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by SGT, SGT Report:

Mike Cernovich is over the target as it pertains to the political assassination of Seth Rich, and that’s great – but we would like to see him spill the beans regarding the FULL TRUTH about the 9/11 false flag operation. It is our job in the “alt media” to inform the world about who the REAL ENEMIES of humanity are. Thanks for tuning in.

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  • willygroper

    FWIW, here i go on numerous (red flags) that i see to question.

    watched a rambling incoherent rant of cernovich one nite…all i can say is that he appeared all coked up or on amphetamines. quit listening to a word he said after that & then i saw his hand signs. his syria, russia, iran comment…agenda. hollyweird playa. now who’s promoting his blather…you know.

    also, here’s a few on George Webb who refuses to talk about 911. he’s got a lot of intel…from who? his new sidekick is a movie producer. not casting aspersions here, just pointing out anomalies. GW keeps referring to the “Sony hack.” horseshit, another rabbit hole. i’m partially posting some of Miles Mathis’ work. this connection will make your head explode. you can find it on his updates tab. sorry for the format, taken from PDF.

    Michael was used
    by these top investment groups to get to Sony. It was only through the clever use of the Michael
    Jackson event that Blackstone was able to become “part of the Sony consortium.”
    Here is how it probably worked: Blackstone faked the death of MJ and then framed Sony for the
    murder. Blackstone went to Sony and said, “Hey, we control the press and police and courts in LA.
    We have planted all sorts of fake evidence you were involved in the fake murder. Since you don’t
    control any of the press in the US, you will have no way to respond. It is going to look very bad for
    unless you agree to bring us into the consortium
    .” I can see no other circumstances in which
    Sony would allow new partners into Sony/ATV. This brings a whole new meaning to “leveraged
    buyouts,” doesn’t it?
    Since Sony agreed to play ball, Blackstone didn’t need to tie Sony to the fake murder. This is why you
    only see a few hints of that early on, and then see them buried. Only one person took the fall for
    Jackson’s death, and we look at him in a moment.
    As we have seen, these giant investment groups have created wedges into
    Sony and Universal
    Music in the past five years, and I predict that in another ten years or less, they will own all of both
    music empires, and all the others as well. They will then devour one another until we have one
    company owning everything in the world.
    I think it is probable we are already a lot closer to that scenario than you think. I would say it is
    probable these investment groups are not separate, and that most of them are run by the same people.
    Blackstone and Blackrock may only seem to be separate entities, for example (see below for more on
    For more indication I am on the right track, we can look at Philip Anschutz and his company AEG.
    Anschutz is estimated to be worth about $10 billion, which makes him one of the richest men in the
    world. Well, Anschutz was a target in this Michael Jackson death hoax, along with Sony and Vivendi.
    AEG was to be hosting and promoting MJ’s 2009 world tour. They had already spent millions in
    promotion and had sold millions of tickets. When the tour was canceled, they lost many millions.
    Furthermore, the Jackson estate attacked AEG afterwards, claiming it was somehow responsible for
    Jackson’s death. As you can see, this staged death was also being used as a wedge to buy out AEG, the
    most profitable sports and entertainment company in the world. Philip Anschutz was able to weather
    that storm, so they tried another wedge in 2012. It was in the summer of that year that Anschutz was
    tied to the Aurora “Batman” shooting, which took place in one of Anschutz-owned Cinemark theaters.
    The shooter James Holmes was also said to be a psychiatric patient at Anschutz’s Student Mental
    Health Services. After being dragged through the mud in this manufactured tragedy, Anschutz nearly
    cracked. It was reported he planned to sell AEG in late 2012, and guess who he hired to “advise” him
    in this sale? Blackstone. However, Anschutz counter-attacked through his
    newspapers and
    online site in 2013 and took AEG off the market. He fired Blackstone and his own CEO Tim Leiweke.
    He even expanded in 2013, taking over Wembley Arena in London. Anschutz is worth more now than
    he was in 2009.
    For more weirdness, where do you think Tim Leiweke went when he left Anschutz? He went to Maple
    Leaf Communications in Toronto, which is majority-owned by Bell Canada. And who is behind Bell
    Canada? . . .
    wait for it. . . Blackrock
    Blackrock Communication is a global technology and telecommunications consulting firm representing over 100
    telecom carriers, equipment providers, data center and cloud services providers worldwide. At Blackrock we work
    closely with your business to find the right solutions for your IT and telecommunications infrastructure.
    Before we return to John Lennon, let’s look at Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray. How did he end up
    taking the fall for this? He ended up being given a very short sentence (two years) for involuntary
    manslaughter, but that isn’t because he did anything wrong. Since the death was faked, he couldn’t
    possibly be guilty. So why was he prosecuted? He was prosecuted because he refused to give false
    testimony against Philip Anschutz. Remember, Anschutz was a major target of this false flag as well,
    and Jackson’s mother Katherine sued AEG for wrongful death. That lawsuit failed, and it failed
    because Murray refused to testify against Anschutz. We can read one of two things from that: 1)
    although agreeing to be part of the scheme early on, Murray decided something had gone too far and he
    balked; 2) Anschutz got to Murray and paid him a large sum not to testify. I lean toward #2.
    We have one more turn of the screw before we get back to Lennon. If you are already sitting down,
    you may want to lie down for this one. When Blackstone faked the death of Jackson, they didn’t really
    fake Jackson’s death. They faked the death of Jackson’s body double. The real Michael Jackson has
    been living in Abu Dhabi for many years. The guy in the news during the past decade is Jackson’s
    body double, who took over all public appearances after about 2001. The guy with the tiny sharp nose:
    that isn’t even Jackson. It is the body double who was scheduled to go on world tour and whose death
    was faked. It was the body double they had to whisk away in the fake ambulance and the body double
    they had to relocate. The real Michael Jackson had relocated long ago.
    Addendum October 27, 2015.
    Confirming my reading above, we have now
    have news from
    that Michael Jackson’s estate is trying to buy out Sony. Yes, Sony is trying to sell its half of
    Sony/ATV. Why would it be doing that? Just a decade ago, Sony wanted the whole enterprise, and
    now it wants out? And how is Jackson’s estate supposed to pay for this? Weren’t we told Jackson was
    in huge debt at the time of his death?
    tells us they have made a billion dollars since then, but
    that still isn’t enough to pay all Jackson’s alleged debts and buy out Sony. Buying out Sony would cost
    more than two billion by itself. Forbes tries to make you think Sony/ATV is only worth two billion
    total, but that is contradicted by other mainstream figures. For instance, Wikipedia tells us Sony/ATV
    bought EMI publishing in 2012 for 2.2 billion. So the merged publishing empire cannot now be worth
    less than EMI was worth by itself just three years ago, right?
    Not to mention that we are supposed to believe a dead person’s estate is able to outbid a company the
    size of Sony? We are now supposed to believe Sony is trying to raise cash and Jackson’s estate is flush.
    That not only contradicts the story from just a couple of years ago, it is falsified by other things we
    know, such as the profitability of Sony/ATV. That is also the label of Taylor Swift and Eminem,
    among others. We are told Swift is hugely profitable, so why would Sony need to be raising cash? I
    suggest again that these senseless stories are indication of a hostile takeover by an unnamed third party
    —a party I have now named. Blackstone/Blackrock. The Rockefeller Empire is taking over Sony/ATV,
    and I showed you above how they managed that. The Jackson Estate is just a front.
    More evidence of this is Sony/ATV’s CEO Martin Bandier, an American Jewish businessman.
    Wouldn’t you expect the CEO of Sony/ATV to be a Japanese businessman? After all, Sony is allegedly
    a Japanese company. The Michael Jackson Estate wouldn’t be in a position to manage Sony/ATV,
    much less hire a CEO. It seems that would have fallen to Sony, which is already in the record business.
    So why would Sony hire Martin Bandier? I suggest to you they didn’t. I suggest Bandier was inserted
    into Sony by Blackstone. It was his job to move the business away from Sony and into the hands of
    Rockefeller-owned investment groups, without admitting that was happening. Since I have recently
    outed the Rockefellers as Jewish or Crypto-Jewish
    , Bandier’s being Jewish is not just an accident. It is another important clue.

    brezinski was right.
    i’ve noticed the most bizarre rabbit hole paranoia from much of the alt, so much so i’m about to disconnect, especially from CTM & his rabid muzzie rants which he takes from known tribe sites. he never looks at the source.

    i’m still questioning whether Seth Rich is dead. when only 1 person signs an online obit, that’s another yuuuuuge red flag.

    psyop to da moon.

  • willygroper

    1 more thing.

    anderson gerbil pooper’s inheritance is from the vanderbilt’s not the astors. his mother is gloria vanderbilt.

  • lars

    OK sign is cernovich trolling. Please Shan call Cernovich and Ask him directly dont be fool and make a fool out of yourself.

    • SGT

      lars, …ok, I’ll concede that you may be right about that based on comments I have seen. However, Cernovich won’t point out that the Zionist/neocons and Israeli Mossad pulled off 9/11 to blame it on the rest of their middle east enemies, will he? That’s a very real problem. I am no fool.

  • dcm

    If glitter1 is still out there I hope you will listen to this , it will help you , yes he is my friend , out on mission ,–

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