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Clif High – Crypto Currencies Break Loose, then Gold & Silver

from Greg Hunter:

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6 comments to Clif High – Crypto Currencies Break Loose, then Gold & Silver

  • videoctr

    Great interview.

    Question. What does Clif mean when he says Ethereum rides on Bitcoin?

    Good points he made, here are a few:
    Silver will go parity with gold, silver could be confiscated because it will be needed strategically.
    Feds steal 2% of our money annually through inflation, that is why cryptos are popular.
    Recommends BTC, and ETH
    ETH has use cases and he looks for the emotional attachment of cryptocurrencies, and sees it reflected in social media and groups.
    Butt heads in charge are behind the curve on cryptos.

  • Bob

    It was maybe late March or early April that Mr. High predicted mega moves in silver and gold for the next month or two. I commented then that he’d moved the goal posts yet again, and he’d been saying the same thing for years, and that he’d be wrong yet again, but would merely come out soon thereafter with the same prediction for the near-term future. And here we are. Now that his prediction yet again failed to materialize, he’s moved the goal posts to next Feb. The real question here is why does anyone take this clown seriously? Web bot is a complete farce.

    • Timco

      +1000 “Data Sets” my arse. It’s sad to see such a highly educated and likable guy, make a fool out of himself.

      • MIke

        Alot of folks have been called fools in the past, that were actual pioneers. He isn’t telling you this is definate, just a extreme possible outcome.

  • JMiller

    Clif High states at 25:50 in the video that it would take many EMPs blasts happening simultaneously to cause any kind of wide spread problem in the U.S. which of course has no real chance of happening. Some other sites also state that it would take multiple EMP blasts to disable most of the U.S. If Clif High is right then any EMP threat to the U.S. is limited.

    • The only place an EMP is a threat is in the minds of doom porners and prepper bloggers. It’s simply not technically feasible and many have tried to explain what Clif is describing for years, but the narrative lives on because silver and gold affiliate sales are the bread and butter of most of these sites.

      Even if a single-bomb, wide-range EMP were possible, the idea that TPTB would desire such an outcome is outlandish. They’ve spent trillions of dollars on Internet infrastructure and trillions more on data analytics to spy on the lowly shitizens. The Internet is their replacement/solution to a pervasive police state that they no longer have the funding for – in essence, an automated, digital Stasi.

      Or did people really believe Smart Meters were only being mandated so they could be knocked offline in a few years’ time?

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