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War In The 21st Century

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

As I child we used to play a game called: “I declare war on…”

In those days players would divide up a circle drawn on the ground into however many players there were, and each person would choose a country. The object of the exercise was for the winner to take the whole circle, dominating the world and winning the game. If you had to play that game today, players would not pick a country, they would pick a billionaire, a corporation or a bank.

The world is no longer ruled by governments and consensus reached by voters who put those governments into power. Today the world is ruled by a handful of billionaires who own and control the major corporations and banks. Their objectives are not only to dominate the whole world, but to own it.

This extends to all life forms and food sources where they are now patenting seeds and animal DNA and will in the future be able to sue you for any propagation or breeding due to breach of copyright. Weather control and modification technology is another tool in their arsenal. They will literally own the weather and charge you for it. These elite groups cross cultural, racial and religious lines, they are multi racial and multi cultural,  and although they might profess to be from any one of the world’s assortment of religions, they are charlatans merely posing for marketing purposes.

This has been the case to varying degrees for the past one hundred years, some would say thousands, but up until very recently the large majority of the world’s population who have been sold the narrative of “Freedom and Democracy,” have been successfully brainwashed and fooled into believing that they actually have any influence over their nation-state sovereignty. Coupled with a propaganda media machine that has pulled the wool over their eyes thanks to think tanks and psychological brainwashing by such minds as Edward Bernays, when our leaders have stood up and said, “I declare war on…” our youth in a frenzy of patriotism have rushed out, sacrificed their lives and subjected themselves to the horrors of war.

Before And After

As Smedley Butler once said, “War is a racket,” it is a means of theft by one group against another using religion, politics, R2P ( the right to protect) or any other insane idea that they can come up with to justify genocide and resource acquisition. A few recent examples are,

“Weapons of mass destruction,” “Gaddafi is bombing his own people,” “Putin’s missile,” “Assad’s  chemical weapons,” … the list goes on and on…

Whether Kissinger actually said this or not, these words sum up what the manipulators think of the masses who they fool into dying in wars for their own power base and profit margins:

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy. ”

Though the phrase “foreign policy” is a misnomer as we shall see. The correct term should be “special interests.”

The most insidious aspect of modern warfare is that governments no longer have any control over the many armies and defense contractors that now run rampant across the globe, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa.

The “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns” are either brainwashed religious fanatics, high on drugs with the promise of lucrative bank accounts paid for by “special interests,” or ex- military and special forces employed by private mercenary companies who tender out their services to corporations, banks or  wealthy individuals who have their own agendas.

As such any government, in any country, can claim plausible deniability and thereby not be held accountable. It is the billionaires with “special interests,” the corporations and the banks who are accountable for war crimes, human rights abuses, genocide and theft that has resulted from the many Al Qaeda franchises under various names and the mercenary armies that they have employed.

These mercenary armies, similar to the familiar Blackwater, and “terrorist groups,” though some would like to refer to them as moderate rebels, have no oversight by any legislative body and have only one objective. To deliver the goods as promised and paid for.

The all-encompassing “CIA” is too simplistic an explanation putting the ball squarely in the court of the USA, when the reality is that a number of nationalities, so-called “religious groups”  and individuals of all race groups are also involved. Keep that in mind when reading this recent interview with Anti-media . Here Nicky Hager summed up the situation using the CIA as one example of many:

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