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Zuckerberg Backs Global Superstructure to Advance Humanity

from TRU News:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes the world needs a “global superstructure” in order for humanity to “get to the next level”

(VERO BEACH, FL) In an article published on April 25th in New York Times Magazine, author Farhad Manjoo detailed a recent interview he conducted with the tech mogul, describing his goal to play a pivotal role in building a new digital-era social infrastructure.

“There’s a social infrastructure that needs to get built for modern problems in order for humanity to get to the next level,” Zuckerberg told Majoo. “Having more people oriented not just toward short-term things but toward building the long-term social infrastructure that needs to get built across all these things in order to enable people to come together is going to be a really important thing over the next decades.”

“We’re getting to a point where the biggest opportunities I think in the world … problems like preventing pandemics from spreading or ending terrorism, all these things, they require a level of coordination and connection that I don’t think can only be solved by the current systems that we have,” Zuckerberg said.

This concept, Manjoo explained, was part of an overarching argument by Zuckerberg for a “global superstructure to advance humanity.”

“This is not an especially controversial idea,” Manjoo wrote. “Zuckerberg is arguing for a kind of digital-era version of the global institution-building that the Western world engaged in after World War II. But because he is a chief executive and not an elected president, there is something frightening about his project.”

“He is positioning Facebook — and, considering that he commands absolute voting control of the company, he is positioning himself — as a critical enabler of the next generation of human society,” Manjoo wrote, as he further described Zuckerberg’s vision to play a key role in the futurist-globalist movement. “A minor problem with his mission is that it drips with megalomania, albeit of a particularly sincere sort.”

“Zuckerberg is often blasé about the messiness of the transition between the world we’re in and the one he wants to create through software,” Manjoo noted while bringing highlight to the casual manner Facebook’s chief has toward his plans to transition the world from its current infrastructure to a new globally connected version. “Building new ‘social infrastructure’ usually involves tearing older infrastructure down. If you manage the demolition poorly, you might undermine what comes next. In the case of the shattering media landscape, Zuckerberg seems finally to have at least noticed this problem and may yet come up with fixes for it. But in the meantime, Facebook rushes headlong into murky new areas, uncovering new dystopian possibilities at every turn.”

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