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Weapons of Mass Distraction?

from Dees Illustration, via SGT

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2 comments to Weapons of Mass Distraction?

  • NIX

    After Sadam,the taliban,gadafi, isis isil the barbarians (sory wrong ages), putin , china … and now we bring you none other than lets get readyyyyyyy to rummmmmble ” MASHMALLOW BOY ” and do not forget the WMD that always goes with it !

  • anon

    Question: Away from WHAT, EXACTLY, are “they” attempting to distract your attention?


    Intelligence Reports Indicate The ‘Deep State’ Is Pushing Their Agenda

    Read the comments section. Follow the links. It looks like the Anglo-ZIONIST “elites” of the West are in panic mode, attempting to stem the tide of Nationalism, which threatens to derail their global “FULL-SPECTRUM DOMINANCE” AGENDA.

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