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World Out of Whack & Ready To Blow — David McAlvany

from SGT Report::

The incredibly intelligent David McAlvany from McAlvany Financial joins me to discuss how badly the world is out of whack, and we cover just about all of it in this one. From the nosebleed levels of the US stock & bond markets to skyrocketing crypto currencies and plummeting precious metals, THIS is a conversation your friends & family could benefit from hearing. Thanks for tuning in.

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38 comments to World Out of Whack & Ready To Blow — David McAlvany

  • Eric

    Remember, Larry Nichols said Dan Rostenkowski helped take over the Chicago Mob from Al Capone with Hillary’s daddy Hugh Rodham.

    Copper is still well off it’s lows of last year and could bounce a bit from here.

    EUR/USD is due for a selloff.

    USD Index is below the 98.75-99.00 levels now. Below 93.00-94.00 and look out below.

    China government debt to GDP in 2017 = 42.9%

    US GDP annual growth rate = 2.0%
    US government debt to GDP in 2008 = 64.8%
    US government debt to GDP in 2017 = 104.17%

    Gold and Silver could retest the 1200/16 levels or bounce from here.

    Gold is already legal tender.

    Gold is still money but more importantly Gold is a long term store of value which has averaged a 7.35% return annual yield on average over the past 50 years.

    You sell junk. You don’t sell Gold! It’s always a buying opportunity. It is NEVER a selling opportunity! Stacking steady and dollar cost averaging to build wealth over the long term.

    Bitcoin is for speculators, traders who like volatility on worthless nintendo games, pump and dumpers, drug dealers, criminals, people who like to buy lots of patio furniture, and is now used by money launderers in Florida…

    Cryptocurrencies are a great way to corral people out of their real tangible wealth and into the cashless society. The blockchain technology has merit. All digital assets than don’t have anything real supporting the price don’t.

    mike is still the greater fool.

    Buy low. Sell High. The cure for low prices is low prices. The cure for high prices is high prices.

    If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. The value is in the possession more than the goofy spot price.

    Good Interview. David keeps it real.

    The world is still on track to add 1 billion more people to the planet by 2030. Bullish on Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Uranium, Copper, Iron, Cobalt, Lithium, Global Shipping, agriculture, and anything real that people will still want and need for the next 3-5 plus years.

    • Eric

      Forgot to mention, bullish on nickel and zinc also.

      • Eric

        Bullish on lead too. This will definitely be bad in the US mainland.

        • fonestar

          Your silver will be worthless after an EMP strike that destroys the Universe. Buy Bitcoin for looks. Buy Bitcoin for life. Buy Bitcoin!

          • Eric

            Actually it will come in very handy for exchanging real goods and services where as bitcoin won’t function at all.

            Silver is super cheap priced in bitcoin. Buy low. Sell high.

            • JMiller


              When the power grid goes down and cars and trucks stop in there place and planes fall out of the sky and fires burn out of control and there is chaos, please explain why people will give you any thing for silver when what they need is food and water? And I am not referring to those few people that live in some remote prepper community that barter already in case you already live in that kind of environment.

              • Eric

                Food and Water is #1 on my list always.

                Silver is for after the chaos.

                • JMiller


                  Thanks for your explanation which I agree with. Of course most people will be dead after years of having no power, no food, no water etc… And those few that are alive probably will not have much to offer. But you might get lucky and find a prepper community that survived.

                • mike

                  First there isnt going to be a world wide emp so it is impossible to kill the internet as we know it. Networks can be rebuilt easily anyway, you could build your own. If you really think there will be mass chaos I assume you believe lots of people will die. In that case their will be entire empty neighborhoods full of empty houses, shopping malls etc. Silver or gold will not be valued then since there will be so much around anyone can just pick it up. The only thing that will spend is something truly rare aka btc.

                  Gold and silver is not money.

                  You remind me eric of the idiot biker gang in the first Dawn of the dead that broke into the mall to get cash and jewels, just beyond stupid.

                • Eric

                  mike the dumb goy makes a lot of assumptions.

                  And I never said there would be a world wide emp.

                  Also, how many networks have you built and how easy were each of them mike?

                  Nobody knows or has Bitcoin. Everyone knows Gold and Silver have real intrinsic value. That makes them the perfect money.

                • mike

                  Built lots of Networks Eric in my past life and it is a piece of cake. Your vision of the future will never happen. People are never going to be knocked back 2000 years, too many out there that can rebuild. The net takes very little effort compared to building a physical structures. All the birds will still be in space ready to go to pass traffic. The net can’t be taken down, it is already out of control and growing into every aspect of life.
                  There is no such thing as intrinsic value. In your scenario Gold and silver any survivor can pick up buckets full. How would a bucket of gold buy anything if anyone can take a trip through the ruins and get wagon loads themselves?
                  So we now know the “net” cant be taken down even if 10000 emps go off around the world. We know Pms are not money and less people makes them more worthless than they are now, supply and demand.

                • Eric

                  Never said people will be “knocked back 2000 years.”

                  You have a miraculous way of only hearing what you want to hear mike.

                  The intrinsic value is the actual value of a company or an asset based on an underlying perception of its true value including all aspects of the business, in terms of both tangible and intangible factors. This value may or may not be the same as the current market value.

                  Funny, you never mentioned all of the buckets full of Silver you picked up before. I think you are making that up like all the other trash that comes out of your mouth.

                  I’m not concerned with 10,000 emps. Just the power going off in my area. Do you produce all of your own electricity without using fuel mike?

                  PMS is what you do everyday.

                  Gold and Silver are money. They are undervalued, underowned, and underpriced. And the spot price is not determined by supply and demand.

                  You haven’t learned anything. That is why you are a dumb goy.

                • mike

                  There you go the only thing that gives anything value is perception of individuals. I have said that from the beginning and even posted the definition. In a collapse scenario where people die pms will have zero intrinsic value for reasons posted above.Massive above ground supply for free to anyone that wants to take an hour to pick through the ruins.. Dollars and cash will be worthless for the same reasons. Since the net will always exist BTC has the best fundamentals for that scenario since the supply is actually limited which makes it’s intrinsic value priceless
                  Gold and silver will only gain value in the treat of collapse but in an actual collapse they will simply be dead weight. There is a limited zone for pms to grow purchasing power (threat) and a wide open future for Cryptos.

                • Eric

                  Nope. Wrong again. Try to read closely and think before typing something. I know words are complicated, especially when they and formed into coherent sentences which I know you have difficulty with. So take your time and put some effort into figuring it out first before commenting because I get tired of repeating myself over and over for your dumb ass.

                  “All value is subjective when “value” initiates – always;”


                  You obviously never heard the term MOPE before did you mike?

                  Management of Perception Economics

                  In a collapse of fiat currencies, Gold and Silver will function as the perfect form of money. Gold and Silver are for savings. But they also work extremely well as a currency.

                  BTC will help you exchange BTC back into USD so you can buy patio furniture. But you won’t be able to buy groceries or fuel locally. If your local grocery store or food pantry or farmer doesn’t already accept bitcoin, no food for you. Clams will give you a little protein but get used to having scurvy with no oranges. Pretty sure you will have bigger problems than that anyways since you already do.

                • mike

                  Eric i dont need to twist and torture words to get them to fit into a box of ignorance like you. Whether or not you succeed in a semantic game reality is reality. Everything boils down simply into perception. Nothing has value unless it’s valued, that simple. Nothing is undervalued it is assigned a value due to individual perception and the majority rules. That is the same reason prices change.
                  You seem to forget in the last 150 years there has been more innovation in every industry,science,medical,mining etc etc etc than the last 125,000 years of modern human history COMBINED.
                  People are not going to go backwards not 2000 years not even 50 years especially in a fiat collapse.BTC is the very culmination of all human knowledge to create a free market money that can not be controlled, perfect in every way.
                  Jesus you are a moron.

                • mike

                  Le Pen lost thank god that woman was a socialist moron. Bet pms will crash and markets go up. Brexit bump stopped the Pms from crashing months ago and the current inflated prices of pms were maintained by fear of frexit and le pen.
                  Good thing you had patience Eric if indeed you want to grow that stack. You get 10oz silver bars at spot everywhere because silver is so rare and soon a discount on spot..Sweet even i will buy silver at it’s fair value of $1.00..Cause I know there are enough Erics out there to hype the price up to $4.00.

                • Eric

                  mike, you are the EXACT reason America is in such dire shape. You have no real tangible wealth and measure everything in terms of USD price. Words are meaningless on you because you only hear what you want to hear. Nobody accepts Bitcoin for value. Retailers go through a 3rd party to convert Bitcoin back into local currency.

                  Are you saying Gold is not valued? Why does Russia and China keep increasing reserves? Why isn’t the price at zero if it’s so easy to mine?

                  You’re so dumb you eat only clams and fish. I had some fish tacos twice last week at the bar. It was easily affordable because my wealth is secure while yours is only 7 bitcoins. lol.

                  The first 6 million bitcoins were created with no labor or capital. It’s nothing more than a pump and dump and you fell for it. How many fish just jump into your net?

                  A moron can’t see the obvious. That’s you.

                • mike

                  No Eric it is you the reason America is so screwed. You piss on the only true stake in the vampire squids heart, BTC.
                  You trade dollars (Spend them into the economy) for an asset that just sits and loses more purchasing power every day and poses no threat at all to the banks. In fact if you really wanted to hurts the banks without using BTC then just do not spend those dollars on anything, save them.
                  BTC takes away the banks ability to control that purchasing power by free market transactions.

                  I measure everything in purchasing power. I have heard your parrots and you say an 0z of gold 1000 years ago is no different than an oz of gold today. It is far different in the fundamentals today then it was 1000 years ago.
                  PMs do have a long history of losing purchasing power even when PMs were used solely as money.
                  In 1964 a dime was still about 1/10 oz of silver. No one in 1964 could take care of their family well on .50/week. People that even made the incredible amount of 30 times that amount $3.00/day were
                  still barely able to survive.
                  If you use the example of the Toga again compared to a nice suit today you can see the incredibly massive loss in purchasing power. An oz of gold today if it had the same purchasing power should buy you a lifetime of new suits.
                  Innovation from ming to refining to transportation has made and oz of gold today as rare as a gallon of diesel. Purchasing power of PMs has diminished 10000% at a minimum and more everyday as more ozs are pulled from the earth.

                  Purchasing power is the only way to measure anythings value. Pms are not a store of wealth they are an asset only. Pms can not function as a modern money they are not divisible or spendable in a modern world. They could be money again provided first an arbitrary fiat value is assigned then a massive bureaucracy of banks is created to facilitate settlements etc especially in cross state/international transactions. That would work but you just grew the banking industry 1000 fold.

                  You need to put your thinking cap on. PMs will work maybe in a collapse locally if someone values them but people trade by nature so even in the worst mad max crash civilization will be rebuilt in no time because it benefits everyone and PMs will not be the fuel on that fire.

                  None of your arguments are even slightly based in reality. That is why you are a moron. You hate banks and don’t trust the government but then are the first to point out fake Bank and gubberment numbers?

                • Eric

                  God you are dumb and ignorant. Last time I checked, Jamie Dimon and the bullion banks weren’t sweating Bitcoin too much. They don’t have massive short positions in Bitcoin. And Bitcoin hasn’t replaced the USD yet.

                  If you measured everything in Bitcoin, why do you only have 7 bitcoins? Is that the amount of your life savings?

                  How do you purchase necessities like food, clothing, fuel, etc.?

                  Krell was right. Your mouth is bigger than your wallet. And I’ll just add far bigger than your brain. I can’t wait for collapse so we can be rid of your dumb shit.

                  Nothing can lose 10,000% in price or purchasing power. Take a remedial math class PLEASE.

                • mike

                  I need to add that I take BTC for things thats why I have the BTC I have 🙂 Sold all sorts of stuff for it and me and the purchaser are happy. BTC doesn’t require retailers to take the cash. I bought my annual allotment of Perth Lunars with BTC. If JM billion kept the BTC I paid they would have more purchasing power today. I can’t control what they do if they first want to sell (MONEY to you aka Silver for BTC) Then value dollars more than BTC I could care less.
                  Speaking of that why would a retailer sell (Money to you) for anything other than Money? Cant wrap my head around it. Maybe these people are not a business but Angels among men that magically Give money away for nothing? Weird. That said why wold mines part with 1 oz of the stuff?
                  Will be interesting to watch Ro Coo Coo bird eat his words when Silver goes below $8 and these primary miners do not out of business and you’ll be able to buy all the 10oz bars you want at spot. Maybe then you will see your numbers are total BS and you didn’t think the story through.

                  I wish that Video “IF SILVER FALLS BELOW 25 all hell will break lose” by the Future Money trends Daniel dude was still up I would have posted that with every comment I made. I should have saved it and reuploaded it.

                  Also your China numbers are total BS. You can buy as much Chinese gold as you can afford. If the Chinese are buying they are using it and reselling. Called the Market. Let me know when you can’t buy as much chinese gold. You could sell everything you own right now and buy Chinese Gold with all of it and there will still be plenty for the rest of the world.

                • mike

                  Sorry Eric it is you that has been deceived. Your parrot argument don’t even hold up to recent history when PMs were money.
                  In 1900 maybe .50 a week could take care of someone but not in 1964..At least 150% loss in purchasing power in less than 100 years.
                  Its called inflation and ease of supply. Mining methods change dramatically in that time speak making PMs more easily available..From 1964 to Present day mining innovations have made PMs and On Demand Commodity only limited by price not by reserves. There is an unlimited amount of known reserves. You should really look up how the mines determine a “Reported” known Reserve….
                  I will enlighten you on that. Known Reserve is a mine shaft or pit that is currently being mined. Known reserves do not include any Pit that can be mined next to an existing pit. Same thing with mine shafts it doesn’t count the material above , below or to the side of an existing shaft.
                  They do this in order to hold onto some sort of perceived (Perception again) rarity when the fact is reserves grow daily when a mine sinks another pit or mine next to existing pits or mines.
                  You really early need to do some research on PMs. I mean more than google and youtube. Don’t think your going to like at all what you find. Over time your savings you gave to the banks by buying silver is just going to lose purchasing power. All you did was give the banks your savings and they make perpetual money off it and your stuck on the losing end. So you know that innovation is key. It is what people always do and it never stops. You know BTC is the perfect money and there is contrary to your beliefs a future for mankind. You know that mining is just getting easier and it’s only a matter of time before people start putting gold and silver trim on their cars instead of chrome.
                  Use that brain!!
                  I know nothing will get through to you. You are a PM zealot and an idiot. But since you patrol this board 24/7 and are the retailers mouth piece I suspect that you are several different people.

                • Eric

                  Like I really care what you do.

                  I don’t accept bitcoin for value. Nor does 99% of the population. Maybe you can just fish for everything you need. I’m sure it will take one real man (which is not you) and one machine (a bamboo pole) to acquire everything you need to survive.

                  You say Silver is worthless then tell us how you buy Silver with digital currency after converting it from another digital currency. Your annual allotment? Is that like 2 ounces?

                  You can’t wrap your head around a lot of things. Actually you can’t wrap your head around anything because you have zero critical thinking skills.

                  Calling “China numbers” BS is not an argument. Especially from someone who doesn’t even have basic math skills.

                  Anyways, this has been terrific. Why don’t you go talk to your boat? I’m sure with that charming personality, that’s the only friend you have. I can think of so many better things to be doing right now than correcting you every 2 minutes. Like staring at the sun for a while.

                  If Sean was smart he would actually block you somehow as you provide NOTHING worth reading, are a complete pathological liar who makes everything up and lives in fairy dust land insulting everyone with your ignorance. You are the cockroach, the jackass, and the donkey of sgtreport.

                  It’s no wonder so few show up here anymore when every conversation here devolves down into a childish playground fight thanks to mike spewing absolute nonsense out of his mouth without any links or evidence to back up his outlandish claims.

                  I never wish anything bad on anyone but I really do hope to God your boat sinks and your bitcoin wallet falls to the bottom of the ocean. You deserve to be separated from any small amount of wealth that you have and struggle for the rest of your pathetic life.

                  Done with your stupidity. Ignoring you from now on like everyone else does.

                • Eric

                  Is there a donkey talking about “known reserves” in here?

                  That’s strange every NI 43-101 report I look at has “measured and indicated,” “inferred,” and “proven and probable.” But nothing that says “known reserves.”

                  I guess donkeys just can’t read very well or perform basic math. Their attention span is very short also.

                • mike

                  Think what you want ..I don’t know why I even try to get you to see the light? The market will just do it for you. You will kick and scream and it aint fair but it is what it is. Just trying to fill in the blanks for you good buddy.
                  I like how Bix had the video about the magnetrons or whatever the hell they were that held a gagillion oz of silver each. I liked how he pointed out something that started all this crap between us in the first place..Where is all this physical coming from? From Silver to gold. We know there is illegal mining going on making up the massive shortfall in gold. Just one dude was able to move 40 tons of gold, imagine what the cartels are moving. Silver is just refined from the magnatrons. It was interesting your attacks and your parrot links and your conviction it was all paper silver…And now proven wrong , the disgrace. Your problem is you don’t ask any questions even something so obvious as physical supply that made absolutely no sense at all. When you yourself parrot linked the shit out of reports of Chinese buying all mining supply, India etc and still plenty of PHIZZ able for everyone and not even a hint of shortage.. It was amazing to me you could be so dull. I asked questions and unfortunately met an ignorant know nothing troll monster named Eric that can not see the forest for the trees….Shame

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Eric is right. Silver is for “after the chaos”. Food & gardens will get people thru the bad times.

    Today I’m going to be planting about 30 climbing type of bean plants next to the fence.
    I still need to move my little cabbage seedlings into the main garden.

    Just filled a 72 cell “flat” with carrot seeds, and they’ll go into the garden in about a month.

    I have to start most things in flats, because my garden soil is not so great, and I can control everything in the flat. When I transplant everything, I dig little holes in the garden, toss in a good handful of black-dirt-compost, and put the seedling in a perfect little bed of rich dirt, so it will do well as it expands into the less rich soil.

    Each season, I rake up leaves and grass from my wild areas, and toss it onto the garden to enrich it.

    Nobody knows “when” everything is gonna blow, but whenever it does, I want to be able to have plenty of food to eat when the grocery stores are empty (just like Venezuela).

    • Eric

      Craig, we’re getting a nice rain all of a sudden. Somewhat unexpected.

      I spent the morning planting a tomato and crunching up leaves into buckets for around the soil like you said.

      I’m finally getting some nice strawberries and a bunch of blueberries.

      The soil here is all sandy. The worms help a lot. I fed my worms yesterday so they should be happy and growing. Get some red wigglers if you can. They are a pain in the butt but they really help the soil. I do the same things as you do, plant seeds in a container with good garden soil (usually miracle grow), then move the saplings into a hole with the sandy soil where the sprinklers will hit it.

      Rather than buying so much soil, I just gather up some less dry sandy soil in a bucket and add in leaves and grass clippings, and sawdust and some worm poo and stir that up until the drainage improves.

      I might try to plant some carrots soon also in trays. Pineapples are doing well. Those suckers need really good drainage and deep containers.

      Got some oranges from my buddy’s backyard. They had lots of seeds in them so I need to get those germinating. Orange trees and pine trees. Lots of vitamin C. 🙂

    • Ed_B


      “Nobody knows “when” everything is gonna blow…”

      Absolutely right because no one knows or can know the future. Everything about the future is speculation. But those who prep for an uncertain future by stacking food, water, ammo, and other necessities don’t really care about WHEN. All we care about is WHAT. WHEN can take care of itself. Those who are ready for a general SHTF scenario don’t need to worry about WHEN. Only the procrastinators care about WHEN because they are the couch potatoes who lay around wasting valuable time, so that when disaster hits they can then race each other to the stores and clean off the shelves down to the paint.

      Meanwhile, those of us who are prepared will be doing much more critical jobs, such as checking on family and friends to see what they need and whether or not then need to be gathered in to a safe location, testing critical equipment (such as flashlights, radios and generators), boarding up windows, etc.

      Elsewhere, of course, the unprepared are going completely ape s*** in their mad rush to GET SOMETHING that they should have already. I’d call them idiots but that’s probably too charitable.

  • NIX

    Funny in the tulipe mania the peasant owned something real (A TULIPE BULB) Today they own papers (at least you can heat your self) tomorow a digit in the galaxie ? My question is : are we getting dummer? Invest in a digit and be a trillionn(air)! poof!

  • NIX

    IMV History always had the ”this time is different crouds ” like election blue shitt or red shitt, it never fails! i wish the market had election ETF i would be rich ”and not dumb anymore ”

  • Timco

    Just stopped by to see who was hurling the most insults tonight! Have great week everyone.

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