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10 Tips For Apartment Preppers

from Reality Survival:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Great little video! Many of us live in apartments at one time or another. They can be good, or bad.

    Remember some years ago, was it Philly?… there was some local radicals (black radicals?) called themselves “MOVE” or “Move-On”? They barricaded themselves, cops & swats came, helicopters, etc. The bunker radicals, had constructed a shed on the roof, may have been steel plates too!

    The cops started their operation, by busting thru the wall into an apartment that was 2 doors away, BUT, the barricaded group, had already busted the wall going into the adjacent apartment and then the cops came into the adjacent apartment, were met with heavy gunfire right way by the barricaded gunmen who were hiding behind TREE LOGS that they had scrounged during the previous year or more. WOW! The cops had to run back thru the hole in the wall and come up with a new plan.

    Eventually, the cops threw some mining explosives on the roof from the helicopter to blow the armored shack, caught the building on fire, and it burnt it down.

    —— What’s the lesson? Tree logs. Holes in walls, and not many things can stop explosives or fires.
    The other lesson, “have a surprise waiting for those who try to surprise you.” (radicals had entered the adjacent apartment and were waiting for cops to do the same.)
    OK, apartment prepping? Yes, be creative with stacking food, water, etc.
    If you’re on one of the lower floors, (no higher than 3rd level), you can always get out the window with bed sheets if the stairs/elevators are blocked or guarded by thugs.

    I’ve been in some scary apartment buildings that had a tiny elevator and thugs can rob you, and elevators and hallway lights can be “out of service”. If you’re on the 5th floor etc, how do you avoid the thugs, or get around burnt out stairs or non-functioning elevators? The only way I can think of is CLIMBING GEAR, ropes, harness, descender/rappelling gear, etc.

    If you are really living on 3rd floor or higher, and are really prepping, if your building may lock you up there, then you’re the guy who needs the rope gear, perhaps some of those pulley rope systems too, for raising/lowering heavy stuff (or your own heavy ass.) Block & tackle.
    Here’s a “sheave block” with 250ft of rope, pulleys, etc, and can handle 500 pounds (the breaking strength is 6300 pounds). That’s enough rope going thru all the wheels, to be able to raise or lower everything for up to about 50ft off the ground. (5th floor). $150.

    The idiot proof “descender” look for “rope descender”. For going UP the rope, you search for ascender. There are full body harnesses, and rappelling/climbing harnesses, etc.
    They sell all kinds of “cool” stuff. Grappling hooks, carabiners, ropes, belay devices, etc.

    With even just ONE harness, rope and a few items, (I really like the pulley system stuff), you could lower 50 people out the window, one at a time, using the same gear over and over again, just being able to pull the stuff back up and again, suit up the next guy, and lower him down.

    That $150 sheave block, pulley, rope system, can help to get a car unstuck from the mud, or move other heavy things around. Just keep the rope out of the sunshine (UV). Synthetic fiber ropes slowly degrades from oxygen, chemicals, UV rays, etc. (Natural fiber ropes can also rot, etc.)
    Here’s a pretty cheap trick that works in every home.
    A few big rolls of that clear plastic packing tape, you can apply a border of it on the inside of your clean windows, next to the window frame (on the surface of the glass). Apartment managers will fine you and go crazy…BUT.. when the SHTF.. who cares?

    Why put clear tape on your glass? To prevent the glass from being shattered and falling all over the place. The tape will HOLD it together!! It’s better to have a cracked window still holding together than it is to have a big open hole that you have to fix right away.

    So if there’s a big storm, or stones being thrown around, bullets fired, etc. strips of tape on your glass will keep the glass in the frame and the cold and rain on the outside where it belongs.

    If you pick up some extra sheets of plexiglass plastic (of the right sizes) at the hardware store, then you can have some emergency repair stuff on hand just in case you need to cover a busted window. I’ve used it in the past, to fill in a busted side window of a car, until the owner was able to get the glass replaced. Don’t forget the duct tape, as well as having ALUMINUM metal foil tape.. that stuff does NOT break down from sunlight, rain or wind.

    If you’ve ever allowed a garden hose to sit outside in the hot sunshine, it eventually breaks down (UV) and fails. But, if you put a layer of that aluminum foil tape on the hose, it can sit outside in the sunshine for YEARS and still be OK. This is a good idea for anybody living in a camping trailer that gets your water thru a garden hose!!!

    You can also do this for your electrical hookup (but it’s also dangerous because it is a conductor,,,so this may not be legal), but if you’re going to be leaving that big, fat, 30-50A feeder cable exposed to the sunshine for a couple years or more, it would be good to protect it from the UV rays. I’ve got some PVC plumbing pipes exposed to the sun, and I put a layer of aluminum foil tape on it, and that plastic pipe has not degraded during at least the last 6 years of exposure!

    SO, because I’m lazy.. I like to leave my GARDEN tools in the garden, and we all know that WOODEN (and fiberglass) handles on shovels, rakes, and hoes, degrades in the sun and rain…and I don’t like to buy NEW handles. So I got out there last week, and put a layer of aluminum foil tape on the handles of my garden tools!!! They should last longer than I’ll be alive.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    If scarecrows can work for farmers, how about a “mannequin armed guard” at the window?

    I laughed when I pondered how thugs (or other intruders) would react to seeing an armed defender hiding near the door or window? You don’t need an entire mannequin, just the upper body, head and arms is enough. It can also act as a DECOY, to draw fire while you slip away.

    Remember that movie “Home Alone”… where the kid rigs up some mannequin dummies to fool the crooks? That was hilarious, but there are lessons to be learned from movies like that.

    I wonder what fun you can have with Bungee cords, fishing line, etc?

    It was just a few years ago, somebody was trying to rid their home of cockroaches, and they activated TOO many “bug bombs” all at once, and the fumes were “flammable” and the entire house exploded. I saved a few of those cans, and you can “un-lock” the push tab, so it can be “re-filled” and re-used. How about filling them with capsaisin (hot pepper oil) and compressed gas? Push the lock tab and throw it. It should be effective at getting squatters out of a room.

    If you can find someplace to buy that odor chemical they add to “natural gas” to give it that distinct odor of a “gas leak”… filling a room with that harmless odor, can get everybody to evacuate the place because they fear a gas explosion. That’s the one thing that would make a swat team turn tail and run.

    If I was a swat team member going into a house, and saw a big aquarium turned over on the floor, and a bunch of rattle snakes on the floor, EVEN IF THEY WERE FAKE… I’d be flying back out the door!!!
    Armed swat teams, are not mentally prepared to be walking thru a carpet of rattlesnakes.

    What’s the other thing that creeps me out? When my face bumps into a hornet’s nest has got to be at the top of my list. Or walking into a spider’s web and feeling it on my face.

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