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CONFIRMED: US Shot Down a Syrian Jet Over Syria

from Russia Insider:

US has confirmed the downing, the Syrian army says its plane was striking ISIS

Earlier in the day it was reported that a Syrian Su-22 fighter-bomber was lost in Raqqa province.

Now however the Syrian Ministry of Defense has issued a statement saying the crash was caused by an American attack against the plane which was conducting sorties against ISIS. (UPDATE — US has now confirmed the downing, see the bottom of the article.)

Kurdish media agrees that the US downed a Syrian jet, but claims the Su-22 was striking Kurdish militia (SDF/YPG) positions.

The fate of the downed pilot is not yet known.

The plane was operating in a piece of Raqqa province around the town of Tabqa where the Syrian army, ISIS, and the Kurdish-dominated SDF are all present and share front lines. Did perhaps the US bring down the Syrian jet in a “preventive” attack where the Su-22 was targeted just for coming “too close” to the American forces on the ground?

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