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YouTube Is Dead, WHERE To Now?!

from David Seaman:

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5 comments to YouTube Is Dead, WHERE To Now?!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I was looking forward to seeing it, but….

    “This video has been removed by the user. ”

    So I did a websearch for “youtube is dead” and watched and read some stuff I found.

    Youtube has really screwed up, by “de-monitizing” so many content providers, that they have created a vacuum that needs to be filled with a new video streaming service, but youtube is SOOoo big (about 500 hours of videos gets uploaded every minute.)

    Only the NSA/government can afford to operate that much server/storage space.
    How many gigabytes is needed to hold 500 hours of video streams? How much bandwidth is needed to stream that stuff or even just to upload it?

    It’s gonna take some DEEP pockets to ‘host’ enough content to be able to kill youtube.

    What about P2P alternative?

    • boyo

      Thought experiment for you.

      What if people played unmonetized Ytube videos in unused browser tabs while they surfed in other tabs? Use up bandwidth that they cannot make money on?

      Some people have 250GB to 1TB bandwidth on cable modems per month. Trade one’s own typically unused bandwidth to use up about that much on Ytube?


      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        that has some interesting concepts (monopolizing bandwidth), but since about 500 HOURS of gigabytes (or would 500 hours be in the Terabyte range) are going up to youtube every minute of every day, just how much bandwidth would need to be occupied to interrupt those 500 Hours in a single minute?

        And those 500 hours of videos, is NOT counting how many thousands? of hours of videos can be DOWNLOADED out of youtube every minute!!!

        Movie streaming, typically is about 1GB per hour of video. So 500 hours of video may be 500GB of new data being stored in youtube’s cloud storage every single minute. One terabyte of new storage space every 2 minutes.

        It sounds to me, like Google/NSA (youtube’s parent) already has the entire world’s internet bandwidth at their disposal.

        Why do you think it’s called “Alphabet” (CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, etc etc)

        • boyo

          1hr or 1080 runs about a gig for downloading from what I’ve seen. The idea would be playing only unmonetized video. We all pay for a bandwidth package up front. Why not make it work. The big G has to pay for bandwidth too. Bring them up to te next tier package with no ad kickbacks.
          Might cost somebody a ride on Epstein’s plane

  • Sergio

    Yes, Craig. It is dead. The video is missing on Seaman’s utube feed and nowhere to be found. They have killed themselves but it will be a long drawn out passing. P2P is an alternative but a gargantuan money bomb will be needed.

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