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YouTube Continues Demonetizing Almost All Political Speech

from Activist Post:

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2 comments to YouTube Continues Demonetizing Almost All Political Speech

  • willygroper

    AAPL tv too.

    try watching George Webb’s 201.1

    you’ll get “this video is unavailable on this device.”

    so, that’s not YT…it’s that bastion of san bernadino free speech AAPL.

    no wonder the SNB HAS to buy their stock to keep it afloat.

  • videoctr

    Sean, Ethereum Blockchain to the rescue. An Ethereum public Blockchain can give Youtube a run for their money.–dnn-will-operate-on-the-ethereum-blockchain –See the white paper at this link that explains how a public decentralized news network (DNN) can be created and defeat the fake news media. DNN operation can also be monetized with DNN’s own token in order to reward those who contribute and review news.

    This is what a paradigm shift can look like. This is very exciting.

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