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Behold The Deep State Coup…

Contributed by Peter S.,

1 –  Behold the deep state coup
The onrushing deep state coup against the duly elected president of the United States gains force and power day by day.  
Behold the deep state coup fully outlined in the headlines in the Washington Post yesterday (see attached screen shot of the Post’s website*), Friday, June 23, 2017, as this CIA proprietary with its elite deep state’s MindWar shock troops directs its psychological warfare operations against the American people and our constitutional republic.

600 million dollars in CIA funding
yesterday, the deep state’s Fort Sumter (see attached*). 
When the globalist financial elites are this clumsy, this appallingly contemptuous of the American people and our constitution, this openly brazen in their deception and manipulation, and this coldly sociopathic and anti-human and inhumane in their approach; it is time we tell them no, and bring them to justice, for once and for all.  Bring them to justice peacefully and lawfully…
but do note that a law that we can objectively and reasonably see whose only purpose was to protect the crimes and criminality of our globalist financial elites and their stooges and operatives, was never lawful to begin with, and cannot be entitled to our deference as representing a law to be followed in any just or moral society.
*The Washington Post in its glory, 20170623 430pm PST
2 – Comey and the New York Times are at it again
The grotesquely corrupt and criminal Mr. James Comey and his allies, and the corrupt and criminal New York Times, are at it again. 
It’s clear that the good Mr. Comey is guilty of countless leaks—illegal leaks, treasonous leaks, subversive leaks—as part of his senior operational role in this long-planned and carefully-orchestrated deep state coup against the duly elected president of the United States.
It appears he is at it again. How long are we going to put up with this, fellow Americans?
The Daily Caller yesterday pointed out that a sinister, threatening tweet by Mr. Benjamin Wittes, a close ally and good friend of Mr. Comey, alluding to yet another in a seemingly unending series of media reports in support of the ongoing, inexorably building, deep state coup about to drop, presumably on Monday, June 26, 2017, presumably in the New York Times.  Key quotes from the Daily Caller article:
A longtime friend of James Comey is teasing what could be a bombshell story about the former FBI director and his interactions with President Trump.
Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, posted an ominous message on Twitter on Friday: “TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK.”
The lawyer, who blogs at Lawfare, has posted similar messages in the past just before major stories in the ongoing Trump-Comey saga hit The New York Times.
How do we know it is likely to be in the Times, other than that a number of Mr. Comey’s other illegal and subversive leaks have been to the Times as mentioned in the above article?  Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, Mr. Comey was photographed entering the front door of the New York Times building Thursday evening by a citizen journalist (see attached*), and note Mr. Witte’s tweet of Friday, June 23, 2017 mentions the “bombshell” story will drop either that day (Friday) or Monday.
Of course, once that photo was published, the intrepid black hats in the intelligence agencies and other deep state stooges and operatives wheeled into motion to “debunk” and “discredit” the allegation that Mr. Comey was colluding with the New York Times on yet another story in service of their ongoing senior operational roles in the deep state coup that is currently underway.   Deep state operative and reliable asset of the Clinton campaign (according to thisarticle, the Podesta emails showed Haberman to be “a ‘friendly journalist’ who has ‘teed up’ stories for them in the past and ‘never disappointed’ them”), Maggie Haberman reported that according to a “source close to Comey” (cough, cough), Mr. Comey was at the New York Times building that evening, quite coincidentally, because he is an advocate for abused and neglected children.  You can’t make this stuff up.
Of course, the vast numbers of children who have been sex trafficked and abused for decades—continuing to this day–by our globalist elites and their deep state stooges and operatives, all protected by the black hats in our intelligence agencies, media, and federal law enforcement, would beg to differ (see here, here, here, here, here,here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here).
* the good Mr. Comey, visiting the New York Times, 20170622
3 – the psychological make up of the globalist financial elites and their deep state operatives, stooges, agents, and toadies
What we know, to a 100% certainty about the globalist financial elites and their deep state stooges, is that they lie, constantly, all the time, and they are entirely without conscience.  They appear to thrive on the pain, suffering, confusion, and fear they inflict upon the general public who are kind hearted, well meaning, and simply want the best for themselves, their families, and their local communities. 
In fact, the greatest challenge facing the general public in addressing the imminent and dire threat to the survival of the American people and our constitutional republic—the globalist financial elites and their deep state operatives—is that for normal, decent people, it is simply unfathomable and unthinkable how evil and corrupt so many of our so-called rulers and leaders actually are.
However, our political and financial elites are disclosing themselves to the general public for who and what they are. It’s facially obvious that to pursue a set of anti-human and inhumane objectives and force those upon the general public who in their own lives, and in their own thinking, tend to be human-centered and humane, requires deception and manipulation to succeed. What happens, though, when the general public begins to see our elites for who they really are—accurately and powerfully described and characterized in the study of political ponerology (the study of systems and societies who have been taken over by high-functioning psychopaths) (more information here)?  We don’t fully know, but the American people, and the globalist financial elites, are about to find out.
Do consider watching this short, two minute video clip of former Reagan and George HW Bush Secretary of State James Baker and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responding to a query about Iran.  What’s indisputable is that both Baker and Clinton want war.  Only war will sate the craving for the suffering of the innocents by their globalist financial elite puppet masters and handlers, and presumably, by Baker and Clinton themselves.  And do know that whatever we are told about the constant drum beat of war, war, war in the globalist, corporatist deep state media like the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post, the war they are propagandizing and preparing the public for is NEVER for the reasons proffered.
Also note the differences between the good Mr. Baker and then Secretary Clinton.  Mr. Baker is a much more sophisticated, and chilling, sociopath and psychopath, in his measured, calm tones as he is in effect advocating for global war and the death of millions (which would be the inevitable—and desired by the globalist financial elites—outcome of the global war they have sought for many years now with Iran, Syria, and now Russia).  Remember that Mr. Baker was the senior US government official who told US envoy April Glaspie to tell Saddam Hussein, explicitly, that Iraq’s dispute with Kuwait was of no concern to the United States, just one week before Iraq invaded Kuwait after months of amassing troops on Kuwait’s border.  While the New York Times (of course!) sprung into motion, like always, to “debunk” and “discredit” these stunning allegations after the Iraqis released a transcript of the meeting between Glaspie and Saddam Hussein, as has often been said, truthfully, “never believe anything until it is officially denied.”  In fact, this is probably the only statement that the general public can be confident has been true about the US government since the end of World War II and the rise of the globalist, national security state.
And in the short video clip linked above and then-Secretary of State Clinton’s laughing about the prospect of millions of innocent people suffering and dying in a pointless and lawless war–what sort of person reacts in this manner? Do we even need to ask such a question?
4 – Why haven’t the deep state coup plotters been arrested, and truth commissions impaneled?
My personal belief is that over the past 30 days, the underlying issue that has come to predominate in the mind and sensibility of every informed and aware citizen–even if people are not yet talking about it openly–is the fact of this ongoing coup; the fact that it is farcically-evidence free and entirely lawless (and that the perpetrators and many supporters of the coup do not seem to care); and the fact that it is part of a larger plan against our interests by our nation’s only adversary–and in fact the only adversary of the human race at this point as they are so evil, and so malignant in their power and plans–the globalist financial elites.
That’s what is going on, right now.
To wit, consider the following entirely accurate–devastatingly accurate–assessment by the great David Stockman yesterday
Let’s start with an obvious point about the whole Russia fiasco…Namely, there is no “there, there.” . . . However,Trump’s ‘crime’ is a given (i.e. his occupancy of the Oval Office), anything that gets in the way of his conviction and removal therefrom amounts to ‘obstruction.’
This is really going on, right now.  There’s no rational, let alone reasonable, debate or dispute over whether this is occurring or not.  It is happening, now.
The only question is what we the American people are going to do about this.  We are sovereign and we are the decision makers here. 
It is time we put this to right.  We must act peacefully and lawfully, in every way, to do so.  But it is time we do so.
Why hasn’t Mr. Comey been arrested?  Why hasn’t his deep state ally, mentor, and co-conspirator Robert Mueller?
We know for certain that Mr. Mueller, without any jurisdiction, and completely lawlessly, has assembled what is in fact a parallel justice department, brazenly and tauntingly dedicated to the sole objective of removing from office the duly elected president of the United States per instructions and orders of the globalist financial elites, SOLELY to preserve and protect the TOTAL power of those global financial elites over our government, and to protect those financial elites and all of their stooges, operatives, toadies and agents from being exposed and being held accountable for their vast crimes against the American people and against humanity itself.
Consider the warnings by former senior, long time federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy writing this past Wednesday, June 21, 2017, in an article entitled Mueller’s Empire: Legions of Lawyers, Bottomless Budget, Limitless Jurisdiction.  McCarthy is careful and measured in his words, but his words could not be a more clarion call to action on the part of the American people and our constitutional republic as to what the deep state is doing here.  Key quotes include:
Why on earth does a prosecutor, brought in to investigate a case in which there is no apparent crime, need a staff of 14 lawyers?
Or, I should say, “14 lawyers and counting.” According to the press spokesman for special counsel Robert Mueller—yeah, he’s got a press spokesman, too—there are “several more in the pipeline.” . . .
A special counsel, the need for whom is far from obvious, has in just a few days staffed up . . . all for a single investigation that the FBI has described as a counterintelligence probe—i.e., not a criminal investigation, the kind for which you actually need lawyers.  
The way this is supposed to work is: the Justice Department first identifies a likely crime, and then assigns a prosecutor to investigate it. Here, by contrast, there are no parameters imposed on the special counsel’s jurisdiction. Mueller is loosed—with 14 lawyers and more coming—to conduct what I’ve called a “fishing expedition.”
Why does special counsel Mueller need 14 lawyers (and more coming) for a counterintelligence investigation, as to which the intelligence professionals—agents, not lawyers—have found no “collusion with Russia” evidence after over a year of hard work? What will those lawyers be doing with no limits on their jurisdiction, with nothing but all the time and funding they need to examine one target, Donald Trump?
Where are the grand juries?  Where are the indictments of each and every one of the deep state coup plotters, who include congressmen and women of both parties?  Where are the arrests?
And where are the truth commissions to expose the vast past crimes of the three deep state operatives who are leading the federal law enforcement side of the deep state coup (Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI Director James Comey)?  Just consider the well-documented allegations outlined in the following two articles, one by citizen researcher Kelleigh Nelson, the other by long time political operative Roger Stone (and this is all just the tip of the tip of the iceberg).  Let alone all of the vast crimes of the other deep state operatives, past and current; and of their puppet masters themselves, the globalist financial elites—the most fearsome and unspeakably evil intraspecies predators ever faced by life on this planet?
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1 comment to Behold The Deep State Coup…

  • Mr Cause

    Ever since Hillary publically and openlly lied on video the lawlessone has been revealed. 2 Thess 2:3

    Sorry to say, it is our government. That’s not to say anyone could have seen the corruption long before Hillary. But until a liar is revealed or exposed, they carry the benefit of the doubt.

    I know, most Americans don’t want to come to terms with the reality of that. These same people still patriotically send their children to the military, making quite the sacrifice. So much so, I am probably offending them. Because it is simply unthinkable to think otherwise for them.

    Can Trump overcome the corruption? If you believe in Jesus Christ, the answer is no. Jesus Christ is the future regardless of what happens to mankind.

    Daniel was lowered into the Lion’s Den and yet, he did not receive even a Mark from the beasts.

    In case you don’t know what is going on, where America is headed…is like Daniel being lowered into the Lion’s Den.

    Many of our fellow Americans will be devoured. Rev 13:10

    Mr C

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