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Will BITCOIN Lead to the MARK of the BEAST? 💰 Etherium, Steemit, AI & other Cryptocurrencies

from FaceLikeTheSun:

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10 comments to Will BITCOIN Lead to the MARK of the BEAST? 💰 Etherium, Steemit, AI & other Cryptocurrencies

  • videoctr

    The true potential of blockchain is not to link more people to the banking system. Instead, it is to allow people to become “de-banked” from centrally controlled systems. If the government issues a controlled and managed digital dollar currency, our enslavement will be assured.

    The first time I heard the phrase, “de-banked” is from Andreas Antonopoulos.

    • SGT

      AA has been correct about Bitcoin so far, and if anyone had followed his advice early on, you’d likely be Bitcoin rich by now.

      • videoctr

        Andreas did say this is like the early days of the internet. It’s 1992 again. This time, there is the opportunity to enter into web 3.0. which is the decentralization of everything. If the government gets control of digital currency, I suspect, and am afraid, we will not have to file with the IRS, they will already know our income and expenses.

        • Eric

          Sounds like you better have all your Gold, Silver, Guns, Ammo and other real physical assets by then.

          “Bitcoin rich” – I would wonder (being the curious person that I am) if this is better somehow than “USD rich?”

        • videoctr

          Blockchain is perfect for supply chain management. Therefore, the IRS can manage every person as part of the supply chain. Essentially, we can be managed down to the penny, just like a commodity. The intrusion of governmental data mining into every aspect of our lives gives them better analytics to control us.

        • KRELL427

          Exactly, unfortunately that is outside of most people’s comprehension as they are fixated on the carrot.

      • Windrunner58

        Yup you are right Sean. I bought many multiples o BTC at about $400 My wife and I decided to sell them close to $1000 so we could pay off our condos. We have our condos, but I am a little sick inside today looking at what it is now.

        Ethereum is my focus at the moment. I hope Cliff High is right and we will get back into BTC. We ARE still in the infant stages. In 5 years $3000 BTC will seem a bargain. Let’s hope so.

        As for basic income here in Canada. We have always had it. Only it is for the lazy. It is called Welfare. TPTB have the lazy in the palm of their hands, so why not try the middle class at minimum. Pathetic…

        Eric is right, Gold, silver, guns, ammo, storables, and get your cryptos. The ride is coming and it is rough. Great interview with Face like the Sun!!!

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