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2017 – The Year of Monetary Revolution – Revisited

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

As I write in the wee hours Tuesday morning, gold, at $1,292/oz, is at its high of the year, and the highest level since the immediate aftermath of Trump’s “BrExit times ten” victory – when the powers that be launched the most egregious; and ultimately, world-destroying; money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda campaign of all time. Essentially, their worst fears were realized when the most anti-establishment candidate imaginable won despite their historic election rigging scheme; which in turn, prompted them to do anything and everything posssible – damn the consequences – to prevent history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme; which was already on the verge of collapsing; from doing so immediately, and spectacularly.

At that moment, the fraudulent “Trump-flation” theme was created. Which, with a hope and a prayer; and the aforementioned historic market rigging scheme behind it; was intended to buy “the 1%” a bit more time, before Economic Mother Nature inevitably overran them. This is why, per below, the break between reality and financial markets went into hyper drive on November 9th; particularly in Precious Metals, which we forced to endure yet another ignominious plunge, before ultimately making what I believe were their ultimate bottom; in both gold’s and silver’s cases, at higher lows than those of December 2015 – ironically, the day the Fed first “raised rates.”

I immediately recognized this plan would fail, in the “turning on Trump” Audioblog I published two days later – as in my very strong view, there was not a chance they could make the economy improve by pretending it better; particularly after the most disruptive political figure in U.S. history had just been elected. Just six months later, my predictions have been proven to be dead on – as not only have all the “Trump-flation” meme’s false tenets been decidedly disproven; but aside from the maniacal PPT’s relentless, suicidal bubble blowing, all others markets have fallen back to fresh post-election lows.

This, as gold is about to retake the $1,300 level, after having successfully breached, and retested, its 200-week moving average of $1,240/oz; and now, its 5½ year downtrend line of $1,277/oz. To that end, silver’s 5½ year downtrend line – like gold’s, representing the strength of the Cartel hideous manipulation since May 2011’s “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre” and September 2011’s “Operation PM Annihilation I” – was breached earlier this year, at $16.28; whilst its own 200 week moving average, of $17.76/oz, may be retaken as soon as today – just as I predicted late last week, on two straight days. Not to mention yesterday, when I referred to Precious Metals as “dirt cheap insurance, in an increasingly PiMBEEB world.” And for good measure, consider that it was just two weeks ago, when I espoused the silver/gold ratio was at its “most undervalued level in history.”

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