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We Are Under A Total, Multifaceted Attack


from Dees Illustration, via SGT


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6 comments to We Are Under A Total, Multifaceted Attack

  • Allender

    David Dees is treasure.

    There’s our future (above), “humanity’s” future, as clear as societal breakdown all around us.

    But as Paul Craig Roberts appropriately laments…truth is the last thing the world’s “superpower” masses want to face.

    Block chain technology, many comments from the SGT Report readers, a certain obsession; but mention, display or describe what really means the most to the future of life on Earth—especially when as crystalline as a David Dees work…and…no comments?

    Perhaps that fact is the most important comment of all…?

    • Eric

      Well I’ll hop in then.

      Cryptocurrencies are the beanie babies of the 21st century.

      Stick with what has worked throughout history…

      Real assets, real skills, and real friends.

      They can’t take your knowledge or your skills from you.

      • Eric

        “Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. But in the end all paper assets will fail.”

      • Ed_B

        “They can’t take your knowledge or your skills from you.”

        Not unless they give you multiple kicks in the head… and thugs of various kinds are likely to do that. Agree that it is better to have those things than not. But they are definitely not necessarily permanent.

  • dcm

    The occult processing of the public’s mind through kabbalistic alchemy continues… in short every news head line you read – every word spoken on the idiot box – all day every day- hey Sean got an idea why not start each attached story with the above phrase listed as a byline

  • anon

    “We Are Under A Total, Multifaceted Attack”? Oh, yeah. No doubt about it.

    I know Dee’s art graphic, is about chemtrails, vaccines, wi-fi radiation, fluoridated water, ritalin, and smart meters, however, in addition to GMO’s and all the rest of it, there is evidence that we are NOT ONLY being “dumbed down” in our Public “Education” System, but our HISTORY is being re-written. Practically every war since the Spanish-American war (1898), has begun under FALSE PRETENSES. NOT ONLY that, but we were lied to about the “need” for a Central Bank (“Federal” “Reserve”) after the W.I.C.B. (Western International Central Bankers) created a panic on Wall St. using the Hegelian Dialectic. They LIED us into WWI, WWII. They LIED about the cause(s) of the Great Depression. They LIED about the so-called “Holocaust”. They LIED about JFK. They LIED about the “Gulf of Tonkin”. They LIED about the USS Liberty. They LIED about Iran Contra. They LIED about 9/11. It’s ALL been LIES.

    The thing to always keep in mind, is that the ENTIRETY of Western Civilization has been COMPLETELY HIJACKED by self-proclaimed “elite” “Jews”, Sionists/Zionists.

    How to bring down the elephant in the room
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