ‘hack the election’ was in tatters. Retired Harvard University legal scholar Alan Dershowitz told the Trump haters at CNN that Trump could not be indicted for obstruction of justice solely for exercising his constitutional authority, as head of the executive branch, to fire James Comey as FBI Director.

No Proof of Trump-Russia Collusion or Obstruction of Justice, Only Comey’s Insinuations

As for Comey himself, the former FBI Director and Clinton crime family protecting derp stater admitted to leaking his private if not executive privileged conversations with the President to friends, who turned Comey’s version of what was said over to the press. One of these friends was Benjamin Wittes of the pro-Democratic deep state Lawfare blog. More explosively, Comey opened himself up to legal jeopardy over potential perjury in prior Congressional testimony, contradicting his number two Andrew McCabe’s testimony that no pressure was put on him by the Trump Justice Department to abandon the ‘Russian election interference’ investigation, and for violation of his FBI employment agreement on confidentiality. Comey was left to whine that Trump and his Administration had defamed him, and damaged the FBI’s reputation by claiming that Comey hurt the agency’s morale. Of course, complaints that Comey was coddling the Clintons began leaking from the Bureau prior to the election, not just after Trump’s win shocked the Washington Establishment — a chronology the 2017 Comey championing rather than 2016 Comey condemning Democrat hacks with press passes ignored.

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