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Ammo storage cans ONE YEAR experiment at the bottom of a muddy pond!

from TheHealthRanger:

The Health Ranger conducted a one-year experiment by sinking ammo storage containers to the bottom of a muddy pond, then leaving them there for a full year to find out what would happen. The results may completely surprise you…

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2 comments to Ammo storage cans ONE YEAR experiment at the bottom of a muddy pond!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Those ammo cans are not as low priced as they used to be. In fact, they are getting costly, but I do love them.

    The big 20mm cans, can be made into a VERY decent wood burning stove (instructions on Youtube). They also make a good “battery box/tool box” for boats, trailers, etc.

    3″ PVC plumbing pipe, cut to about 2ft long.
    one slip on-end cap.
    one slip on piece with female threaded opening (clean out piece?)
    One (male) threaded plug to fit the clean-out.
    plumber’s putty.
    PVC glue.

    Put your goodies in the prepared tube, smear some plumber’s putty in the clean-out threads and a thin layer in the male end cap plug.

    Screw the cap-plug into place.
    Dig a post hole, insert deep enough so that you’ve got 4-6″ below grade, cover with dirt, (take a GPS reading and be sure of your location- make a little paper map too).

    To make it easier to retrieve, you can tie/wrap & tape some poly rope around the body of the tube, make it long enough, so when you dig it back up, you can grab the rope, standing up tall, and just lift it out of the hole without trying to use your tired hands and fingers to get it up from the hole while you are on your knees. Perhaps even put a plastic bag over it before you throw the dirt on it, just as another precaution to keep dirt and water off the threads.

    If you’ve bought a 10ft length of 3″ (or 4″ PVC) and all the caps & end pieces, you can make several of these water proof, rust proof containers that fit very nicely into a post hole.

    Put an oxygen absorber into it help preserve important things.

  • mike

    This dude has zero common sense..I mean a truly stupid individual..,If it is an experiment why put full ammo cans under water? Why not just 1 round in each ammo can?
    Got to love these imbecile wasteful “prepper” people. What an epic fucking moron.

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